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Chapter 29: Promotion To First Echelon

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“Did you guys hear The useless young master of the Shen family, Shen Fei, actually has two spirit beasts!”

“What Two spirit beasts Impossible! Didnt they just finish their talent awakening ceremony”

“Whats impossible Young Master Li said that he was at the scene. His Silver Lightning Tiger was beaten up so badly that it looked like a corpse. So many people saw it...”

Once the competition was over, the news of Shen Fei possessing two spirit beasts spread like wildfire.

In just a short weekend, the news had spread throughout the city.


“It seems there will be some changes from now on.”

The head of the Li family, Li Mingzhu, looked uneasily at the gloomy sky outside.

Back then, they mercilessly beat the Shen family down to prevent them from ever making a comeback. Who would have thought that this day still arrived anyway.

Li Mingzhu fiddled with the Jade bangle in his hand and let out a long sigh.This is karma.

“Father, what should we do now” Li Yuan looked at his father worriedly.

“Did you forget what I taught you before on how to suppress your opponent We kill our competitors in the cradle before they can produce any results!”

Li Yuan suddenly understood. “But... Father, with my strength alone... I really cant defeat Shen Fei.”

Li Yuan still had a lingering fear when he thought of his defeat in the arena that day.

“You dont have to worry about that. There are many other families who have the same idea as us.” Li Mingzhu was the one who had led the group to divide up the Shen familys assets.

Whether it was the Zhang family, the Wang family, or the Zhao family, almost everyone in the city was involved in this matter.

Based on Shen Feis character, he would definitely not overlook this.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend. You must make full use of this advantage!”

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“Yes, father!”


On Monday morning, Shen Fei quickly walked to school and looked around uneasily. He did not know why, but he felt as though the road today was not very comfortable.

It felt like someone was watching him.


Shen Fei frowned and looked suspiciously behind him. The street behind him was bustling with activity. The people who came and went were all busy with their own things.

Was that sound just my imagination Shen Fei slowed down his pace. He hesitantly glanced at the alley that he was more familiar with.

Yesterday, Li Yuan had been beaten up so badly by him. Judging by his character, he would definitely arrange for people to wait here in ambush today.

Not only was the alley narrow, but there were also no surveillance cameras inside. Even if he was beaten up, he would have no evidence. Today, it was better to change his route.

Shen Fei looked at the empty road. There were surveillance cameras everywhere on the road, so it should be safer.

Walking on this road, Shen Fei thought his shoulders felt lighter, and the feeling of being spied on disappeared.

However, as he took a few more steps forward, he surroundings felt eerily quiet.

It was Monday, but none of the shops on the street that usually served the morning crowd were open. He could not even see a single pedestrians.

Even the residents here had pulled down their curtains, as if they were hiding from something.

Was the avenue usually this quiet Shen Fei frowned, a bad premonition rose in his heart.

He felt that there was something even more off-putting with this place than the small alley he could have just taken.

Maybe I should take another path-‘

Without waiting for Shen Fei to react, two fierce-looking men suddenly appeared at the corner of the road in front of him!

So there was an ambush!

Shen Fei subconsciously ran in the opposite direction.

However, in the opposite direction, a few more people who were dressed exactly like the first two men suddenly appeared!

Without waiting for Shen Fei to react, the two of them tried to stab him with their knives!

That was close! I almost been stabbed!

Shen Fei dodged to the side in panic. Just as he was about to summon his spirit beast, the sky and earth in front of him suddenly turned upside down. The two people behind him firmly pressed Shen Fei to the ground.

The other three people also followed closely behind, each of them holding one arm, subduing Shen Fei!

“Mission accomplished. Well be done after a few slashes!”

Who are they Are they assassins sent by those bootlickers Shen Feis face turned red as he struggled with all his might.

“Dont resist. Were professional assassins. Youre the only Beastmaster here. You cant escape.”

A fiendish man ruthlessly brandished the hilt of his knife in front of Shen Fei.

“I advise you to be more honest. Youre not the only genius who has died by my hands. If you dont move, Ill grant you a quick death.”

It was not easy for him to make a comeback, but he could not even enjoy himself for two days Was he going to die here

Shen Fei clenched his fists in defiance. Tears uncontrollably flowed out from the corners of his eyes.

Even if he were to die, he would not die in such a cowardly manner!

“Elemental Tyrannosaurus, Ray of Destruction!”


The ground beneath Shen Fei suddenly shook!

In an instant, a beam of light that emitted a huge amount of destructive energy brushed past Shen Fei, immediately disintegrating the five assassins from the waist up!

“Are you alright”

A deep voice said. The other party extended his hand and grabbed Shen Fei.

“Im fine. Thank you for saving me, Senior Qian Yu.”

Shen Fei panted heavily and looked at Qian Yu in gratitude.

The person in front of him was the legend of the school, the champion of the last final exam!

Although his awakened talent was only D-class, he had inadvertently signed a contract with a poisonous giant lizard with the bloodline of an ancient Tyrannosaurus rex.

This was still regarded by teachers as an excellent example of overcoming adversity and used it to inspire countless students who did not have strong talents.

In the city, the Qian family were extremely famous. They were also one of the few families who did not throw stones at the Shen family when they were down.

Hence, Shen Feis impression of Qian Yu was not bad.

“What is this As dragon tamers, its only right for us to help each other.”

Qian Yu laughed and threw Shen Fei onto the back of his elemental T. rex.

“Lets go, Ill send you to school!”


“Miss, those people were all from the Li family.”

“What are they trying to do Are all the powerful families so bold now”

Aloys face was ashen, and the guards beside her were also gripping their weapons tightly.

The guard carefully added, “Theyve been like this for more than ten years, but your father turned a blind eye to it.”

“Father, how could you do this...” Aloy sighed slowly.

The future of the entire world was almost ruined by the hands of those shallow families!

There was a flash of ruthlessness in Aloys eyes.

It was time to give them a good beating.


“Were here. Hop off. Be careful from now on. Summon your spirit beast and protect yourself.”

“Thank you for your concern, Senior.”

Shen Fei landed on the ground and looked at the senior with eyes filled with gratitude.

“Its fine. Actually, I came to see you this morning for something else.”

After saying that, he tossed a pure white laurel badge toward Shen Fei.

Shen Fei hurriedly went forward and caught it.

“From today onwards, Shen Fei, you are a First Echelon student!”

An Echelon title...

“Mr. Qian Yu, someone is making trouble in the bar area of the city!”

“Looks like Im needed!” Qian Yu shook the reins and rode the T. rex into the distance.

“Really now...” Shen Fei looked at the seniors back and could not help but smile and shake his head.I wanted to talk more...

However, it was only a title. He could ask more when the time came.

Shen Fei placed the badge on his chest and turned around to enter the campus.

The moment he stepped into the campus, the school horn blared.

“Welcome, First Echelon, Undefeated God of War, Shen Fei!”

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