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Who Dares to Cause Trouble

Liu Xiner wanted to see how Jian Xinger would resolve the matter!

The security captain didnt want to waste time. It wouldnt be good if those VIPs saw this, so he waved at his subordinates.

More than ten security guards went forward and surrounded Jian Xinger, planning to throw her out.

However, Jian Xinger remained calm.

It was obvious that Liu Xiner and the security captain had already reached an agreement. Otherwise, there was no need for so many people to come over for such a small matter.

Jian Xinger wasnt afraid that things would blow up. Since they wanted to cause trouble, she would play along.

A voice suddenly came from behind the crowd. “Whats going on”

Everyone immediately turned around, then made way for the person behind them. It was the young master of the Li family, Li Kun.

When Li Kun appeared, many people went forward to greet him, as if they were pugs who had seen their master.

Li Kun ignored these people and walked over.

When Liu Xiner saw that it was Li Kun, she immediately went forward and said, “Brother Li, why didnt you tell me you were coming over I could have welcomed you!”

Li Kun took a deep breath and said indifferently, “I came in a hurry, so I didnt have time! There are still many things to do, especially since the old man asked me to come over and help the Zhang family with this charity banquet. Time is of the essence!”

The two of them stood there and chatted for a while.

Shangguan Ding looked at Jian Xinger and said with a smile, “Im afraid were really in trouble this time!”

Jian Xinger only smiled, but didnt say a word.

This kind of trouble wasnt troublesome.

Liu Xiner added fuel to the fire and tried to anger Li Kun by saying, “Brother Li, you came in time. Theres a pretentious bitch here who disturbed the order of the banquet. We have to teach her a lesson. Otherwise, who will take the Li family seriously in the future!”

Liu Xiners move was quite vicious.

Li Kun was furious when he heard this.

Li Kun stood at the back and could only see Jian Xingers back, so he didnt recognize her.

Li Kun walked over angrily and said, “Which bastard dares to be so arrogant Ill kill him today!”

Everyone looked at Jian Xinger as if she was dead meat and started discussing.

“Li Kun is famous for being ruthless. Anyone who provoked Li Kun ended up in a miserable state in the end.”

“This girl is too arrogant and insensible!”

“Li Kun is angry now. This girl is doomed. Even if Li Kun doesnt kill her, he will make her suffer.”

When Li Kun was a few steps away from Jian Xinger, Jian Xinger turned around and looked at Li Kun.

Li Kun was stunned when he saw that it was Jian Xinger.

Li Kun was even a little afraid.

He didnt expect Liu Xiner to be talking about Jian Xinger!

After a while, Li Kun came back to his senses.

The security captain went forward and pointed at Jian Xinger. “Young Master Li, its this reckless bitch!”


Li Kun slapped the security chief.

The security chief was stunned.

Everyone else was also dumbfounded.

This was completely beyond everyones expectations. Shouldnt Li Kun have punished Jian Xinger Why did he hit the security captain instead

Li Kun asked coldly, “Tell me, what exactly happened”

The security captain didnt dare to hide it and immediately said, “This is a VIP seat, but this girl sat here. I asked her to leave, but she wouldnt, so I planned to get someone to throw her out…”

When Li Kun heard this, he instantly understood.


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Li Kun raised his hand and slapped the security chiefs face again.

The two slaps landed on the same side, so the security chiefs face immediately swelled.

At this moment, the security chief still didnt know why he had been slapped.

Li Kun said directly, “This seat is specially reserved for Miracle Doctor Jian. If Miracle Doctor Jian doesnt sit here, are you qualified to sit here instead”

After lecturing him, Li Kun quickly looked at Jian Xinger respectfully and said, “Miracle Doctor Jian, its the Li familys honor that youre here personally.”

Everyone was stunned!

All of them seemed to have been petrified!

The entire banquet venue was silent!

Just now, everyone thought that Jian Xinger was pretending to be a big shot, so she went there to sit. They didnt expect that the Li family had specifically prepared this seat for Jian Xinger.

What puzzled everyone was why the Li family treated a nobody as a VIP.

What shocked them even more was that the young master of the Li family was actually so respectful to Jian Xinger. If they hadnt seen it with their own eyes today, no one would have believed this.

It had to be known that there were few people in the entire Demon Province who could make the Li familys young master so respectful!



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