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Please Show Your Invitation

When Shangguan Ding heard everyones curses, he couldnt help but laugh.

His smile made him seem even more handsome and he mesmerized all the women present.

Shangguan Ding was like a domineering CEO from a romance novel.

Jian Xinger regretted bringing Shangguan over. She should have just let him wait in the villa.

Shangguan Ding was indeed too handsome.

However, Jian Xinger wasnt interested in him at all.

The security guard at the door stopped the two of them and said, “Please show your invitation!”

The surrounding security guards also looked at Jian Xinger.

The people who came this time were all famous figures in the Demon Province. They were either the CEOs of listed companies or prominent figures.

Jian Xinger was dressed in ordinary clothes and didnt have a car yet, so of course she was suspected.

Realizing what the security guard meant, Shangguan Ding said angrily, “How dare a mere security guard be so snobbish!”

When the security guard saw Shangguan Ding, he said respectfully with a smile, “Sir, we have no choice. This is the rule.”

Shangguan Ding was dressed appropriately and had a domineering aura. It was obvious that he wasnt an ordinary person.

Shangguan Ding and Jian Xinger were completely different.

Jian Xinger took out the invitation and said calmly, “Here.”

The security guard snatched it away and said coldly, “If its fake, dont blame us for punishing you. Well throw you out on the street.”

With that, the security guard opened the invitation.

He was instantly stunned.

The security guard examined it carefully in disbelief.

The other security guards were puzzled when they saw his expression, so they leaned over to take a look.

When the security guards saw the invitation, they were dumbfounded.

After a long time, they finally came back to their senses. All the security guards immediately looked much more respectful and even looked at Jian Xinger cautiously.

The security guard immediately said, “Miss, Im sorry for my rudeness. Please be magnanimous and dont stoop to my level.”

Then, he returned the invitation to Jian Xinger respectfully.

Jian Xinger didnt say anything and brought Shangguan Ding in.

Everyone looked at Jian Xinger with confusion. Many of them didnt have invitations and came here to wait before dawn, in hopes of having a chance to enter.

Jian Xinger looked like an ordinary person, but she had an invitation in her hand, so the security guards were very respectful, as if she was a big shot.

Some people started to make a fuss and shouted, “Its obvious that the girl is poor. She has no power or influence, so its impossible for her to have an invitation. Her invitation is probably fake.”

A security guard immediately said, “Its real! Not only is it real, but its also not an ordinary invitation. Its signed by Young Master Zhang and the Li familys head. There are only ten such invitations. The woman just now was a VIP.”

The security guards words made everyone fall silent.

Jian Xinger had already entered the charity banquet and discovered Hou Junlai and Hou Xiaoyu in the crowd.

There was one more person!

Liu Xiner!

At this moment, Liu Xiner was sitting beside Hou Junlai and talking to him.

Hou Junlai only nodded and didnt say anything.

Hou Junlai hated Liu Xiner very much, but he had no choice but to accompany her awkwardly for the sake of the company.

Hou Junlai decided to attend the auction because of what happened last night.

Last night, Liu Xiner went straight to the Hou familys home!

She told Hou Junlai that this auction was organized by the Zhang family, who were from the capital, and prepared by the Li family, who were from Shanghai. She told him that if he could curry favor with the Li family this time, the cooperation and investment between the Li family and the Hou family definitely wouldnt be a problem.

This was a rare opportunity for Hou Junlai.

Hou Junlai spent a lot of effort to gather nearly 60 million yuan to participate in order to seize this opportunity.

Hou Junlai had basically invested all his money into the project. Being able to take out nearly 60 million yuan was already the max.

Liu Xiner also noticed Jian Xinger. Her eyes were filled with killing intent as she mocked, “Why did a beggar like Jian Xinger come in too!”

Liu Xiner wished she could kill Jian Xinger now.

She knew very well that she could only become the Hou familys daughter-in-law after Jian Xinger died.

Hearing that Jian Xinger had also come in, Hou Junlai couldnt help but look at her.

However, when he saw Shangguan Ding beside Jian Xinger, a bitter look appeared in Hou Junlais eyes and he looked a little hesitant.

When Liu Xiner saw Shangguan Ding, she almost drooled.

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Because Hou Junlai was still beside her, Liu Xiner reluctantly retracted her gaze.

Although her lustful gaze was very discreet, it was still discovered by Hou Junlai. This made Hou Junlai despise Liu Xiner even more.

Hou Xiaoyu said, “Brother, dont fall for it!”

“Jian Xinger deliberately brought a handsome man here to make you jealous. If you get jealous, youll fall into Jian Xingers trap!”



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