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Chapter 77 - Take Over (2)



Russell was taken aback.


“I can’t use it yet”


Lucion felt his darkness grow just by accepting Bethel’s allegiance.


He said it confidently because it increased by about 1.5 times the original amount.


[No, you can use it, but will it be okay]


“What will be okay”


At Lucion’s question, Russell rubbed his chin.


[It’s good to borrow Bethel’s abilities, but in a possessed situation, you share your mental state and thoughts.

That’s not very pleasant, is it]


“It’s okay.

That doesn’t mean I won’t use good magic, right”


[That’s true.

That’s how attractive the magic is.]


Lucion looked at Bethel.


“Is that okay”


[To be honest, I’m excited.]


“You’re excited”


Lucion asked again, wondering if he had heard it wrong.


But Bethel clenched her fists with a really excited face.


[Do you know what you want the most when you die]


“It must be a body.”



Even if it’s not my body, I want to have a living body.]


Bethel’s eyes fluttered as if recalling that time.


[There are ghosts who give up early because they know it’s impossible, but most of them can’t give up their lingering feelings.

The reason why ghosts are near living people is because of this lingering attachment.]


―No, Ratta won’t forgive you for stealing Lucion’s body.


Ratta hung on Lucion’s leg and bared her teeth toward Bethel.


It wasn’t intimidating at all, but Lucion soothed Ratta.


“I’m just trying to use magic, so tuck your teeth in.”


Ratta quickly shut up.


[Well, it’s not impossible for Bethel to steal Lucion’s body.]


When Russell glanced at Ratta and said that, Ratta bared her teeth again.


“Don’t worry.

No matter who it is, my body will not be taken away.”





I promise.

I’m not going to steal Lord Lucion’s body.]




When Bethel comforted Ratta, she finally relaxed her front legs and slid down.


―It’s a promise with Ratta.

Ratta can’t live without Lucion.


[Okay, I promise.]


Bethel bent her knees and reached out to Lata.


Ratta’s front paws clasped Bethel’s finger and her smile naturally blossomed.




Lucion rubbed his chin.


“Where would be the most suitable place in this mansion right now, where the surroundings are quiet, but not noticed by people, and moderately wide”


Russell’s eyebrows narrowed at the request that sounded natural.


[It’s very natural now.]




Russell was fooled again by Lucion’s naive expression that said he didn’t know anything.


He should be able to do this much for his student.


* * *


[There are people everywhere, including the exercise hall, backyard, and gardens.

The only place with no people is the basement and it is the one with the least dust…]


“Cough, cough!”


Lucion was busy coughing as soon as he entered the basement.


Russell remained silent.


It was quite a place that he had chosen.


Bethel, who had a helmet cover, looked at Russell with a suspicious look.


[No, this is really the only place.

Wouldn’t I know my student has a weak windpipe]


Russell said, gently brushing the dust around Lucion.


―Ratta will do it too.


Ratta climbed onto Lucion’s legs, stomach, and shoulders and swung her forepaw.



It’s because my windpipe is a little sensitive.”


Lucion said, covering his mouth.




Russell lowered Bethel’s helmet cover.




[Yes, I misunderstood.



Bethel raised the helmet cover again.


‘The door to the basement is locked.’


Lucion took out the playing darkness and covered his mouth like a mask.


‘It has improved.’


Only then did Lucion exhale and take out the training sword he received from Heint.


[Your arm will be uncomfortable, will it be okay]


Bethel looked at Lucion’s broken arm.


“It’s okay.

I’m ambidextrous.

Besides, it’s gotten a lot better these days.”


Lucion slightly waved the hand wrapped in a bandage.



Lucion, your recovery speed is very slow.]


Russell looked at Lucion’s arm, which was still swollen, and spoke out with concern.


[To the point that I’m worried if you get hurt while working as Hamel.]


Lucion was aware of that, too.


He had a slow recovery rate and he couldn’t even receive the regenerative ability of light.


In this world, only light had the power related to regeneration, but the magnitude of the power of regeneration was different.


In other words, not all of those blessed with light had the power to regenerate enough to heal wounds.


‘I also need that item…’


It was an item made by a villain that absorbed light and stored only the regenerative power of light.


However, the villain, whose name was only mentioned, died at Heint’s hands before the masterpiece was completed.


‘It would be nice if she wasn’t awakened to evil yet.

Her name was ‘Miella’ and she was somewhere between the West and the North.’


[If you’re ready, let’s do it.]


“Yes, I’m ready.”


At Russell’s urging, Lucion stopped thinking and looked at Russell.


[I’m ready, too.]


Bethel also nodded.


[First of all, Lucion and Bethel’s darkness need to be shared.

Almost at a similar amount.]


“Similar amount”


Lucion raised his eyebrow.


[Don’t worry.

There’s an expert here.]


Russell grinned and pointed to Ratta.


Ratta’s face blossomed when everyone looked at her.


―Ratta is so smart that she can do it.

Now Ratta can control Bethel’s darkness.


[My darkness…]


Bethel asked with surprised eyes.


―Lucion and Bethel signed a contract, so there is Lucion’s darkness in Bethel’s darkness, right Ratta can control the darkness.


[Is it the power of a divine beast]


―Uh, um, it’s Ratta’s power.



Ratta wagged her tail.


“Well, let’s get started, Ratta.

I’ll move the darkness, so control it.”


―Yes! Leave it to Ratta.


[Then please take care of me too.]


Bethel also smiled at Ratta and moved the darkness.


When the darkness of Lucion and Bethel were equalized at once, Russell opened his mouth.


[Call Bethel’s name three times, and, oh, if there is a last name, say it too.

After that, you say, ‘I allow you to stay in my body.’ Lucion, you must allow Bethel.]


Lucion looked at Bethel and called her name.


“Bethel Levisti.”


As usual, there was no sign of anything.


“Bethel Levisti.”


It was different the second time.


The calm darkness seemed to shake like strong waves and create something.


[…A door]


In an instant, Bethel revealed her doubts.


[That’s right, Bethel.

This is where you should listen.]


Russell assured her.


[The dead cannot touch the living, but a warlock is blessed by the darkness.

It can be your home for a while.

That door is the entrance to it.]


“Bethel Levisti.”




When Lucion called her name for the third time, Bethel saw the door open.


But she couldn’t take a single step through the door as if there were a huge wall.


“I allow you to stay in my body.”


It was not until Lucion’s permission was given that Bethel could enter the door.




Ratta’s eyes widened.


Bethel overlapped with Lucion’s body, and she was nowhere to be seen.


Both of Lucion’s eyes were closed, and when he opened his eyes, she could see young pitch-back eyes.



is that an illusion


Ratta asked, startled.



That’s how it looks like when possession is successful, which other warlocks cannot see.]


Russell couldn’t hide the twitching corners of his mouth.


His student kept doing a good job.


No matter what kind of magic he taught, he could learn it quickly like paper that absorbed water.


“…I feel strange”


Lucion stared at his hand.


Obviously, his hand, or something else, was different.


[This… Touch…]


In an instant, his fingers twitched along with Bethel’s words.


He didn’t mean to, but it felt strange that his fingers moved on their own.


[Yes, this warmth.

It feels so warm.]


Lucion frowned as joy and sadness flooded his mind.


It wasn’t very pleasant.


[Lucion, you have the initiative.

If you want to let Bethel out, you can cut off the darkness, so take your time and adjust.]


Russell floated in the air with his arms crossed as if looking at a television.


Possession was magic that allowed multiple souls to be placed in one body.


Bethel could also move Lucion’s body, but Lucion had the initiative, and Bethel’s ability to move Lucion’s body was limited.


“Okay, Bethel.

Move my body.

Oh, not the left arm, though.”


[…Thank you, Lord Lucion.

I’ll be careful with your left arm.]


Bethel was just full of gratitude.




Bethel moved Lucion’s body and pulled the sword out of its scabbard.


The tips of his fingers trembled slightly, and at this pleasant feeling, the corners of Lucion’s mouth were raised high.




Lightly once.




As she swung the sword, she could feel the wind touching her fingertips and the trembling of the sword.


It was thrilling as if she could become addicted at any moment.


But Bethel didn’t indulge in that pleasure.


Knowing that this wouldn’t be the last time, she recalled how Lucion was training his stamina to learn the sword and looked for problems within his body.


‘There’s not enough strength.’


Bethel’s thoughts were heard because their minds were connected to each other.


But Lucion listened quietly without thinking.


‘This body… I see signs of damage’


Bethel paused.


In Lucion’s memory, she saw him crushed, cut, trampled, and thrown by the hands of black and large figures, which made her heart tremble just by looking at it.


‘Are these the traces of those memories’


Bethel took a deep breath, revealing her astonished emotion.


‘Is that right, Lord Lucion…’


‘Bethel, just enjoy yourself for now.’


Lucion moved the sword and urged Bethel.


After being captured by a knight from an enemy country and subjected to torture, how could he be fine


‘Did I make a mistake’


Bethel’s feelings poured out.


There was a mixture of sadness and regret.


‘No, you didn’t make a mistake.

I want to learn the sword, and you want to swing it now, too, don’t you Now swing it naturally and tell me what to do.’


Lucion grinned.


Bethel was very upset about that.


He was not yet an adult, she couldn’t figure out why he had to do that.


She understood now why Lucion’s family looked at Lucion with pity and pride.




Lucion glanced at the quick-witted Russell and urged her on.




Bethel knew what she had to do now.


So that even Lucion’s body could swing the sword.


So that Lucion could achieve what he wanted.


‘Thank you, Bethel.’


Bethel brought the sword in front of her chest as if swearing an oath to Lucion’s gratitude and slightly bowed her head.




Russell called out to her.


[You can do it, right]


Originally, Russell himself wanted to teach Lucion, but the right person suddenly appeared.


He himself couldn’t possess Lucion.


[Yes, I can do it.]


Bethel replied, strengthening her eyes.


She was a death knight, and a real knight while she was alive.


Bethel was also the one who knew better than anyone else the act of transforming the darkness into an aura that Lucion had hoped for.


[Lord Lucion.]


Lucion’s darkness moved with Bethel’s words.


[It’s going to be for a short time with the body that Lord Lucion has right now, so look carefully.]


The darkness suddenly went cold.


Lucion’s lips turned blue in an instant.


But Bethel didn’t stop.


The darkness hardened as if it had been frozen by the winter wind, and it spread all over the body and moved to the hand and from the hand to the sword.


[Lucion, there’s one thing you have to remember.]


Black light rode up to the blade of the sword.


Lucion’s eyes widened.


‘This is…’


Aside from the trembling of his hands, the black light wrapped around the sword could clearly be said to be an aura.




Bethel lightly touched the statue built in the basement with the aura-infused sword.




Starting with the sound of something cracking.


And the statue, which was split in half, spread out and fell to the ground.




[Darkness is everything for Lord Lucion.]




For a moment, Lucion’s eyes widened.


He felt an unknown foreign sensation in Bethel’s low voice.


However, no one noticed that Lucion was the only one who felt this strange feeling.


Remember this.


Then, the darkness grew.


[That it is Lord’s only thing.]






In an instant, the darkness of the sword was extinguished.




Lucion missed the sword and looked around with a blank face.




Suddenly, a nosebleed came down.


Lucion was still looking around with a confused face.


‘Just now… What’



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