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Continue, Im Not Angry

The Li familys patriarch said indifferently, “This matter will be of great benefit to the Li family. Firstly, the old man will be cured.”

“Secondly, the Li family will have more chances to befriend Miracle Doctor Jian. Befriending someone like Miracle Doctor Jian is a great thing for the Li family.”

With that, the Li familys patriarch looked at Li Kun seriously and instructed, “You must handle this as soon as possible. Remember, dont make any mistakes!”

Li Kun immediately nodded and said, “Got it, Father!”

The Li familys patriarch was very satisfied with Li Kuns response and said, “Miracle Doctor Jian is probably done eating, so lets head over now!”

Li Kun immediately stood up and walked to the dining room.

After entering the dining room, Li Kun greeted Jian Xinger respectfully.

Jian Xinger asked, “Have you investigated everything”

Li Kun immediately said, “Weve investigated everything. Mr. Hous company has indeed encountered a huge problem. In the past two days, Mr. Hou has visited Liu Xiner at the hospital often, in hopes of establishing a cooperation with the Liu Corporation…”

Halfway through, Li Kun stopped and didnt dare to continue.

Jian Xinger said, “Continue, Im not angry.”

Only then did Li Kun continue carefully, “In order to woo Mr. Hou, Liu Xiner tried her best to help him. I heard from Mr. Hous mother that if Liu Xin can help Mr. Hou resolve the companys problem this time, she will agree to let Liu Xiner be the Hou familys daughter-in-law!”

When Jian Xinger heard these words, she sneered inwardly.

Her ex-mother-in-law was really something!

After giving Liu Xiner such a big promise, Liu Xiner would definitely think of a way to complete this cooperation.

Jian Xinger raised her eyebrows and said, “Liu Xiner is not a good person. In the end, the Hou family will regret it.”

Killing intent flashed in Li Kuns eyes as he said, “Miracle Doctor Jian, Liu Xiner is too big for her britches. She actually dared to snatch your man. Ill send someone to punish her.”

Jian Xinger took a deep breath and said indifferently, “Hou Junlai has nothing to do with me anymore. Hes no longer my man.”

“Im an outsider now, so I dont want to interfere in the matter between the Hou family and the Liu family. This matter ends here!”

Li Kun nodded. Li Kun was quite good at observing peoples expressions.

Li Kun could tell that although Jian Xinger said that it didnt matter, she still couldnt let go.

No matter what Li Kun did, Jian Xinger would be unhappy.

In the end, Li Kun decided that without Jian Xingers permission, he definitely couldnt make decisions on his own. The best thing to do now was to wait and see.

After Li Kun came out of the dining room, he immediately called the Liu family.

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At this moment, in the ward of Sea Citys First Peoples Hospital.

Liu Xiner looked at Hou Junlai gently.

Hou Junlai was clearly a little uncomfortable, but he still forced a smile.

Hou Junlai said, “Miss Liu, thank you for your help this time. Thanks to you, were able to cooperate with the Liu Corporation.”

Liu Xiner looked at Hou Junlai with lustful eyes as she said, “Junlai, with our current relationship, you dont need to stand on ceremony.”

“Mrs. Hou came last night and promised to let you marry me after the companys matter is over. Well be family from now on.”

When Hou Junlai heard this, he frowned.

Mrs. Hous decision made Hou Junlai a little angry.

It wasnt until now that Hou Junlai found out about this.

Hou Junlai hated Liu Xiner from the bottom of his heart. Of course, he didnt want to marry Liu Xiner. He was thinking about how to escape unscathed after the companys matter was dealt with.

Liu Xiner said, “Junlai, dont call me Miss Liu in the future. Call me Xiner. Its more intimate.”

Liu Xiner looked at Hou Junlai affectionately and touched his thigh.

Hou Junlai immediately dodged and said, “Miss Liu, please have some self-respect.”

Liu Xiner sneered inwardly. Why was he still pretending to be aloof at this time When he become her man, she would see how he could still pretend to be aloof.

In Liu Xiners eyes, Hou Junlai could no longer escape.

Liu Xiner said smugly, “Junlai, in the entire Sea City, Im the only one worthy of you. You know my abilities.”

Hou Junlai remained silent.

Liu Xiner said smugly, “Didnt I resolve your companys matter so easily How many people in Sea City have the ability to do so”

At this moment, someone suddenly entered.

It was someone from the Liu family.

As soon as this person entered, he said with an ugly expression, “Miss, something bad has happened!”

Liu Xiner snorted and said, “Why are you shouting Hurry up and tell me. Theres nothing in Sea City that I, Liu Xiner, cant resolve!”



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