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Saturday afternoon.

Wen Yuan was very uneasy as he stood in front of the Qi Group’s towering skyscrapers.

He finally admitted that he was quite superficial.

Originally he was very resistant to this kind of bloody marriage plot, but after seeing those photos, he felt it would be good to meet at least face to face.

Plus the hopes of saving the Wen family business are on him.

Whatever the reason is, he still had to come here.

Walking in, he boldly reported his name to the front desk.

They seemed to be ready, easily bringing him to a conference room with a smile and asked him to take a seat.


Wen, please wait a moment.


Qi is in a meeting, and will come to see you later.”

Why did they have to meet at the company Wen Yuan felt uncomfortable wearing a pullover sweater and jeans.

He looked completely out of place in an office building filled with suits and white-collar workers.

To make matters worse, his stomach began cramping out of nervousness.

Just after drinking a few sips of the tea from the front desk, his stomach began to make a gurgling sound.

Damn, he won’t have diarrhea at this time, will he

As Wen Yuan was pressing his stomach with a sad expression, the door of the conference room was pushed open again.

He suddenly put down his hands like a primary school student who was caught doing something bad, immediately sitting upright, and looked at the person who came.

“Three-thirty, you’re on time.”

A cold and low voice sounded in the empty conference room.

The frosted glass door closed automatically, and a tall and thin figure appeared in front of Wen Yuan.

The man wore a slim-fitting grey suit and a plain dark-patterned tie, with sapphire cufflinks gleaming at his pale wrists.

Wen Yuan’s gaze moved up from those white wrists, past the neat shirt collar, the protruding adam’s apple, sharp jaw, and finally met those cold star-like eyes.

His entire body trembled.

My god, the real person looks even better than the photo.

It’s just this face… it’s too stinky.

“That… Mr.

Qi, hello.” Wen Yuan quickly stood up and stretched out his hand to greet him.

He never thought the man wouldn’t shake it at all, and instead glanced at his watch, and sat down at the head of the table without any expression.

“I’m going on a business trip to City B in fifteen minutes.


Wen, let’s make a quick decision.”

He really isn’t here for an interview, right Wen Yuan withdrew his hand in embarrassment, deeply confused about his presence, even having the illusion he shouldn’t bother the person here.

But thinking of the eager eyes of his parents before he left, Wen Yuan swallowed his saliva and said tentatively, “Mr.

Qi, I…”

“I understand almost everything about your situation.

Year 3 at T University, majoring in economic management.

Hobbies are baking and basketball, and has an ex-boyfriend who you broke up with a few days ago because of cheating.”

This guy, he even did a background check already!

“Then we—”

“Marriage is grandpa’s meaning.

He wants to help your family.

I have no problem.

This is a prenuptial agreement.

You can read it first and sign it if you agree.

We will divorce peacefully in a year, so you don’t have to worry too much.”

Taking the folder he pushed over, Wen Yuan opened it and took a quick look.

The agreement was quite detailed, including where he will live after marriage, how many times a week he will go back to his parents’ home, and what rights and obligations he has.

It is all clearly arranged and laid out.

As expected of a major company’s president.

Marriage is as neat and tidy as talking about business.

Then there is himself – he doesn’t even have a resume prepared in advance, and clearly did even not match up to the president’s shoes.

“I don’t have any opinion.

It’s just… This is the first time we met, and suddenly talking about marriage like this.

Isn’t it a little too hasty”

Hearing his words, the corner of the man’s mouth tickled up a little sarcastically.

“This is the second time I’ve seen you.”

“Huh” Wen Yuan was completely stunned.

He had never seen this man before.

The man didn’t care to explain, but urged: “Have you read the agreement You can take it back to see if you can’t finish reading now.

I’m in a hurry and can’t accompany you.”

Hearing this sentence, Wen Yuan easily detected the lack of patience in his voice.

That’s right, a boss’s time is very precious.

Don’t know how many billions they make every minute.

He picked up the black pen and quickly signed his name on the two agreements.

Just as he looked up, the man had already taken one of them and handed it to the assistant who came in at some point behind him.

“Lock it in the safe.”

“Yes, Mr.


The man glanced at his watch again, and then his indifferent gaze slid on Wen Yuan’s face.

Wen Yuan immediately understood, and said with a dry smile: “Mr.

Qi, since you are busy, I won’t disturb you.”

The man nodded lightly, turned, and walked out with his assistant.

But when he reached the door, he suddenly remembered something, and turned back to look at Wen Yuan.

“Forgot to introduce myself.

My name is Qi Jinran.

The secretary will give you my business card.”

Wen Yuan was stunned for a moment, then nodded quickly and said yes.

He watched Qi Jinran walk quickly to the corridor.

The two slender legs wrapped under the suit pants were strong and powerful.

Every step was steady, and looked no different from a healthy normal person.

At that moment, an untimely thought suddenly popped up in Wen Yuan’s mind.

If his leg is amputated, will that function be affected What will happen if this kind of iceberg beauty is aroused

After realizing where his thoughts were going, Wen Yuan’s face turned red.

He quickly picked up the signed agreement on the table and left the conference room without looking back.

Qi Jinran did not contact him again in the next two days.

Wen Yuan sometimes stared at the prenuptial agreement in the bookcase and wondered if it was all a dream.

He never went to the Qi family to meet Qi Jinran, and his father’s company was never in trouble.

But his father’s phone call mercilessly pulled him back to reality.

“Xiao Yuan, dad really wants to thank you this time.

The Qi family has helped us fill the funding gap.

We haven’t even decided on marriage yet, and he is already so concerned about our family.”


Wen Yuan only learned over the past two days that his father and Qi Jinran’s father were high school classmates.

The two used to have such a good relationship that they even wore the same pair of pants.

But after Qi Jinran’s father went abroad for school, the connection between the two gradually faded.

The next time Father Wen “saw” his old classmate again, it was more than ten years later at his old classmate’s funeral.

Everything had changed.

A tragic car accident completely destroyed a happy family.

The young Qi Jinran was held in his mother’s arms and escaped by luck, but was left disabled for life.

“I was afraid Grandfather Qi would be sad thinking of these old things, so even if he has been in Wancheng for the past few years, I didn’t dare see him.

I didn’t expect that he would come here on his own initiative after knowing something happened to our Wen family.

Xiao Yuan, you must remember the Qi family’s kindness.

Jinran, this kid’s, life hasn’t been easy.

You have to take good care of him…”

Wen Yuan wanted to say, ‘Dad, people don’t even look at me, I don’t even have a chance to repay this kindness.’ But knowing that his father was just discharged from the hospital, he couldn’t bear to say it, and swallowed those words.

After hanging up the phone, Wen Yuan randomly flipped through a few pages of a book, unable to continue reading.

Pulling open a drawer, he found the business card inside.

This was given by one of the administrative ladies the day he left the Qi Group.

She said this was Qi Jinran’s private number, and that he could contact him in case of anything.

Remembering what his dad said, Wen Yuan edited a line of text and sent a message to the number.


Qi, thank you so much for helping our family.

After sending the text message, he let out a long breath.

Ten minutes passed, but Qi Jinran didn’t answer him either.

Although Wen Yuan was a little disappointed, he didn’t take it too seriously.

After all, the boss has a lot of business matters, and it is normal not to reply to text messages.

Anyway, Qi Jinran has said that their marriage will only last for one year.

After a year, they will divorce peacefully.

No matter how much he despised him, Qi Jinran should still do what he should in this year, right

After adjusting his mentality, Wen Yuan was no longer worried.

It’s just that his family affairs are resolved, but there is another disturbance at the school.

He didn’t know who posted his confrontation with Zhou Yunqing on the basketball court that day.

Even the details about the Bentley driver who came to pick him up were posted, which only added fuel to the fire.

The originally sympathetic melon eaters immediately reacted with skepticism.

[Did WY’s brain short circuit Did he purposely rent a Bentley to show off his wealth after knowing how well-off Yang Mo’s family is]

[I have to say, although the school grass is scum, the ex-boyfriend’s operation is difficult to describe…]

[I heard that the Harvard alumnus who came to speak last time is Wen Yuan’s current boyfriend Is this true or false]

[Of course it’s fake.

Where did Wen Yuan come from How can he touch porcelain.

He’s not worthy to carry shoes for the male god who built our hospital.]

[So exaggerated WY is also a school grass of our school.]

[Did the student upstairs not go to the auditorium to listen to the speech Let me show you the beautiful face of the real male god who easily beats our school grass.


Wen Yuan did not at the photo, and withdrew from the post in shame.

To show his power in front of Zhou Yunqing back then, he casually pulled an innocent alumni he had never met to block the gun.

How could he know that the alumni just gave a speech, and now it is so popular that he even has fans

Regret, deeply regret it.JPG1

Apart from pretending to be dead, Wen Yuan couldn’t think of a better way to deal with it.

Over the next few days, aside from classes and meals, he did his best to avoid going to other places in the school, just for fear of being discussed by others.

Speak of the devil, after finishing his class for the day, Wen Yuan just stepped into the door of the canteen, and met the pair of dogs he hated the most.

“Yo, Master Wen also came to the cafeteria for dinner Why doesn’t your boyfriend drive a Bentley to take you out to dinner”

Yang Mo was just worrying he had no chance to retaliate.

His fighting spirit immediately ignited like a fierce rooster upon seeing Wen Yuan.

Zhou Yunqing was not as straightforward as he him, but looked at him with a complex look of pity and guilt.

Ten thousand grass and mud horses galloped past2 in Wen Yuan’s heart, but his face remained calm and steady.

“We broke up peacefully.”

Yang Mo laughed out loud, and deliberately raised his volume.

“It’s only been a few days, and you were already dumped Wen Yuan, is it so difficult to admit that you made this all up Even renting a Bentley to show off your wealth.

Tsk tsk, it’s pathetic.

Seeing you like this with a swollen face is really sad.”

“Yang Mo, don’t go overboard.” Zhou Yunqing whispered uncomfortably.

The three of them stood conspicuously in a passageway where many people came and went.

Countless pairs of eyes in the cafeteria stared them, and some of them had even secretly taken out their mobile phones and started recording videos.

After all, this kind of ripping off faces between the current and former school grass is not often seen.3

Wen Yuan looked at Yang Mo’s arrogant face, and then looked at Zhou Yunqing beside him.

The boy he had liked for three years was now so disgusting.

He was very sure that he no longer had any love for this person.

He didn’t want to have any entanglement with this dog man and scum.

He just wanted to end everything neatly, but things never seemed to go how he wanted.

If so, why does he have to continue enduring

Taking a step forward, he grabbed Yang Mo by the collar and pressed the person against the wall.

Wen Yuan laughed mockingly: “No matter what, it’s better than a little lover like you who can only interfere with other people’s feelings.

Pitiful, it’s like you didn’t have parents growing up.

Looking like a person after growing up, but unfortunately this mouth stinks more than a garbage dump.”

Yang Mo, who was only 1.7 meters tall, was pushed against the wall by the vicious Wen Yuan who was 1.83 meters tall.

His face turned pale with fright.

He never imagined that Wen Yuan would confront him in front of so many people.

His delicate face turned white and red, as he stared at Zhou Yunqing: “Why are you still standing there!”

Zhou Yunqing did not expect Wen Yuan to suddenly attack.

Quickly recovering from the shock, he quickly pulled his arm.

“Xiao Yuan, don’t do this.

Just come at me if there’s anything.

Yang Mo is innocent…”

“Don’t call me that name.

It’s disgusting!” Wen Yuan’s eyes were red with anger, and the hand that grabbing onto Yang Mo’s neck tightened.

Fuck decency.

Fuck image.

He doesn’t want any of it today!

Just when the atmosphere reached freezing point, a low magnetic voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“Xiao Yuan, weren’t you coming home for dinner today Why are you still here”

Hearing this somewhat familiar voice, Wen Yuan was stunned.

The countless pairs of gossiping eyes behind him also watched in disbelief.

As soon as Qi Jinran walked in in a suit, he attracted almost everyone’s attention.

Like a naturally bright star, even though he was on a plan for several hours and covered in dust, his dazzling temperament remained undiminished.

Stared at by his deep, clear eyes, the anger and unwillingness in Wen Yuan’s chest disappeared instantly.

No matter why Qi Jinran appeared here, he was grateful to him, and didn’t want to embarrass him further.

“Let’s go, Grandpa is waiting for us.”

Qi Jinran seemed to only have Wen Yuan in his eyes.

His eyes passed through Zhou Yunqing and Yang Mo, as if they were air, lacking in emotion.

Seeing Qi Jinran turn around, Wen Yuan hurriedly followed behind him.

Unexpectedly, Qi Jinran suddenly slowed down and grabbed his wrist.

The man’s hands were a little icy, which made Wen Yuan shiver.

An indescribable emotion quietly spread in his heart.

He understood that Qi Jinran’s actions were just to help him, and to make the relationship between them seem more credible, but why did his heartbeat quicken Why did his face start to heat up

Wen Yuan, who mindlessly walked out of the cafeteria with Qi Jinran, did not hear the whispers of surprise behind him.

“Damn, Wen Yuan’s new boyfriend is really the man who built the hospital!”

“Damn it!! When did they get together Even meeting the parents!”




Basically, FML, FML, FML…


WY, ZYQ are both school grasses, at different points in time


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