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As soon as he entered, Wen Yuan saw an old classmate whom he had not seen for many years.

He started early and was younger than his classmates, so most of his classmates had already graduated and started working.

He greeted several classmates he knew well and sat down beside Liu Ping.

“Yo, the school grass from our class is still so handsome and personable.” A girl sighed.

“Yeah, he was taller than when in high school, and is still so handsome that I can’t even recognize him.”

Wen Yuan smiled embarrassedly.

“It’s not as exaggerated as you said, I just joined the basketball team in college and jumped high every day, so I grew a few centimeters later.”

“By the way, Wen Yuan, apart from Liu Ping, you are the only one who got married Why didn’t you bring your wife here.”

“What’s not a wife, people are husbands.” Liu Ping corrected.

There was a burst of surprised exclamations among their classmates.

“No, Wen Yuan, we thought you would marry some peerless beauty, but you ended up marrying a man” The female classmate couldn’t believe it.

Back in high school, there were quite a few people who had a crush on Wen Yuan, and most of them were girls.

Although Wen Yuan was not in a relationship, almost all the classmates in the class thought that the person he would marry in the end would definitely be a peerless beauty.

“What’s wrong with men Isn’t same-sex marriage very common now And his husband is the CEO of Qi Group!”

Liu Ping put his arms around Wen Yuan’s shoulder and looked at everyone triumphantly.

“Have you heard of the Qi Group The listed group, which acquired BV, is very famous in the hotel industry.

His husband’s family is a very rich, authentic wealthy family.”

“Then our class school grass found a rich and handsome master, is it true”

“It’s not like he showed up, isn’t it just what Wen Yuan says.” A sour voice suddenly sounded.

Wen Yuan looked at the speaker and found that it was a slightly fat man who he hadn’t paid much attention to.

This man has a beer belly at such a young age.

He looked at the face of the beer belly, and suddenly remembered that the two had a relationship in high school.

At that time, the girl he liked had a crush on Wen Yuan, and when the girl sent a love letter to Wen Yuan, she happened to bump into beer belly.

Wen Yuan didn’t want to fall in love at that time, so he rejected her.

Since then, beer belly targeted him everywhere, constantly opposing him in class.

Hearing beer belly’s sour wasn’t that surprising to Wen Yuan at all.

“I’m sorry, my husband is busy and can’t make it in time.

I’m a little late too, and made everyone wait for a long time.

So, I’ll toast everyone and apologize first.” Wen Yuan took the initiative to hold up a glass.

“Okay, us classmates haven’t been together for many years.

Let’s take this opportunity to have a toast together.” Liu Ping suggested.

Everyone agreed, stood up together, and toasted.

Except for Wen Yuan and Liu Ping, the other students basically brought their families.

A female classmate brought her boyfriend over.

She also had a crush on Wen Yuan in high school, and after hearing the news that Wen Yuan was married, she was still a little melancholy.

Taking advantage to toast Wen Yuan, out of the corner of her eye she suddenly caught a glimpse of his empty hands.

“Wen Yuan, you are married, don’t you wear a wedding ring”

Wen Yuan looked down and smiled.

“Oh, I participated in a baking competition two days ago.

The ring was too expensive, so I took it off.

Here’s my previous engagement ring.”

He took out the engagement ring around his neck and showed the girl.

“Wow, the color is so simple, and the pattern is very unique.

I’ve never seen it before.” The girl will marry her boyfriend soon, so she’s naturally very concerned about things like rings.

“It doesn’t even have a diamond, what can it be” Beer belly snorted.

Holding his girlfriend’s hand, he said loudly, “I heard that some wealthy families like to engage in commercial marriages, and many of them are plastic couples who pretend to be married, but they don’t actually get the certificate, while the two of them play outside.

Wen Yuan, you and your husband aren’t like this, are you”

Wen Yuan’s black eyes narrowed slightly, and a cold light appeared in his eyes.

Since he entered, beer belly has been provoking him non-stop.

Because the two of them are high school classmates, he doesn’t want to make things too stiff, but he continues to provoke and anger him.

There is a limit to his good temper, and Wen Yuan couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Wang… Guang classmate, I remember your surname is Wang, right” Wen Yuan raised his glass and stood up.

Beer belly didn’t expect that Wen Yuan didn’t even remember his name, and frustration and shame flashed in his eyes.

He felt like punching cotton.

“What are you thinking”

Wen Yuan smiled.

“Although I don’t remember your name, I am very impressed with you.

In your second year of high school, you fell in love with a female classmate outside of school, made out in the woods, and was even caught by the dean, right”

Many classmates remembered this incident, and burst out laughing.

The girl next to the beer belly was unhappy, and she tugged his palm under the table.

“Didn’t you say that you never had a relationship in high school Why did you lie to me”

“I…” Beer belly blushed and turned white.

“Wen Yuan, why are you so proud You dare laugh at me.

I heard that your family went bankrupt, and you married the Qi Group CEO for money, right Does he even like you If he doesn’t come, it means that you are not taken seriously at all! Don’t lie!”

The corner of Wen Yuan’s mouth twitched, and he was about to speak when someone suddenly knocked on the door.

The waiter came in with a bottle of Lafite.

When Liu Ping saw the expensive bottle of red wine, he couldn’t help saying.

“We didn’t order red wine, this—”

“This was given by a gentleman surnamed Qi.

He said that everyone can drink it as they wish.

He will pay for it.”

Liu Ping was shocked, his face puzzled.

What Mr.

Qi Is it an old classmate But all the people he called are here.


Qi, you’re here.” The waiter smiled when he saw the man walking in from outside the corridor.

Qi Jinran was wearing a simple light-colored shirt, black suit, and trousers.

As soon as he entered the box, he attracted everyone’s attention.

“Jinran, why are you here Is the video conference over” Wen Yuan was very surprised to see him.

Liu Ping immediately understood that this was the husband Wen Yuan mentioned, the CEO of the Qi Group.

How can he give away such an expensive red wine like cabbage!

“It turns out that you are Mr.

Qi, my god, you are much younger than I thought!” Liu Ping shook hands with him excitedly, and said with a smile, “We were just talking about you, it is rare for high school classmates to gather together and see Wen Yuan.

As his husband, it would be a pity if you didn’t come.”

Seeing the handsome and noble man appear, beer belly’s whole face darkened.

He didn’t expect Wen Yuan’s husband to be so young and promising.

He thought that the CEO of a listed group should be a middle-aged man with a pot belly, and never expected the other party to be so young and handsome.

The girlfriend next to him looked at Qi Jinran’s face and lit up.

“Wen Yuan, your husband is too handsome.

He is handsome and rich.

How did you find such a good man” A female classmate asked.

Wen Yuan thought for a while, and was about to speak when he heard Qi Jinran say, “We are alumni of T University.

I fell in love with him at first sight.”

“Wow, so romantic!”

“My god, love at first sight, or campus love, this is too sweet!”

Wen Yuan looked at Qi Jinran, not knowing what to say.

The two have known each other through marriage, and it is normal for uninformed outsiders to misunderstand their relationship.

Unexpectedly, Qi Jinran even told a lie in order to protect him.

“I was in a meeting just now.

I was late and didn’t come with Xiao Yuan.

I’m really sorry.

I’ll punish myself with a drink first.”

Qi Jinran held Wen Yuan’s hand and walked to the table, picked up his glass, and drank it.


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