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Zhou Yunqing’s handsome face twisted slightly.

The word “fiancé” was particularly harsh in his ears.


Qi, you misunderstood me.

I just saw an old friend and wanted to catch up.”

Qi Jinran sneered.

“Reminiscing in a place like this What do you think the media will say if you are filmed”

“I don’t want to reminisce with you either.” Held in the man’s arms, Wen Yuan did not forget to add a knife.

Zhou Yunqing’s expression turned extremely bad.

He learned that Hengguang was going to hold a charity reception, and maybe Qi Jinran would bring Wen Yuan too.

His current filming partner, Su Lan, happened to be invited, so he also got an invitation through her, and indeed, he saw Wen Yuan here.

He just didn’t expect Wen Yuan would hate him so much now.

“Xiao Yuan, I know everything about you and Qi Jinran.

You two are just a commercial marriage, right You had no other choice because there is a problem with uncle’s company, so you chose to get engaged to Qi Jinran.”

“Xiao Yuan, I will soon be famous and make a lot of money.

I can give you whatever Qi Jinran can give you, so come back to me, okay”

Zhou Yunqing’s tone was almost pleading.

After stepping into the entertainment industry, he saw all kinds of unspoken rules and intrigues for resources.

Only then did he understand how precious that innocent campus romance was, and how rare that person was.

Wen Yuan’s chest heaved a few times.

He was about to speak when Qi Jinran suddenly grabbed his hand and turned to Zhou Yunqing.

“What can you give him Like just now, holding hands with other women in front of the media, laughing, chatting, and putting on a drama, and hoping he understands you”

Wen Yuan was shocked and looked at Qi Jinran in disbelief.

How did he know what he was thinking

“You hurt him once.

I won’t let you hurt him a second time.”

Qi Jinran’s voice was low and firm.

Leaning on his shoulder, Wen Yuan’s eyes felt a little warm.

How can this person be so good… Doesn’t he know that he will take these words seriously

“Qi Jinran, don’t be so pretentious, aren’t you also just playacting”

Seeing Qi Jinran holding Wen Yuan in his arms, Zhou Yunqing was about to go crazy with jealousy.

Looking at Qi Jinran coldly, he said with sarcasm, “Knowing he doesn’t like to attend these things, you still brought him here today”

“This is our family business.


Zhou doesn’t seem qualified to judge, right” Qi Jinran continued, “His likes and dislikes, I am more clear than you.”


“Jinran, let’s go, stop arguing.” There are media reporters squatting outside, and Wen Yuan didn’t want to cause any more trouble.

He just wanted to get out of here quickly.


Qi Jinran lowered his eyelashes.

Suddenly noticing something, he raised his hand, and wiped the corner of Wen Yuan’s mouth with the pad of his finger.

“There’s cake residue.”


Wen Yuan felt ashamed, and subconsciously stuck out his tongue to lick it off.

When he was about to ask Qi Jinran if it was gone, he found the man’s unusually dark eyes were staring at him.

The next moment, his lower jaw was held by a slender hand, and cold, dry lips slammed against his.

Wen Yuan’s mind went blank.

It took a long time to realize that Qi Jinran was kissing him.

In the narrow and cramped corridor, under the watchful eyes of his ex-boyfriend.

It was so sudden, as if he was trying to swallow him…


Wen Yuan had trouble breathing.

His lips and tongue quickly fell numb.

Qi Jinran took a step forward, pressing him against the wall behind him, tongue digging deeper, sweeping through like a storm.

Wen Yuan opened his eyes in a daze, and saw Zhou Yunqing with clenched fists not far away, his face distorted beyond words.

“Have you seen enough”

Qi Jinran gasped slightly and looked at Zhou Yunqing with piercing eyes.

The blue veins on Zhou Yunqing’s neck burst out.

Taking a deep breath, he turned and left the corridor.

Wen Yuan did not move.

He leaned against the wall, still reminiscing about the suffocating deep kiss just now.

Qi Jinran’s body temperature, the warm touch of his lips, the scorching breath against his face, and his unique, bitter orange mixed with lemon scene… all of which seriously disturbed his mind.

Why did Qi Jinran kiss him

It would be fine if it was acting, but that strength was as if he was going to tear him apart… It was like some extremely strong emotion had melted into that kiss, making Wen Yuan’s head dizzy and his whole body weak.

Qi Jinran turned around and walked in front of Wen Yuan, whose brain was down.

Wen Yuan waited for him to explain, waiting for him to say something like “Don’t think too much, I have no other intentions”.

But Qi Jinran looked at him, and his lips moved to say, “Go get the certificate.”


Wen Yuan couldn’t keep up with his thoughts at all.

“Where is your household registration1https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hukou Is it with your parents”

“My mother should know… I don’t know where she put it.” Wen Yuan replied mechanically.

“Why do you want my household registration”

“I told you – to get a marriage certificate.”

“But… but…”

Wen Yuan had a lot to ask, and there were many reasons for refusal stuck in his chest, but after seeing Qi Jinran’s eyes, he couldn’t say a word.

If he wants to get the certificate, then go get it.

They were going to get married anyway.

Moreover, he did not reject marrying Qi Jinran.

In fact, he was even… a little happy.

After greeting Yu Heng, Qi Jinran took him out of the banquet hall and went straight to Wen’s house.

Along the way, Wen Yuan’s mind was empty.

It wasn’t until he saw the familiar Wen family courtyard that he came back to his senses.

Nervousness and apprehension filled him as he realized where he was.

Before coming, Qi Jinran called Ye Xia.

Wen Chengmin was on a business trip in City B and couldn’t come back in time, so they were greeted by Ye Xia, who had just returned from the yoga studio.

Ye Xia was wearing gray yoga clothes, with a towel around her neck, and hadn’t had time to wipe off the sweat on her forehead.

She saw Qi Jinran walk in with a serious expression, and then saw her son, who was mind wandering.

Thinking something bad had happened, her face immediately turned pale.

“Jinran, Yuanyuan… What’s the matter Rushing to come visit all of a sudden”

She looked at her son, and found that his lips seemed to be cracked and painfully red, and her brows furrowed more deeply.

“Yuanyuan, you didn’t fighting someone, did you”

“You bast—”2She’s not swearing or calling him a bastard, more like extremely disobedient/troublemaking kid, but there’s no English equivalent Ye Xia couldn’t help scold him.

“Auntie, everything is fine with Xiao Yuan.

Today, I’m taking the liberty to visit with an unkind request.”

Qi Jinran respectfully stood in front of Wen Yuan.

“Oh, don’t stand and say it, it’s scaring people.

Just sit.”

Heart beating wildly, Ye Xia sat down on the sofa, clutching the armrests, as she tried to keep her expression calm.

Jinran’s face was serious, and her son lowered his head again, looking like a thief with a guilty conscience.

Judging from this, it can’t be that Jinran can’t take it anymore and wants to end this marriage, right

“Auntie, I’m here to ask you to allow me to marry Xiao Yuan.”

He needs permission for what

Ye Xia blinked and looked at Qi Jinran, as if she didn’t understand what he meant.


As elders, her husband, Qi Donghui, and herself always planned was to let Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan get together for a period of time, and then talk about marriage after a relationship developed.

If it was impossible, they wouldn’t force things.

But two months later, what did she hear

“Jinran… are you sure”

Ye Xia was a little dizzy.

Qi Jinran nodded, his eyes firm.

“The wedding may not be held until the spring of next year.

I want to get the certificate with Xiao Yuan first.”

Ye Xia’s eyes turned to Wen Yuan, who had been ignored till now.

Wen Yuan lowered his head slightly, just like an elementary school student who did something wrong, digging nervously at the hem of his suit with both hands.

Ye Xia’s eyes fell on his slightly red and swollen lips, and when she looked at his distressed face, she suddenly understood.

“Cough cough… Then you came here to ask me for a the household registration book”

“Yes, I hope you can agree.”

Ye Xia thought for a while, nodded, got up and went to her bedroom.

After a while, she came out with the red household registration book.

“Yuanyuan, aren’t you saying anything”

Ye Xia looked at her son helplessly.

In all likelihood, this stinky boy has fallen in love with Qi Jinran for a long time, otherwise he would not stand here like a fool and acquiesce to everything Qi Jinran does.

“Uh…” Wen Yuan realized his situation as soon as his mother asked.

He took two steps forward, took the household registration book in Ye Xia’s hand, and bowed respectfully to her.

“Mom, thank you.

You’ve worked hard.”

Ye Xia wanted to scold him, but held back.

A smile even appeared on her face.

“Don’t lose it, remember to give it back to me.”

After leaving Wen’s house, the black Maybach raced back home.

Qi Jinran glanced at his watch, it was half an hour before the Civil Affairs Bureau got off work.

Beside him, Wen Yuan was rubbing the dark red cover of his household registration, staring at the page on which his name was written.

As soon as he raised his eyes, he met Qi Jinran’s line of sight.

He vaguely felt that Qi Jinran wanted to say something.

The man’s shallow eyes moved, but he remained silent.

“Today… is it too late Will it be too late” Wen Yuan had to find a topic by himself.

“It’s not a big problem.”

After Qi Jinran spoke, he lowered his long eyelashes and looked at the financial magazine on the seat.

He knew he was crazy.

From the moment he saw Zhou Yunqing appear in the banquet hall, a string in his mind tensed.

He has never felt so unable to bear something in his entire life compared to Zhou Yunqing’s existence.

Thinking that he had been with Wen Yuan for three years, that he had unscrupulously enjoyed Wen Yuan’s thoughtfulness and care, and that he had been deeply liked by Wen Yuan, his chest felt like being stabbed by countless fine needles, and dully hurt.

Qi Jinran didn’t realize that a black venom called jealousy was slowly corroding his heart.

He can guess that Zhou Yunqing is doing well now.

He holds the title of T University idol, and can be considered a good-looking person among many the vases3people who look good without any skill in the entertainment industry.

As long as someone with capital is willing to support him, being popular is a matter of time.

When the prodigal son turned back, he trade for money.4There’s adages about when prodigal sons return they soar to the skies, etc. Not to mention, Zhou Yunqing’s look of affection, as if there was only Wen Yuan in his heart and eyes.

Qi Jinran was afraid.

Afraid that Wen Yuan would be shaken, that Wen Yuan would choose the normal Zhou Yunqing compared to his handicapped self, that he could not keep Wen Yuan again, and the boy would leave him sooner or later.

The kiss was something he didn’t expect.

He thought that he was always calm and restrained, but when he saw Wen Yuan sticking out his tongue and licking the corner of his mouth, the tensed string in his mind finally broke.

Wen Yuan belongs to him alone.

Zhou Yunqing can’t see it, and neither can anyone.


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