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T/N: Sooo… when I began translating AMWDT I budgeted 2 chapter and anticipated it to be complete around autumn.

However, starting from ch.

29, all chapters are ~33% longer, which means each chapter is split into 2.

At the current pace, this means AMWDT might not finish until early next year.




Qi Jinran was having breakfast in the dining room.

On the table are shrimp dumplings, rice rolls, boiled lettuce, and a bowl of fragrant handmade meatball congee.

Wen Yuan smelled the fragrance and was so greedy that he quickly picked up his chopsticks and put a shrimp dumpling in his mouth.

“Why are you in such a hurry Sister Xue is still cooking.” Qi Jinrans expression was light.

“You went to eat alone, and didnt call me.” Wen Yuan complained.

Qi Jinran chuckled lightly and looked up at him.

“I get up at 6:30 in the morning, are you sure”

Too early, he wont be able to sleep in… Wen Yuan hurriedly shook his head, chewing the shrimp dumpling with bulging cheeks.

“Forget it, youd better leave me alone.”

Sitting down at the dining table, Wen Yuan remembered the marks on his body, and wanted to ask Qi Jinran what was going on.

But seeing his calm expression, he didnt know how to bring up the topic.

“That… Jinran, were there any mosquitoes last night”

Qi Jinran flipped over the newspaper and swept his eyes over him as he was mentally retarded.

Wen Yuan laughed dryly.

“I forgot, its only the end of February, there wont be any mosquitoes… But whats wrong with me…” The more he spoke, the lower his voice became, and he scratched his neck unconsciously, but in the end he didnt ask.

Is Qi Jinran the kind of person to pinch and touch him at night while hes asleep

Absolutely impossible!

He probably scratched himself accidentally.

After breakfast, Wen Yuan brought the snacks from Black Swan to the baking school.

He went to the advanced class to find Zhang Huaite first.

The mixed-race young man was standing behind a long table making crème brûlée, and sneered when he saw him come in.

“Huaite, Im really sorry yesterday, I didnt mean to abandon you.

Look, I brought you Black Swans afternoon tea.”

Zhang Huaite snorted coldly.

Ignoring him, he put down the egg beater in his hand, poured the mixture into a small pot, preparing to make caramel.

“This macaron is super fragrant, crisp and soft.

You smell…”

Wen Yuan handed the snack box over.

Zhang Huaite couldnt hold back.

When he tilted his head and saw Wen Yuans bright black smiling eyes, his anger dissipated.

“Leave the stuff, dont bother me.”

“Okay, Mr.

Zhang.”1Term used here is “Teacher” not the formal “Mister” as students in the western education system use

Wen Yuan knew that Zhang Huaite was not angry anymore, and turned to leave with satisfaction, but was stopped by the young man again.

“There will be an international baking competition in June, remember to prepare.”

“Me” Wen Yuan pointed at himself in disbelief.

“Im only at the beginner level.”

“You can move up to the intermediate level after this period.

What are you afraid of The baking competition is a group competition, one chef and one assistant, that is, a master leads apprentices.

Youll follow me when the time comes.”

Wen Yuan did not expect Zhang Huaite to invite him to participate in the competition and let him be the assistant chef.

This is something he didnt even dare to think about!


Zhang, I will work hard!” Wen Yuan secretly made up his mind to keep up with Zhang Huaites pace.

“Youd better do what you say.” Zhang Huaite gritted his teeth.

“Try leaving me behind again”

“Dont dare, dont dare.”




A few days later, T University classes resumed.

Back on the familiar campus, after recalling everything that he experienced in the past few months, Wen Yuan felt as if he had lived a lifetime.

He is only twenty years old, and already married.

Is his life progress a little too fast

“Wen Yuan!”

When he entered the dormitory, Ji Hong hugged him in surprise.

“I thought you wouldnt come back to the dorm after getting married.”

“How is this possible The dorm is my second home.

No one can drive me away except the dormitory auntie!”

Wen Yuan went to his bed and lay down.

Seeing the other messy beds, there was a sense of long-lost intimacy.

Ji Hong chuckled.

“Dont even think about leaving.

Tonights activities are arranged, all of us are going out to eat and drink.

If you dont get drunk, you cant go home!”

The second child sat on the bedside and echoed.

“Ill invite you for dinner.

My scholarship has arrived.”

“How can you do that I, a married person, didnt invite you yet.

Dont rob me.” Wen Yuan said with a smile.

“Yes, yes, lets ask Wen Yuan to pay.

This guy got the certificate from the male god without saying a word.

We should slaughter2as in get revenge/slaughter his wallet him well!”

“Who are we going to kill”

After getting back together, it was so lively that they immediately began to discuss where to eat supper and where to go karaoke-ing.

Wen Yuan didnt talk much.

Either way, they could go wherever they liked, and he would just pay for it.

“By the way, Wen Yuan, it doesnt matter if you dont go back at night, right”

“He doesnt care, its fine.” Wen Yuan said without thinking.

“Thats good.” Ji Hong breathed a sigh of relief.

He can bring Wen Yuan to drink a few more bottles! Plan to get this guy completely drunk!


—Jinran, my roomates and I are going to have dinner and then sing karaoke this evening.

It may be relatively late, so I wont go back today and will live in the dormitory.

Qi Jinran frowned when he saw the message on his phone.

He ignored the unhappiness in his heart and reviewed documents as usual.

But when it was time to get off work, he suddenly lost the motivation to leave.

Wen Yuan wasnt at home anyway, so why should he go back so early

Qi Jinran worked overtime, and finally had nothing to do at nine oclock.

After playing a few games of Tetris, he even set a new high score record.

If the boss doesnt get off work, the assistant doesnt dare to get off work either.

Zhuang Jie entered the office for the nth time to deliver tea, and finally couldnt help but speak.


Qi, arent you going home yet”

The boss obviously got off work earlier than anyone else a few days ago.

Why did he suddenly turn on 9963996 a work schedule referring to working from 9am-9pm 6 days a week.

Common in China mode today

“…There are a few documents that I havent read yet.” Qi Jinrans face was cold, with an expression of “mind your own business.”

“If youre done, leave first.”

Zhuang Jie thought about it carefully.

University should be resuming these days.

In theory, Mr.

Wen should go back to school… Could it be that the boss doesnt want to leave work because his wife is not at home and he doesnt want to face a empty villa

Ah, it must be so.

After leaving the office, Zhuang Jie walked to the empty corridor and called Ji Hong.

As a senior assistant, his intelligence work has always been in place.

When he accompanied Qi Jinran to T University for the first time, he asked for Wen Yuans roommates phone numbers and kept them on his mobile phone, just in case.

Look, it really came in handy now.

Since the boss has thin skin and is embarrassed to show care about his wife, he can help the boss to inquire.

Ten minutes later.

Zhuang Jie panted and pushed open the door of the presidents office.


Qi, I just received a call from Mr.

Wens roommate… They said that Mr.

Wen is drunk and clamoring to see you.”

Qi Jinran immediately got up from the leather seat and picked up the coat hanging on the side.

“Go, drive.”

At this time, in a certain KTV in the south gate of T university.

Wen Yuan was pulled to drink beer by his roommates the entire night.

He was so drunk that he couldnt walk, and lay on Ji Hongs body.

“Jinran… Jinran…”

He was too drunk, his head was dizzy, and his vision was hazy.

He grabbed Ji Hongs arm, pinched his cheek angrily, and said unhappily, “That night… hiccup… why did you bite me”

“Who bit you” Ji Hongs cheeks flushed from alcohol, but he was slightly more sober than Wen Yuan.

He removed Wen Yuans hand, patted his head, and smiled.

“Come on, call dad.”

“Youre not… my dad…”

Wen Yuan wrinkled his nose, and stood up tremblingly, wanting to drink the water on the table.

He thought he was very close to the coffee table, but in fact he was still several steps away.

He bent down, grabbed the air with his hands, lost his balance for a moment, and was about to fall forward when a big hand clasped his waist.

His back slammed into a warm embrace, and Wen Yuan smelled the familiar cold fragrance.

“Male god… No, Mr.


The boss4Laoda = oldest in the dorm was the only one sober among the four.

He was the one who answered Ji Hongs call just now.

The other three people were all drunk.

He was having a headache about how to get them back, when Qi Jinran arrived.

“Im really sorry, we all drank too much today.

Troubling you to take care of Wen Yuan.”

Qi Jinran glanced at the other two sloppy guys in the box, and said “en” softly.

He carried Wen Yuan into the car.

Wen Yuan was sobered up by the cold wind outside, and seemed to recognize Qi Jinran.

He leaned against the mans arms, smelling the faint smell of cologne on his body, and his fingers couldnt help grabbing the collar of his shirt.

“Jinran…” The voice was soft and drunk.


“That night…why did you bite me”

Probably the alcohol made him bolder, and he couldnt help revealing the confusion that had been hidden in his heart.



QJR – caught in the act!!


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1Term used here is “Teacher” not the formal “Mister” as students in the western education system use2as in get revenge/slaughter his wallet3996 a work schedule referring to working from 9am-9pm 6 days a week.

Common in China4Laoda = oldest in the dorm


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