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Knock knock knock.

There was a knock on the study door.

Qi Jinran was sitting in a wheelchair reading the bidding documents when he heard knocking on the door.

He frowned slightly.


“It’s me.”

Wen Yuan’s voice sounded outside.

Qi Jinran’s eyes softened a fraction, containing a hint of surprise.

In the past, when he was working in the study, Wen Yuan never bothered him.

Today he…

Qi Jinran picked up the prosthetic leg and put it on.

Before he smoothed down his pants, another knock sounded on the door, this time sounding even more urgent.

“What’s wrong”

Qi Jinran picked up the cane, hurriedly letting down his pant legs, and walked over to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, the boy jumped into his arms, clutching the hem of his clothes with both hands.

Qi Jinran looked at Wen Yuan’s flushed face.

When he smelled the alcohol on him, his eyebrows twitched unconsciously.

Didn’t this guy only drink half a glass during dinner just now How could he be so drunk

“Did you drink again”

“I feel uncomfortable… that’s why I drank…”

Wen Yuan leaned against his arms, his voice was very aggrieved.

Qi Jinran leaned on a cane in one hand, and had to support him with the other hand, so his body was a little unbalanced.

He gritted his teeth, desperately trying to ignore the feeling of Wen Yuan’s head buried in his chest.

“What happened Stand up first and tell me.”

Last time, Wen Yuan drank because he broke up with Zhou Yunqing.

Was it due to the scum again

“I’m fine…”

Wen Yuan muttered softly, stood up slowly, looked at Qi Jinran’s face, and blinked.

“We got married today.”


“Newlywed husbands, is there anyone else like us”

Qi Jinran seemed to understand something.

He looked into Wen Yuan’s bright eyes, and said with difficulty: “Xiao Yuan, are you drunk”

“I’m not drunk, I’m sober.”

Wen Yuan suddenly opened his arms, hugged his waist tightly, and rubbed his cheeks against him.

“You don’t accompany me… I’m so bored by myself…”

“What kind of newlyweds…”

“Because you’re bored, so you drank” Qi Jinran was torn between laughing and crying.

“Well, no… Anyway, you have to accompany… accompany me…” Wen Yuan hugged him tightly.

Qi Jinran’s heart was both sweet and tormented.

He stroked Wen Yuan’s hair for a long time before sighing.

“Okay, I’ll accompany you.”

“Wait for me to read this document first.” This is what he will use at the bidding meeting tomorrow.

He must revise it tonight, and he can’t ignore anything.

“Okay…” Hearing Qi Jinran agreed to accompany him, Wen Yuan was overjoyed, and followed him to the desk obediently.

Qi Jinran gave him the large and soft sofa chair, moved a simple wooden stool, and sat in front of the desk.

Wen Yuan was like a docile little milk cat, hugging his free arm, stuck tightly against him.

“Finished reading yet”

He blinked his eyes indifferently, urging Qi Jinran from time to time.

Qi Jinran felt the heat coming from his left arm.

It felt like there was a cat pawing at his heart, and he could only scan the bidding documents in his hand.

“I’m so sleepy… Will you sleep with me”

Qi Jinran closed his eyes and put down the bidding documents in his hand.

Forget it.

Anyway, the bidding meeting will only start in the afternoon, and he has time to review and make changes tomorrow morning.

“Go back to the bedroom to sleep if you’re sleepy.”

Qi Jinran pulled Wen Yuan up.

Wen Yuan obediently followed behind him, a hand sneakily holding onto his shirt.

In front of Wen Yuan’s bedroom on the first floor, Qi Jinran stopped and was about to help Wen Yuan in, when the latter turned around and slipped away from his arm like a loach.

“I said… I want to sleep with you…”

With half-shut eyes, Wen Yuan staggered to Qi Jinran’s bedroom next to his.

Qi Jinran wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

Wen Yuan pushed open the door, threw himself on the big bed in the center, and rubbed his face on the pillow.

En, it’s all Jinran’s smell.

A hint of lemon, mixed with a hint of the ocean and premium leather.

Wen Yuan hugged the pillow and closed his eyes with great satisfaction.

Qi Jinran looked at the boy lying on the bed with his waistline showing.

His adam’s apple bobbed as he walked slowly over.

“Xiao Yuan… go back to your room to sleep, okay”

If it goes on like this, he doesn’t know what crazy things he will do.

“No, I’m going to sleep here…”

Wen Yuan rubbed on the dark blue eiderdown quilt, and spread out his legs wantonly, forming a very unsightly “大” shape.

Qi Jinran sat on the edge of the bed and sighed helplessly.

He neatened Wen Yuan’s pajamas, covered his lower back, and rolled the quilt aside so that Wen Yuan could lie on the bed.

Wen Yuan turned over, hugged the pillow, and looked at him with two misty black eyes.

“Jinran, aren’t you going to sleep”


Looking at the open neck of Wen Yuan’s pajamas, Qi Jinran’s throat was suddenly very thirsty.

“I still want to take a shower.”

“Then go wash quickly… I’ll wait for you…” Wen Yuan narrowed his eyes and yawned long.

Qi Jinran stayed in the bathroom for half an hour.

When he returned to the bedroom, Wen Yuan was already asleep, holding his pillow tightly in his hand, like a child holding his beloved candy.

Qi Jinran sat beside the bed and looked at Wen Yuan’s sleeping face.

After a long time, he turned off the night light, picked up his cane, and went to the guest bedroom on the second floor.

Wen Yuan fell asleep and woke up naturally.

When he opened his eyes, his temples were throbbing painfully, which was the sequela from being drunk.

Forcefully massaging his temples, he struggled to sit up from the bed.

Dark blue sheets, black European-style chandeliers, gray curtains… this doesn’t seem like his room

The memories of last night came back in an instant, and Wen Yuan’s face became extraordinarily wonderful.

What the hell did he do last night He crazily found Qi Jinran, insisted on staying on his bed, and asked him to sleep with him

Too shameless!

Wen Yuan covered his face with a quilt, embarrassed.

Suddenly, he remembered something, and quickly glanced at the other side of the bed.

Fortunately, Qi Jinran was not there.

Did he leave early Or did he not stay here last night

Wen Yuan felt that the latter option was more likely.

After tidying up Qi Jinran’s bed, Wen Yuan quickly slipped back to his room like a thief.

He was the only one in the villa, and Qi Jinran should have gone to the company.

Wen Yuan took out the bread and eggs from the refrigerator and made two easy egg sandwiches.

One for breakfast, and the other to bring to Ji Hong.

Anyway, he still has one day off and has time to kill.

He might as well go to the BV and chat with Ji Hong.


“You guys have received the certificate, and still live separately”

In the secluded corner of the hotel courtyard, Ji Hong ate the sandwiches with a contented face, not forgetting to gossip.

“Well, maybe he doesn’t like my type…”

Wen Yuan leaned against the wall and unconsciously kicked the pebble under his feet.

“That’s because he has no vision, our Wen Xiaoyuan is so good!” Ji Hong’s face was indignant.

Finishing off the sandwich in three or two bites, he put his arms around Wen Yuan’s shoulder.

“Don’t you have a year left Listen to me, don’t be discouraged.

Come up with a sleep with him!”

Wen Yuan smiled helplessly.

“I still have a meeting with the foreman.

Sit here and rest for a while, and let’s grab dinner together after I’m off.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

When Ji Hong left, Wen Yuan wandered alone in the botanical garden in the courtyard.

Just as he walked in front of a pot of desert cactus, a voice sounded behind him.

“Wen Yuan”

Wen Yuan turned around and saw a somewhat familiar face.

“My surname is Peng, my name is Peng Qiu.

We met at the tea restaurant that afternoon.”

Peng Qiu wore a smile that could never be called kind.

“What’s the matter, Mr.

Peng” Wen Yuan naturally remembered him, and his expression was not very pleasant.

“It’s nothing, I’m just a little surprised.

How could Mr.

Qi agree to marry you After all…” Peng Qiu smiled, deliberately lengthening his tone.

When he had satisfactorily hooked Wen Yuan’s appetite, he said slowly, “…his ex is quite excellent.”

Wen Yuan was taken aback.

“Really But no matter how good he is, he still became his ex”

Peng Qiu didn’t expect to be countered like this, and traces of embarrassment and annoyance leaked out.

“What are you proud of Isn’t it just that engagement with Qi Jinran Whether he will marry you is still a question.”

Wen Yuan nodded and suddenly smiled.

“It shouldn’t be a problem.

After all…”

He took out his mobile phone, pulled out the photo of the marriage certificate taken yesterday, and shook it in front of Peng Qiu.

“I’ve already got the certificate with him.”


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