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Wen Yuan didnt react for a while, staring blankly at the empty fork.

Qi Jinran actually ate the strawberries he fed…

Wen Yuan was surprised and a little overjoyed at the same time, but his expression remained the same.

“Are you going to keep staring at me eat dinner”

Qi Jinran suddenly looked at him.

It was only then that Wen Yuan realized that he had been standing at the table.

Quickly taking two steps back, he said a little sheepishly: “You eat first, I will look around.”

Qi Groups presidents office is naturally noble and elegant.

Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, Wen Yuan faintly felt dizzy as he peered down at the traffic flow under the tall building.

“There is a lounge inside; you can go in and sit.”

Wen Yuan hummed in agreement.

With curiosity and excitement in his eyes, he pushed open the door of the lounge.

He thought there would only be a soft or bed.

He didnt expect there to be a treadmill and game console.

Turning on the game console, he burst out laughing when he the software on the screen.

Tetris Qi Jinran actually likes to play this kind of game

“Whats so funny”

He had no clue when Qi Jinran finished eating and came to the lounge, leaning against the doorframe.

“Its nothing, I just didnt expect … you like to play games too.”

“Its okay to relax every now and then.”

Wen Yuan nodded as he started up PUBG.1Its a popular shooting game.

Think counterstrike, call of duty, etc., except for Asia/China Though he has played before, he doesnt play often because his skills are too poor.

Almost immediately, he was killed, giving a head to the opposing team.

Qi Jinran sneered.

“My hands were shaking just now.” Wen Yuan defended in vain.

Since Qi Jinran played Tetris, he should try it too.

After quitting PUBG, Wen Yuan clicked into Tetris.

He thought that this age-old game would not be played by many people.

Unexpectedly, there was a real-time list of global high scores, and Qi Jinrans ID was impressively in the top ten ranks.

He had more than 900,000 points.

Wen Yuan wanted to know what the concept of more than 900,000 points was, so he tried a game.

In less than ten minutes, squares of different shapes filled the screen.


Wen Yuan looked at his mere hundred or so score, and wanted to cry without tears.

Unreconciled, he tried several more games.

His highest record was 5,000 points.

Breaking through 10,000 was harder than reaching the skies.

As the game progressed, the faster blocks fell and the most changeable their shapes were.

He couldnt imagine how Qi Jinran could play and reach 900,000 points.

“Ah, I suck…”

Putting down the game console, Wen Yuan pressed the back of his sore neck.

“Everyone has different strengths, there is nothing to be upset about.”

Qi Jinran picked up the coat and scarf hanging on the wooden shelf.

“Lets go, lets go home.”


Wen Yuan got up from the carpet and followed him out.

When he got out of the door, the cold wind was blowing.

It was late at night, and the temperature in the parking lot was extremely low.

Wen Yuan was wearing a down jacket and no scarf, so the wind directly blew against his neck, causing him to shiver and sneeze.

Qi Jinrans footsteps paused, and he suddenly took off his scarf and threw it into his arms.

“Take it.”

“No need, Ill get in the car soon.”

“No one will take care of you if you have a cold.”

With an “Oh”, Wen Yuan wrapped the scarf around his neck and happily followed.




The next morning, Wen Yuan went to the Le Cordon Bleu in the suburbs of Wancheng.

The college occupies a very large area spanning teaching buildings, various workshops, but also playgrounds, basketball halls, and swimming pools.

It looked no different from an ordinary university from the outside.

Wen Yuan reported to the entry-level class as a transfer student who came in midway.

Fortunately, his classmates and teachers are very friendly.

He quickly acclimatized to the teachers teaching rhythm in a day, getting along very well with his classmates.

“Dang Wen Yuan, youre starting so quickly.

Can you remember the recipe after reading it once”

Someone sighed as the class was dismissed.

“Maybe my memory is better, and have some experience because I worked in a bakery before.”

“I really envy your good memory, but I just cant.

I have to prepare a recipe multiple times to memorize it.

If only I had your talent.”

“I think your skills arent bad.

Dont be discouraged.”

Passing by a glass case in the door corridor, Wen Yuans footsteps paused.

Seeing his surprised eyes, his classmate smiled and said, “Cant believe it, right The pastry champion of the last World Series Competition was from our school.”

“Only 22 years old.

Thats amazing.” Wen Yuan sighed with appreciation.

His classmate: “His father is a three-star Michelin chef, which is definitely different from ordinary people like us.”

Wen Yuan nodded.

In addition to envy and amazement, he felt even more motivated.

He has to work even harder! Aim for the World Series Championship!

Once this idea emerged, Wen Yuan worked even harder at school.

Often after everyone left, he  would still be in the classroom kneading dough and decorating flowers.

Even when he got home, he didnt sit still.

He made all kinds of classic breads and desserts, and kneaded dough until his hands were sour.

“Why havent you gone to bed yet” Qi Jinran appeared at the kitchen door wearing home clothes.

Wen Yuan was calculating the fermentation time and temperature of the dough.

He didnt lift his head when he heard the question.

“Go to sleep first, Ill be done in a while.”

Qi Jinran frowned slightly: “Have you packed all your luggage”

Wen Yuan finally remembered they were going to Hawaii tomorrow.

Qi Donghui made an appointment with Wen Chengmin long ago for their two families to go to the island to celebrate the New Year together this year.

Busy studying baking, Wen Yuan completely forgot about it.

“Ah, my memory—” Wen Yuan patted his head regretfully.

“Ill pack up right away.”

They arrived Hawaii in the afternoon, when the sun was at its hottest.

They live in wooden villas by the sea.

Lush broad-leaved plants grew everywhere, and right out the massive French doors were a white sand beach.

“Yuanyuan, you and Jinran can sleep on the first floor.

Well sleep on the second floor.” Ye Xia arranged the rooms as soon as she entered.


Wen Yuan had no objection.

He first went to help Grandpa Qi move his luggage and returned to the first floor after seeing that everything was in order.

Pushing open the bedroom door, his cheeks flushed.

The housekeeper of the villa probably learned that they were newly married and arranged the bedroom to be extra romantic.

There were scented candles on the bedside table, bright red rose petals sprinkled on the white sheets, and two red love pillows.

“What are you doing standing here”

Qi Jinran came in from behind pushing the suitcase, and was similarly stunned when he saw the layout of the room.

“Too flashy.”

His tone was full of disgust, but he didnt ask the housekeeper to remove the decorations.

Pushing the suitcase in, he began unpacking his clothes.

In the evening, the two families had dinner together at a nearby seafood restaurant and went for a walk by the beach.

With the warm sea breeze blowing, Wen Yuan was extremely happy watching his parents and Grandpa Qi sitting on the beach chairs chatting and laughing, and seeing Qi Jinran beside him.

[Such a good opportunity, youre not planning anything Squint.jpg]

Ever since Wen Yuan admitted he liked Qi Jinran, Ji Hong has started to give him various tips, like an emotional expert.

[Listen to me, just put the big ice cube in bed! Get wet2As in wet body / fresh out of shower look, I assume/seduce him, or just wear a boyfriend shirt… hehe, you get the idea.] What bad ideas are these!

Looking at himself in the half-length mirror, Wen Yuan couldnt help pat his hot, smoking cheeks.

In fact, Ji Hong was right.

He finally got the chance to share a bed with Qi Jinran.

Shouldnt he seize it

While Qi Jinran was reading in the living room, Wen Yuan snuck through the closet for a long time before finding a white shirt.

When Qi Jinran came in, Wen Yuan was already lying on the bed.

The boy had just taken a shower, wearing a light white shirt and shorts, lying on the bed reading a baking book, his calf swaying lightly.

“Why didnt you blow your hair” Qi Jinran lowered his eyes and began to unbutton his shirt.

“Its hot, and itll be dry in a while.”

“Are you going to take a shower”

“Yeah.” Qi Jinran hurried into the bathroom without taking off the prosthesis.

Wen Yuan was a little lost.

Laying back on the bed, he stared at the ceiling in a daze.

Probably even after stripping naked in front of Qi Jinran, the latter would not react.

Suddenly, he heard a sound from the bathroom.

Qi Jinran had inconvenient legs and feet, so Wen Yuan hurriedly got out of bed for fear that he would fall.

The bathroom door was unlocked, and he opened it as soon as he pushed it.

There was water vapor inside, and Qi Jinran was embarrassedly supporting himself at the sink, trying to stand up.

“Jinran, are you okay” Wen Yuan looked worried.

“Its alright, I accidentally stumbled.” Qi Jinrans expression was not very pleasant.

Helping him to the bed, Wen Yuan wanted to turn on the night light by his side, but he stretched out his arm too far.

His body suddenly lost balance, and he pressed against Qi Jinran with a snap.

Their bodies pressed closely together through the thin clothes.

Wen Yuan only felt that his whole body was about to burn.

He could even hear Qi Jinrans heartbeat, and his slightly disordered breathing…

“Im sorry, I-”

He struggled to get up, but because he was too flustered, his legs also tangled up.

Qi Jinrans hands were rigidly placed on either side of the sheet.

He breathed hard, feeling the air in the room was too thin.

The beast in his heart, called desire, screamed frantically, trying to break through the thick shackles and devour everything it saw.

When Wen Yuans breath swept across his face again, he clasped the boys wrist and pressed him under him forcibly.

“Jinran… you…”

Wen Yuan had never seen him look like this before.

It was deeper and more crazy than that time in the corridor.

“A husbands obligation… I havent fulfilled it yet.”

He heard Qi Jinrans hoarse voice.


Happy belated wedding night, QJR & WY!


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1Its a popular shooting game.

Think counterstrike, call of duty, etc., except for Asia/China2As in wet body / fresh out of shower look, I assume


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