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Two days later, the dessert shop officially opened.

On the opening day, the entrance of the dessert shop was filled with colorful flowers, roses, carnations, and hydrangea.

Wen Yuan changed into a new uniform, handsome and tall, and stood at the door helping Zhang Huaite distribute flyers together.

The two looked outstanding, and soon attracted the attention of many passers-by.

“The new store has opened, and all desserts are 30% off.

You can come and try it!”

“Our shops signature is cheesecake, which is very soft and fluffy.

Dont miss it.”

Passersby began to stop one after another.

After all, it was a new store opening, and everyone was curious.

After smelling the aroma of cakes wafting out of the window, many people couldnt help gulping.

Its just that this store is very expensive at first glance, and they dont know about the taste or whether it will live up to its name.

Wen Yuan saw the hesitant expressions of several girls and smiled.

“Are you worried about not being appetizing Just go in and try.

Our ingredients are all very fresh, and the chef has also won the champion of the International Dessert Competition in China.

It is definitely worth a try!”

With Wen Yuans hard selling tactics, gradually many passersby got excited and walked in.

Soon the back kitchen was full of orders, Chen Xingyu and his two assistants were too busy, and Zhang Huaite had to take care of the customers outside, so Wen Yuan simply put on an apron and went into the back kitchen to help.

He helped prepare an English scones and chestnut cake, glanced at the next order, and quickened his actions.

Soon, the back kitchen door opened, and Xiao Hui probed in and said anxiously, “Table 5 has been here for a long time, but their desserts have not been served yet.”

Wen Yuan glanced at the list above and said loudly.

“Its ready, Ill send it over right away.”

He put the desserts for two in a tray, took off his apron, and went to the booth in front of him.

As soon as he reached table 5, he stopped and the hand holding the dessert tray trembled.

Sitting on table 5 are his parents.

Ye Xia was wondering why the waiter stood motionless next to her.

When she turned her head, she saw Wen Yuans face, and her expression showed extreme surprise and shock.

“Xiao Yuan, why are you here”

Wen Chengmin also saw Wen Yuans outfit.

His eyebrows wrinkled, and his face suddenly turned extremely bad.

Wen Yuan carefully placed the dessert for two on the table, and whispered, “Dad, mom.”

“You said youre an intern in BV, but this is what youre doing! I asked you to come back to take over the company, but you didnt.

What kind of waitering are you doing here” Wen Chengmin was so angry that the veins on his forehead burst, and his neck turned red.

“Old Wen, lower your voice, everyone is watching.” Ye Xia patted his hand.

“Dad, you misunderstood.

Im not a waiter here, its because they are too busy in the kitchen.

I also invested in this dessert shop and came over to help.”

Wen Chengmin was extremely angry and gave Wen Yuan a cold look.

“Come out with me!” 

On the other side, as soon as Zhang Huaite came in, he saw Wen Yuan being pulled out by a middle-aged man.

He looked a little puzzled, walked to the cashier and asked Xiao Hui what happened.

“I just heard Wen Yuan calling him dad.

It seems that his dad found out that he was here, and the two had a quarrel.

I dont know what happened.” Xiao Hui was also full of question marks.

“Ill go over and see whats going on.” 


“Wen Yuan, is that what you promised me What did you say at the dinner table yesterday How much did you lie to me Am I still your dad”

Wen Yuan saw his dads cheeks flushing with anger, and breathing hard.

He patted him on the shoulder, hoping to smooth out his breathing.

“Dad, dont be angry.

Can you listen to me explain to you I havent been interning at BV during this time, I went to Le Cordon Bleu to learn baking.”

“Does Jinran know”

“En, he also knows.” Wen Yuan knew that he couldnt hide it, so he had to tell the truth.

Wen Chengmins face became even worse.

“Okay, the two of you dared team up deceive me, right You said that you would go to his company, but in the end, what are you doing here”

“Uncle, please calm down.” Zhang Huaite walked between the two, looked at Wen Chengmin, and respectfully reached out and shook his hand.

“Im the manager of this store and Wen Yuans partner.

We opened this store together.

Wen Yuan really likes baking, hes not just playing around here.

He also went to S City with me before to participate in a competition, and we won the championship.”

Wens father suddenly remembered about Wen Yuans car accident that delayed the wedding, was because he came back from S city.

“Okay! Youve been hiding it from me since then.

Wen Yuan, your wings have hardened, and you have to fight against me, right You have such a high education but wont take over your familys company after graduation and have to do this kind of thing! Dont you feel ashamed making food for others and serving water and tea”

“Dad, there is no distinction between high and low in any occupation, I just want to do what I like.”

Zhang Huaite followed suit, and tried to persuade him.

“Yes, uncle.

In fact, I also graduated from Cambridge.

It really has nothing to do with education.

A pastry chef is also not what you think, this profession is also respected.”

“Dad, I have been hiding it from you, because I was afraid that you might get angry.” Wen Yuan was a little helpless and full of loneliness.

“Im an adult, and Im not a child.

I can make my own decisions about my own future.

I hope you dont interfere with my choice.”

 “Youre totally wrong, dont call me dad! I dont have a son like you!” Wen Chengmins ears buzzed with anger at the thought of the loss of an heir, and his eyes darkened.

 Wen Yuan was afraid that he would get angry again, so he quickly supported him.

Wen Chengmin pushed his hand away and called Ye Xia.

“Come out quickly, stop shopping, and go home.”

Ye Xia walked out of the store carrying her bag.

She glanced at Wen Yuan with pity in her eyes.

“Son, mom will support you in whatever you do.

Dont pay attention to your dads stubbornness and let him rest for a few days.”

“Did you make that scone just now Its delicious.”

Wen Yuan smiled.

“Thank you, mom.”

“Ye Xia, hurry up! Dont talk to that unfilial son!”

Wen Yuan felt a little guilty when he saw the back of his father staggering into the car.

He once also hoped that he could be like Qi Jinran, be able to talk and laugh freely in the business field and become a business elite that everyone envied.

But there is a lot of pressure and competition, and the intrigue between people is too complicated.

He just wants to do what he likes, and it will be even better if he can make money.

But he also knew his own thoughts failed his fathers hard work in cultivating him.

Seeing Wen Yuans dejected expression, Zhang Huaite couldnt bear it, and patted him on the shoulder.

“Wen Yuan, dont be sad.

Your dad is your dad after all.

He will figure it out one day and understand you.”

“It was I who failed his expectations.” Wen Yuan returned to the store with no expression.

On the first day of opening, it was full of customers and orders were in short supply.

He kept thinking about the quarrel with his father in the afternoon.

When he got home at night, he was confused, and he didnt even realize that the cold water was running in the bath.

When Qi Jinran came back, he found that Wen Yuan had gone to bed early, wrapped in a quilt, with flushed cheeks.

He originally wanted to ask him how his business was on the first day, but when he saw Wen Yuan laying in the quilt, he was a little worried and quickly reached out to touch his forehead.

Sure enough, it was burning hot.

“Xiao Yuan, why do you suddenly have a fever Were you too tired in the store today” Qi Jinran hurriedly called Dr.

Chen over.

Wen Yuan leaned into his arms and said in a daze, “I just took a cold shower, and didnt pay attention.”

“What happened” Qi Jinran intuitively felt that Wen Yuan had something on his mind.

“My dad came in the afternoon, and learned everything about my baking lessons.

I had a quarrel with him…” Wen Yuan grew more aggrieved as he talked, rubbing his head in the mans arms, and his voice was nasally.

“My dad doesnt understand me at all.

He called me an unfilial son, and said I didnt deserve to be his son.”

Qi Jinran frowned and touched his face in distress.

It seemed that Wen Yuan was not ill from taking a cold shower, but was spiritually uncomfortable.

“I admit that I shouldnt have lied to him, but if I didnt lie, he would definitely oppose and quarrel with me.

I cant help it.”

Wen Yuans vision was hazy as he looked at Qi Jinrans face with red eyes.

“Jinran, am I really worthless Should I listen to my dad and take over the family company”

Qi Jinrans heart was so sad as he hugged Wen Yuan tightly and stroked his cheeks and hair.

“Xiao Yuan, dont think like that.

Just do what you like.

You are feverish right now.

Stop talking, and have a good rest.”

When Chen Zhiming came, he took the medicine box and took Wen Yuans temperature.

“38.5, its just a low-grade fever, nothing to worry about.” He flicked the mercury thermometer, and took out anti-inflammatory and antipyretic medicines from the medicine cabinet.

Qi Jinrans brows were still creased even after seeing Wen Yuan swallow the medicine.

After thinking for a while, he left the bedroom, and went out to make a phone call.


The parent confrontation yall mightve seen coming.

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