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Wen Yuan was thin-skinned, and said embarrassedly, “Mr.

Song, I wish you a happy birthday.”

“Thank you.

No need to be so polite, just call me Guanghai.”

Song Guanghai led the two of them inside.

In the box, he opened the door and smiled, “Jinran, they were all very busy, but as soon as they heard that you were coming, all these people became free.


Qi Jinran just walked in, and paused in his steps.

Ning Shu sat there by the window, staring at him without blinking.

“Jinran, why arent you moving”

Wen Yuan followed Qi Jinran, but because his view was blocked, he had no idea what was going on.

Seeing that Qi Jinrans expression was wrong, Song Guanghai clicked his tongue mentally.

Everyone here knew that Ning Shu was Qi Jinrans ex.

He didnt invite Ning Shu, and didnt expect the latter to come uninvited, but he couldnt refuse.

It has been three years, and he felt that Ning Shu shouldnt be able to make any waves, so he let him come.

“Jinran, sit down.” Song Guanghai said with a smirk.

Qi Jinran glanced at Song Guanghai.

After all, it was someone elses birthday party, and he didnt want to rip faces.

With a cold “en”, he brought Wen Yuan inside.

Ning Shu was overjoyed when he saw Qi Jinran appear, but the next moment, when he saw Wen Yuan behind him, the smile immediately froze on his beautiful face.

His friend, Gao Mu, poked his arm from the side.

“Xiao Shu, calm down, this is Song Ershaos birthday party, dont make it too ugly.”

“I know.”

Ning Shu clenched the chopsticks on the table.

“He brought people here on purpose, isnt it just to make me angry This shows he still cares about me in his heart.”

Gao Mu didnt know how to persuade him, and sighed lightly.

After Wen Yuan sat down, he found a line of sight looking at him diagonally.

Of course he knew that it was Ning Shu, and although he felt a little aggrieved, he still let him watch generously.

“Jinran, this is the first time Ive seen you bring your wife out.” Someone teased.

“How old is my sister-in-law I heard that he is still in college”

Song Guanghai made a smalltsk sound.

Qi Jinran gave him face by coming to his birthday party, so he would naturally help Wen Yuan.

“You guys are here because of me, and luckily met sister-in-law.

Dont ask blindly, lest you scare him.”

Wen Yuan smiled and said calmly, “I am indeed studying in college.

This year is the third year.”

“Does sister-in-law plan to join the Qi family directly after graduation Or take over the familys company” Someone asked.

Wen Yuan shook his head.

“None of them, Im learning to bake and may become a pastry chef in the future.”

Someone chuckled with a hint of contempt.

Wen Yuan looked over and found that it was a young man with dyed red hair sitting next to Ning Shu.

“Dessert chef Isnt that a waiter in the bakery, who makes things for others to eat and serve others” The young mans tone was disdainful.

Hearing this, Qi Jinran frowned slightly.

There was obvious displeasure in his eyes.

Song Guanghai, sitting next to him, was observing his expression.

Seeing him frown, he quickly said to the speaker, “Gao Mu, what are you talking about Do you know how high the annual salaries of those Michelin chefs are You might not be able to eat other peoples food even if you want to!”

Another echoed: “Yeah, Gao Mu, no matter what, my sister-in-law is from T University, even if he changes careers later, so what You, who paid for a diploma, arent you embarrassed to point fingers at others”

Gao Mu looked over and saw the one mocking him and asking Wen Yuan about his future plans was the young master of the Gu family.

He and the young master of the Gu family have not crossed paths since childhood.

Back then, the man suppressed him everywhere in terms of ability and knowledge.

“Gao Mu, forget it.” Ning Shu tugged his sleeve.

“You told me to calm down, why are you so impulsive now”

“I just cant stand the way they are all courteous to Wen Yuan.

If you were sitting next to Qi Jinran…” He noticed Ning Shus face change, and quickly took back the rest of the words.

Ning Shu smiled reluctantly, his hand on his knee clenched into a fist.

Dont worry, he secretly told himself.

He came prepared today, so how could he be affected by a few words from those unrelated people

He stood up with the glass in his hand, a soft smile on his face.

“Jinran, speaking of which, its been a few days since I returned to China.

Its the first time weve sat together for dinner.

We havent seen each other for so long.

Lets have a drink, okay”

Almost everyone at the table knew that Ning Shu and Qi Jinran used to be together.

Seeing him stand up, they all showed the look of watching a good show.

Qi Jinran sat on the main seat, motionless, only glancing at Ning Shu lightly.

”I have to drive and cant drink, sorry.”

Young Master Gu couldnt help laughing.

Their group doesnt lack two or three drivers, let alone Qi Jinran.

He only said that because he didnt want to drink with Ning Shu.

Seeing the atmosphere stagnate, Song Guanghais head hurt on how to break the deadlock, when Wen Yuan stood up with a wine glass.

“Jinrans body is not suitable for drinking, let me drink with you.”

Wen Yuan poured himself half a glass of red wine, raised the glass, and looked at Ning Shu with a smile.

“You are Jinrans friend, that is, my friend.

You came back from France, and we should have welcomed you.

It was us who didnt receive you well, so let me apologize with this first glass.”

After speaking, he raised his head and finished the wine in the glass.

Song Guanghai stared at Wen Yuan as he finished drinking.

Wen Yuan didnt say much since he came in, just sat quietly beside Qi Jinran, and only spoke when others asked.

He thought that Wen Yuan had a weak and timid character, and didnt expect his words to be watertight, making it seem like Ning Shu was narrow-minded instead.

Gu Dashao, who was diagonally opposite, had a smile of approval on his face, wishing he could applaud Wen Yuan on the spot.

Holding the glass, Ning Shu felt like he was slapped on the face by an invisible hand, and it hurt hotly.

Gritting his teeth, he drank the red wine in his glass in one gulp, and sat down.

Seeing the atmosphere ease a bit, Song Guanghai hurriedly asked someone to serve the food.

He was afraid of Ning Shu making trouble again, so he took the lead in telling a cold joke, breaking the awkwardness.

“Eat food.”

Qi Jinran stared at Wen Yuan with a hint of displeasure in his eyes.

This guy knows that drinking on an empty stomach is not good for his health, so why did he drink for him

“Are you angry” Wen Yuan whispered with lowered eyes.

“I thought it was embarrassing if Ning Shu stood there holding a cup, so—”

“Thats none of your business.” Qi Jinran picked a sweet and sour spare rib into his bowl.

“Next time, dont always think about others, think more about yourself.”

“Yeah.” Wen Yuan ate the pork ribs he picked, only to feel the sweet taste spread from his throat to his heart.

When Ning Shu first appeared, he was afraid that Qi Jinran would be shaken.

But Qi Jinran proved with actions time and time again that he and Ning Shu were already in the past, and he had nothing to worry about.

Anyway, soldiers will come to block the water and cover the soil, how can he still be afraid of Ning Shu

After dining, the group went to the box upstairs to sing and play cards.

Qi Jinran was not very interested in these activities, but he reluctantly played a few games to give Song Guanghai face.

Halfway through the game, he suddenly found that Wen Yuan, who was sitting beside him, had disappeared, and his brows suddenly wrinkled.

“You guys play first, Ill go out.” He had a bad premonition, afraid that Wen Yuan would run into Ning Shu.

“Jinran, dont, this game isnt over yet.” Gu Dashao begged.

Qi Jinran had a sullen face, and gave the card in his hand to the waiter who was serving tea.

“You come and play.

If you lose, it will be my account.”

Ignoring the shocked look of the waiter, Qi Jinran stood up and walked out of the box door quickly.


What do you think happens outside in the corridor


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