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After a while, Wen Yuans parents came over.

Ye Xia was anxious, and hurried to the bedroom.

She was distressed to see Wen Yuan lying on the quilt with a pale face.

“This child was fine in the afternoon, why did he have a fever after coming back at night”

Qi Jinran explained from the side: “Xiao Yuan seemed a little absent-minded after returning home and took a cold shower.

Its because I didnt take good care of him.”

“This child must be feeling uncomfortable.” Ye Xia naturally wouldnt blame Qi Jinran.

She knew very well why Wen Yuan was sick.

Looking at Wen Chengmin, who was still pacing in the corridor, she frowned and strode out.

“Look at you! You have to quarrel with your son, and now hes sick!”

Wen Chengmin glanced in the direction of the bedroom, worry and anxiety flashed in his eyes, but he still said with disgust: “Howd I get him sick You didnt hear Jinran say he took a cold shower, and caught it himself”

Ye Xia was so angry and she twisted his arm hard.

“You father and son both have the same donkey temper.

Cant you just speak nicely if you have something to say” 

Qi Jinran came over with a serious expression in the midst of their quarrel.

“Dad, can I talk to you”

They went to the study.

Qi Jinran apologized first.

“Dad, I heard Xiao Yuan talk about the afternoon.

Im sorry, I was hiding it from you with him before.”

Wen Chengmin sat at the desk with a gloomy face.

“You should know that I want Xiao Yuan to come back and inherit the company.

He has studied economics and management, and his major is also a match.

With a few years of experience, he can definitely take my place.”

Qi Jinran nodded.

“Dad, I know you also hope that Xiao Yuan will have a bright future.

In fact, when Xiao Yuan was an intern at BV, his immediate superiors spoke highly of him, and he did a great job.

Of course, there is no problem with this road, but… he doesnt like it.”

“Its not a question of whether he likes it or not.

He has read so many books, and now he wants to be a cook, making desserts for others every day, and worrying about the store business.

If they encounter an unreasonable customer, they still have to give face to him! My, Wen Chengmins, son cant do this kind of faceless thing!”

Qi Jinran smiled.

“Dad, I can see that you also care about Xiao Yuan very much.

He would be very happy if he knew, but, lets face it.

Xiao Yuan is an adult and has his own thoughts and choices, and we cant interfere too much.

You probably dont know that when he was an intern at BV, he once met a client and was almost treated badly.”

Wen Chengmin frowned immediately when he heard this for the first time.

“Theres even this kind of thing, who dares to touch my son”

“Dont worry, I have solved that person.

What I want to say is that even if he goes on the road of business management, it will be difficult.

It is impossible for you to escort him anytime and anywhere; even I cant do this.

On the contrary, he is now cooperating with others to open a dessert shop.

He can do what he likes, and the colleagues he works with are also excellent and reliable.

In such an environment, I am more at ease.”

“Even if he encounters any difficulties in the future, I will still be here.

I am his husband and will support him unconditionally and love him.

Dad, you dont have to worry.

Wen Chengmin looked at the lake in the distance and listened to Qi Jinrans words, and a trace of remorse flashed in his eyes.

In fact, when he scolded Wen Yuan for being an unfilial son, he regretted it.

He knew that Wen Yuan had grown up, and his life could not be controlled by him, but he still dreamed that he could point out his sons future.

When he came here and saw that Wen Yuan had a fever, he felt even more guilty.

He just hated that he couldnt keep his mouth shut, and that he said that kind of hurtful thing at his son.

Wen Yuan was obviously a well-behaved and caring child.

Back then, for the sake of the family company, he was asked to marry Qi Jinran.

He agreed without hesitation, and didnt hold any grudge against him and Ye Xia at all.

Wen Chengmin felt more guilty the more he thought about it, and finally wiped the corners of his eyes with his hand and sighed.

in the bedroom.

Wen Yuan woke up after a while after taking the medicine.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw his father standing in front of his bed.

He was shaken by his fathers complicated eyes, and greeted him with a guilty conscience.

Wen Chengmin came over, bent down and touched his forehead, and quickly withdrew his hand, as if he wasnt quite used to the closeness between father and son.

“In the future… just do whatever you want.”

After saying this, Wen Chengmin left the bedroom.

Wen Yuan had just woken up from his illness, and was a little confused after hearing his fathers words.

What happened to his dad Why did he suddenly let him go and let him do what he wanted to do

Qi Jinran walked in as he was lost in thought.

“Just now, I talked to dad.”

“Did you persuade him”

“He figured it out by himself.

In fact, he was also afraid that you would work too hard, so he didnt want you to go to the dessert shop.”

“Okay.” His father agreed, and the big rock in Wen Yuans heart was completely put down, and the fever went away after one night.

Although the fever subsided, the sequela was still there.

When he woke up the next day, Wen Yuan was still a little sore and weak.

Qi Jiinran sat on the head of the bed and touched his face, a little worried.

“Or I wont go to the company today and stay at home with you.”

Wen Yuan shook his head quickly.

“No, I cant keep you home because of a minor illness.

I have already delayed your work several times.”

“Its nothing.” Qi Jinran tested the temperature of his forehead, and after confirming that it was normal, his face relaxed a little.

“Why dont you go to the company with me.

You stay by my side, and Im relieved.”

Wen Yuan blinked, a little moved.

“But…Arent you afraid that I will affect your work”

Qi Jinran smiled.

“Itll depend on your ability.”

Hearing this, Wen Yuan ignited his fighting spirit and quickly got up and put on his clothes.

“Okay, thats what you said.”

Wen Yuan wrapped himself tightly and followed Qi Jinran to the Qi Group.

The last time he came, he was delivering meals to Qi Jinran.

At that time, he was mistaken for an intern.

The memory made him smile just thinking about it.

Zhuang Jie found it a little strange to see him appear in the company.


Wen, why are you here”

“Im here to supervise your bosss work.” Wen Yuan smiled.

Although his eyes were bright, his cheeks were still a little pale.

Seeing his appearance, Zhuang Jie guessed his boss was worried about him and brought him to the company to supervise him in person.

The boss really spoiled him to the extreme, Zhuang Jie sighed in his heart. 

Wen Yuan had already entered the presidents office.

Treating it as home, he went straight to the innermost lounge, picked up the PSP and booted up a game.

Qi Jinran signed a few documents and went to the lounge to find him.

Hearing the mans footsteps, Wen Yuan didnt move, letting the mans slender arms wrap around him from behind.

“How can you sit on the ground without fear of catching a cold” Qi Jinran kissed his ear.

“Isnt it because youre holding me, so theres nothing to be afraid of.”

The low laugh vibrated in his ears.

Qi Jinrans hands bent under his legs, and he picked him up and put him on the sofa.

He was about to find a blanket for Wen Yuan, but the boy had already sat on his lap with his arms tightly around him.

“Are you done Just stay with me when youre done, Im so bored here.”

Wen Yuan smelled the faint scent of cologne on his body, and was intoxicated.

Qi Jinran touched his red ears and kissed him on the mouth.

“Theres another report to read.

If youre bored, just read it with me.” After speaking, he ignored Wen Yuans objection and took him to the presidents office outside.

So Wen Yuan had to sit on his lap and read the report with him.

The mans warm breath steadily feathered his neck.

The hands around his waist tightly wrapped him like chains, and Wen Yuan felt particularly secure in his arms.

Wen Yuan opened his eyelids lazily.

“I say, President, in broad daylight, our behavior seems immoral, right”

“You are my legal partner, whats immoral”

“What if someone comes in and sees us like this”

“Dont worry, Zhuang Jie is outside, no one will be so daring.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a knock on the door.

Before Qi Jinran had time to speak, the person outside seemed to be in a hurry, pushed open the door, greeted President Qi, and strode in.


Qi, there is a payment supplier–” Only then did the man see a boy sitting on Qi Jinrans lap.

His feet froze and embarrassment flooded his face.

Wen Yuan was also a little embarrassed.

He prepared to get off Qi Jinrans lap, but when he saw the mans face, he suddenly remembered that this was the deputy manager who had instructed him as an intern last time, so he just sat still.

The deputy manager also recognized him.

Who else would dare to sit on the lap of the big boss while he was working Even thinking with his knees, he could guess Wen Yuans identity.

At the beginning, he had no eyes and couldnt recognize Mount Tai, and even used the presidents wife as an intern

Thinking of this, he was covered in sweat, took two steps back automatically, and bowed his head respectfully and apologetically.


Qi, excuse me, Ill go now.” Before leaving, the deputy manager did not forget to close the door tightly.

Just after the deputy manager left, Zhuang Jie pushed the door open again and said apologetically, “Boss, I just went to the bathroom and didnt pay attention—”

Qi Jinran was annoyed.

“Lock the door and get out.”

Zhuang Jie lowered his eyebrows, not daring to look at the scene in the office, and hurriedly turned and left.

Wen Yuan laughed.

Qi Jinran pinched his waist.

“Still laughing”

Wen Yuan laughed even harder, wiggling in Qi Jinrans arms.

But soon, sensing a change somewhere in Qi Jinran, he couldnt laugh anymore.

“Do you still dare move” Qi Jinran said in a hoarse voice, sticking to his red ear.


Gotta say, WYs parents are quite reasonable.

A little weak in characterization, but their personalities… wish all parents were like that.

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