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Feeling the heat behind him, Wen Yuans cheeks flushed red, and he curled up.

“Dont dare move.” The boy said weakly.

He hasnt recovered yet, so Qi Jinran didnt touch him.

He only hugged his waist and kissed him again, and held him in his arms.

Wen Yuan was afraid that his right leg couldnt bear it, so he got up after sitting for a while.

He took the cold medicine, and after loitering in Qi Jinrans office for a while, he felt a little drowsy, and went to the lounge to rest.

He slept until noon, when Qi Jinran came in and woke him up and asked him to get up for lunch.

“Song Guanghai and the others arranged a dinner party, and Ill take you there with me.”

Wen Yuan was in a daze.

His hair was a little messy and frizzy like a puppy.

Qi Jinran couldnt help rubbing his head, and then kissing him on the forehead.

“You wont have any other activities after dinner, right” Wen Yuan asked him, raising his head.

“Its just playing cards with them, there are no other activities.

Its not tiring at all.

If you dont want to go, I can accompany you directly home.”

“Since theyve already invited us, lets go.”

Wen Yuan yawned and sat up from the bed with eyes half-closed, letting Qi Jinran help him button his shirt.

Qi Jinran has always had a dignified and cold image in the company.

Its likely no one would have ever guessed that in the office lounge, he would be so gentle and considerate and help another person button his clothes.

The dinner appointment was in Lu Ting.

When Qi Jinran showed up with Wen Yuan, everyone else had already arrived.

Seeing the two of them show up, Song Guanghai laughed and teased them.

“Jinran, you are really a strict wife-con right now.

If your wife doesnt come, you wont come, right”

Qi Jinran smiled and said nothing, letting the people in the box laugh.

Anyone with eyes can see that Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan are now a pair like honey and oil, and no one can separate them.

Rumor was it that the pair were in a commercial marriage, and they would separate before half a year.

Who knew that after half a year, the two of them were getting closer and more intimate.

“Xiao Yuan has been ill for the past two days and is not feeling well, so he wont drink later.”

Qi Jinran has spoken, so Song Guanghai didnt have face to ask people to serve wine.

He replaced wine with fruit juice, and brought a glass over to Wen Yuans hand.

“Sister-in-law, I didnt mean to invite you over while youre ill.

Ill toast you with juice instead of wine.”

“Its fine, Im bored at home anyway.” Wen Yuan smiled and clinked glasses with him.

Hes met most of the people in Qi Jinrans circle, and he is not lonely at the dinner table, and there are still people who can talk to him.

After dinner, they moved to the box upstairs to play cards.

Wen Yuan seldom played cards, and wasnt very good, so Qi Jinran taught him hand by hand.

Gradually, Wen Yuan also found his stride, and the cards he drew became better, and he won several games one after another.

Song Guanghai couldnt stand it any longer, “How can you two play together as a husband and wife Jinran, you are not allowed to teach Wen Yuan any more.

You are the best player in our circle, this is cheating.”

Qi Jinran sat down beside Wen Yuan, and smiled helplessly.

“Okay, Ill stop talking and let him play by himself.”

“Its almost the same thing.”

The rest of the people at the table thought that without Qi Jinrans help, Wen Yuans playing would be a mess.

Unexpectedly, Wen Yuan seemed to have figured out the way.

Even without Qi Jinrans guidance, he seldom made mistakes, his card style was calm, and he even won a few games.

“Damn it, sister-in-law, you learned too fast.”

“Yeah, youre really a T University grad, they really are different.”

“Apologies, I was playing based on feeling, and didnt rely on much strategy.

Qi Jinran sitting behind him is his reassurance.

Even if Wen Yuan drew a bad card, he didnt panic.

After playing for two hours, Wen Yuan handed his position to Qi Jinran, while he went out for a breather.

I just didnt expect that as soon as he came out of the bathroom, he saw an unsightly scene.

Not far from the door of the box in the utility room, a middle-aged man full of alcohol was touching a thin young man up and down.


Qian, please let me go.” The young man tried his best to break free, but the middle-aged man was too strong, and his hands were tightly wrapped around his waist like a soldering iron, and he refused to let go.

“Dont your Yang family want that project Hows it possible if you dont give me something! You really thought that accompanying me for a few glasses and saying a few words was enough”

 The man had a fat head and big ears.

His oily face was full of ill will, his small eyes narrowed, and his short fat fingers pinched the young mans waist and even began sliding down maliciously.

 “Xiao Yang, dont play innocent with me here.

I know very well what kind of thing you are.

Dont know how many boyfriends youve had, or played with”

Yang Mo clenched his teeth tightly, hating it.

If it wasnt for him opposing Wen Yuan at the beginning, and annoying the Qi family to the point that those in Qi Jinrans circle didnt give him face, he wouldnt have been reduced to where he is today.

But no matter how much he hated him, he couldnt do anything, and was not competent enough.

Hearing that President Qian likes men, he tried to please him.

When they were eating in the box, Mr.

Qian always respected him.

Although he was staring at him like a hungry wolf, at least he didnt move, and he was still very personable on the surface.

Unexpectedly, as soon as they got out of the box, this President Qian changed his appearance, and was unexpectedly slimy and wretched.

 “Theres a utility room there, why dont we go inside and try it” The middle-aged man tugged Yang Mos shirt.

When he was about to continue, he was suddenly kicked on the back.

Unprepared, he suddenly lost his center of gravity, and in fell to the ground in embarrassment.

 “Which bastard with a faceless face! Dares disturb Laozis good deeds!”

 When the man fell to the ground, Wen Yuan was stunned to see Yang Mos face.

He never imagined that the person who was being used in the corridor would be the arrogant rich young master, Yang Mo.

 Yang Mo awkwardly buttoned his shirt.

When he saw that it was Wen Yuan who rescued him, his face became extremely bad.

 “What Are you here to laugh at me” He looked at Wen Yuan coldly with a defensive look in his eyes.

 “Yeah, why cant I laugh” Wen Yuan had no expression.

If he had known it was Yang Mo earlier, he might not have taken action.

 “You—” Yang Mo choked.

Covering the collar of his shirt, he was about to say something when he saw the man on the ground stagger and stand up from the corner of his eye.

His eyes darkened and he didnt speak.


Qian was very upset when his good deeds were interrupted, but seeing the face of the boy who interrupted his good deed.

his heart feel a little itchy.

“You, are you Yang Mos friend” He looked Wen Yuan up and down, his gaze scrutinizing and disgusting.

“You look pretty good, much more energetic than Yang Mo.

Little handsome guy, why dont you follow me”

Wen Yuan was disgusted, ready to beat the man again, but before he moved, a strong wind gusted over.

“Dare to tease my sister-in-law, do you think you havent lived long enough” Song Guanghai kicked the man in the leg.

He came out to discuss something with Qi Jinran, and didnt expect to see this scene as soon as he came out.

This is his, Song Ershaos, territory, but there are still people who dare to act wild here and bully his sister-in-law

Qi Jinran didnt need to do anything, and he already rushed out and kicked the man to the ground.

President Qian was not a frequent visitor here, and he didnt know Song Guanghai very well.

However, he knew Qi Jinrans face.

He was frequently featured in financial magazines, and he had personally experienced his iron and bloody skills.

Thinking of the rumor that Qi Jinran married someone of the same sex who was eight years younger than him, he glanced at Wen Yuans face, and realized that he had made a big mistake.

He got up from the ground and bowed to Qi Jinran in apology.


Qi, its because I dont know Taishan, and I accidentally offended you.

Im really sorry.”

“What are you apologizing to my brother for.

Go and apologize to my sister-in-law.” Song Guanghai was full of impatience.


Qian had no choice but to turn to Wen Yuan.

Lowering his eyebrows, he pleaded with his eyes, “Sister-in-law, Im sorry! Im really sorry, its all my fault.

Youre high and mighty, and please forgive me.”

“Is it enough to say sorry” Song Guanghai looked at him coldly.

President Qian glanced at Qi Jinran.

Feeling the mans cold eyes, his heart became even more empty.

He has several projects that rely on the Qi Group.

Without a good relationship with Qi Jinran, he wont be able to survive in Wancheng.

Thinking of this, he didnt care whether he would lose face, and he slapped himself twice.

“Sister-in-law, its all my fault! I apologize to you, sorry.”

“Are you relieved” Qi Jinran looked at Wen Yuan.

“Dont slap yourself here, it makes me feel dizzy.

Get out of here.” Wen Yuan was annoyed.

“Im going out, Im going now!”

The middle-aged man didnt dare linger, and crawled back to his box.

In the corner, Yang Mo stood still, his face turning red and white.

He tried his best to please that person, but in front of Wen Yuan, he was as humble as a dog.

Thinking of how he tried to arrogantly show off and rob Wen Yuan of Zhou Yunqing, and having fallen to this point, he felt a burning pain in his cheeks.

His chest was full of indescribable shame and embarrassment.

“Yang Mo” Qi Jinran recognized the young man in the corner with a cold gaze.

“Who is this person” Song Guanghai didnt know what Yang Mo had done before, and was a little puzzled.

“Jinran, go back to the box first.

Ill talk to him.” Wen Yuan looked calm.

“Are you okay by yourself” Qi Jinran was still not at ease.

“Ill call you if anything happens, dont worry.” Wen Yuan pushed Qi Jinran in.

He walked to Yang Mo in the corner.

The young mans face was full of humiliation, with a layer of tears in his eyes, but also with unwillingness and anger.

The corners of Wen Yuans mouth curled up.

“To be honest, Im relieved to see you like this today.” 

When Yang Mo heard his words, his face paled further, his teeth rattling.

“However, why is your aesthetic so bad now You even deal with this kind of man” Wen Yuan mocked mercilessly.

“If your parents knew what you were doing outside, what do you think they would think”

“I dont need you to worry about my family!”

“I dont want to worry about it either.

If you have time to deal with that greasy and wretched man, why not focus on the right path Dont always think about taking shortcuts, and in the end, even lose the bottom line of being a human being.”

“I didnt have the bottom line of being a human being, didnt you already know that” Yang Mos eyes bulged out staring at him.

He was filled with jealousy facing Wen Yuan.

“If you really have no bottom line, why did you resist so much just now” Wen Yuan looked at him calmly.

Stabbed in his sore spot, Yang Mos face turned sluggish, and he couldnt say a word.

“You can figure it out yourself, there is no second chance for this kind of good luck.” After saying this, Wen Yuan turned around and wanted to leave.

“Wait.” Yang Mo suddenly stopped him.

Wen Yuan took a step and didnt look back.

Yang Mos chest heaved a few times before he said softly, “Actually, Zhou Yunqing never liked me.

When he went to bed with me, he called your name.”

Wen Yuan was silent for two seconds before saying, “This doesnt matter to me anymore.”

A hint of surprise crossed Yang Mos eyes.

He didnt expect that even if he told Wen Yuan the truth, Wen Yuan didnt care.

Does this mean that Zhou Yunqing is no longer in Wen Yuans heart In Wen Yuans eyes, were his previous provocations always a joke

He leaned against the corner, laughing weakly, with a pale face.


Finally, a cannon fodder that realizes hes a cannon fodder!

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