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Zhang Huaite knew that Ouyang Zixuan was Chen Xingyus best friend in S City, but he never knew that Ouyang Zixuan actually had such feelings for Chen Xingyu.

Obviously he is the one who grew up with Chen Xingyu, how could someone take his place

“Zhang Huaite, even if youre a scum, you have to have a limit.

Since you dont like Xingyu, why are you here Xingyus affairs are my affairs, why cant I care”

Seeing Chen Xingyu stand motionlessly behind Ouyang Zixuan, without even looking at him, Zhang Huaites heart suddenly turned cold.

“Who are you Is Chen Xingyus business your business Oh, youve known him longer than me” Zhang Huaite looked at Ouyang Zixuan contemptuously, and spat out vicious words.

“You know, the person Chen Xingyu likes is me.

He wont give you a second look.

Dont feign sentimentality here.”

“You—” Ouyang Zixuan flushed with anger at his words, his veins pulsing.

“I liked you, but thats in the past.” Suddenly, Chen Xingyu said coldly.

Zhang Huaite was shocked.

His whole body fell into an ice cellar, as he stared at him in disbelief.

Ouyang Zixuan became complacent.

“Zhang Huaite, dont you understand people speak He said he doesnt like you, can you get out of my way—”

Before Ouyang Zixuan could finish his words, Zhang Huaite punched him in the face.

“So… you guys started fighting, my god, nothing happened, right”

“Its nothing, its just some skin injuries.”

Thinking of being ignored by Chen Xingyu in the police station, and him helping Ouyang Zixuan wipe his wound, Zhang Huaites heart throbbed for a while.

He realized that his special trip to S City to see Chen Xingyu was self-humiliating.

After leaving the police station, he bought the fastest ticket back, and returned to Wancheng.

With such a ghostly look on his face, it is naturally impossible to go home.

The place he rented was long rented out to open the dessert shop.

He had nowhere to go, and could only come to Wen Yuan.

Hearing his words, Wen Yuans face flashed with a multitude of emotions.

Surprise, shock, regret, and so on.

He looked at Zhang Huaites face for a while, and then tentatively asked, “Huaite, why did you want to punch Ouyang Zixuan”

“I just cant get used to his scummy deceptive gentleman-like appearance.”

Wen Yuan smiled and continued, “But Ouyang Zixuan is not with Chen Xingyu, so why are you so angry”

There was a strange light in his black eyes.

Zhang Huaite wanted to say something, but in the end he just took a sip of wine slowly.

Wen Yuan finally gave him a final blow.

“Huaite, did you fall in love with Chen Xingyu”

This time, Zhang Huaite didnt deny it.

His eyes were a little red.

After drinking the last bit of red wine in the bottle, he collapsed on the sofa.

Wen Yuan looked at his face full of bruises, unable to beat it, so he decided to take the medicine box to help him deal with it.

As soon as he opened the medicine box and took out the cotton swab, Qi Jinran came back.

When he saw Zhang Huaite sleeping in the living room, his handsome brows wrinkled.

“Why did this guy come here”

Wen Yuan briefly told him what happened just now.

“Deserved it.” Qi Jinran snorted coldly and snatched the cotton swab from Wen Yuans hand.

“You go to the bath, Ill wipe it for him.”

“Then remember to be gentle.” Wen Yuan was a little worried when he saw the man gnashing his teeth.

“Dont worry, Ill do it lightly.”

Qi Jinran curled the corners of his mouth coldly.

When Wen Yuan went to the bedroom, he directly pressed the cotton swab dipped in medicine on Zhang Huaites face.

Zhang Huaite was so drunk that he cried out in pain unconsciously, and soon fell asleep again.

Wen Yuan came out of the shower and found that Zhang Huaites face was treated, and Qi Jinran was sitting on the sofa watching the news.

Seeing him come out, he raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Is this guy staying here”

“Huaite said its not convenient to go home, and asked us to take him in for one night.”

“No, I dont accept alcoholics here.”

Wen Yuan knew that Qi Jinran was angry.

He leaned over, grabbed his arm, and shook it coquettishly, looking at him with moist, dark eyes.

“Lets help Huaite.

Huaite has come to his senses now.

He fought today for Chen Xingyus sake.

I think the two of them can still be saved.

Dont give up on him so soon, okay”

“His falling to this point is his own doing.” Qi Jinran glanced at the person on the ground and made a neat evaluation.

“He can only sleep in the guest room.

Ill let the housekeeper come in to deal with it, its not your business” He finally compromised.

“Okay, okay, I wont care.” Seeing the housekeeper helping Zhang Huaite to the room, Wen Yuan felt relieved.

After thinking about it, he sent Chen Xingyu a text message.

—Huaite drank a lot today at my place.

I asked the housekeeper to take care of him, you dont have to worry.

He knew that even if Chen Xingyu pretended to ignore Zhang Huaite on the surface, he still cared about him in his heart.

Sure enough, he responded quickly.

—Sorry to trouble you.

After reading the text message, Wen Yuan let out a long sigh and put the phone down.

He took out his laptop and wanted to study how to make a food video.

After a few minutes, Qi Jinran came out of the bathroom.

The man closes the laptop on his lap and put it aside.

“What electronics are you watching so late Go to bed.”

“Ill just watch a few more minutes.

I want to learn how to make videos.” Wen Yuan wanted to retrieve the laptop, but Qi Jinran grabbed his arm and pressed him on the bed .

Qi Jinrans black hair was still full of moisture, and his handsome face drew close.

Wen Yuan has been busy with his graduation thesis and the dessert shop these past few days, and the two of them havent been close.

His heart was also a little seeing Qi Jinrans appearance.

“What did you do wrong today Do you know” Qi Jinran grabbed his arm and pressed it on the bed, covering him with his body.

“I should have told you in advance, before I brought Zhang Huaite home.” Wen Yuan honestly admitted his mistake.

The man snorted coldly, his eyes darkened.

“Its not just this, you are not allowed to drink with other men in the future.”

“I didnt drink, I just watched Huaite drink.

Hes in a bad mood.

If he wants to vent, its okay.”

“Its okay to watch others drink.

You know that Zhang Huaite towards you—” The man paused and didnt say anything, but his jaw was clenched.

Wen Yuan knew what he was thinking.

His eyebrows curved, and he couldnt help smoothing his hair.

“Husband, dont be angry, Huaite may have liked me before, but the person he likes now is Chen Xingyu.

You really dont have to worry.”

Afraid that Qi Jinran would keep sulking, he took the initiative to wrap his arms around his neck, and kissed the corner of his mouth hard.

“What posture do you want to use today… I promise you everything, okay

Qi Jinrans throat moved, and he felt a little thirsty.

“Thats what you said.”

He put his hand on Wen Yuans neck, stroking the thin column and adams apple.

“Well, I promise to do what I say.” Wen Yuan looked at him with fiery eyes.

The tinders in Qi Jinrans chest ignited, heat spreading to his limbs, and even his nerve endings tingled with excitement.

He tore off the buttons of Wen Yuans pajamas in two or three strokes and pressed him on the bed.

“Wait, your hair isnt dry yet.”

Seeing that Wen Yuan was about to sit up, Qi Jinran pressed his head down impatiently.

“Dont worry, were going to sweat anyway.” 

Warm lips were pressed against him, the mans familiar breath enveloped him.

Wen Yuan kissed him back enthusiastically, his vision gradually blurred.

As expected, Qi Jinran did what he said.

He didnt even take off the prosthesis, and tossed him in many different ways overnight.

In the second half of the night, Wen Yuan was so tired that he fell asleep, groggy, his body empty, and was carried into the bathroom.

Qi Jinran patiently helped him wash his body and changed into new pajamas before carrying him to the bed.

As soon as Wen Yuan was put down, he subconsciously hugged his arm and didnt let him go.

Qi Jinran reluctantly and dotingly touched his hair, followed by covering him in the quilt and hugging Wen Yuan tightly.


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