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Chapter 7

Ten years ago, there was an idol drama called《Meteor Garden》which took the nation by storm. And the protagonist, Daoming Si, had a famous classic one-liner: If everything goes away with a simple apology, why do police exist

Qi Jing felt that he could borrow and repurpose that sentence.

If everything goes away just by acting cute, why do haters exist

That was the sentence that popped up in his mind when he opened his computer and went to the website he hadnt been on for quite some time since he went on a business trip. While it was true that he had a reputation for being the God of Playing Dead in the circle, it was basically only limited to the STAFF. It hadnt reached the level of triggering public outrage for one simple reason—too little works as the mains.

Hence, when he saw his ID appear in the title of a thread on the forum, and it was a title that anyone who read it knew that it was bound to have an unpleasant content, he hesitated a little and did not click on it.

However, even if he didnt click on it, there are others who will.

As can be seen the shocking number of private messages on QQ—

Ninth lady: Bloody hell, what happened to you When I saw those wordsDont ask for my return date appear in the title of a post I thought I was getting old and my eyesight was getting blurry... Σ( °△°|||)︴

Ninth lady: If it was just a post to collate a CVs works then thats fine and all but it clearly isnt!!

Ninth lady: ...I continued reading the post...

Ninth lady: ...Holy heck, someone even dragged me into it saying Im the one who brought you into the circle, that Im your mom and so on.

Ninth lady: And here I was thinking of coming out to brag that Im Bo Le when youve shot to stardom. I didnt think Id be exposed this early in a post like this. Ah, my entire person doesnt feel good _(:з」∠)_

Ninth lady: (Sighs) Bamboo shoots said that youre away on a business trip. Alright, just remember to poke me on QQ when you come back.


Rouge Flower: Return date-sama! That post really wasnt put up by the crew! TAT

Rouge Flower: I guess youre probably still on your business trip... If you see that thread on the forum when you come back just ignore it... That really doesnt represent our view of you!!

Rouge Flower: Currently, everyone is still trying to figure out which crew youre in... I hope no one finds out (Cries)

Rouge Flower: ...As expected, people still managed to figure it out...

Rouge Flower: Irregardless, the crew will be waiting for you!! We will not be affected by a post like that!! TAT


March Bamboo Shoots: Senior! Theres actually a gossip thread about you on the forum!!

March Bamboo Shoots: After reading through half the post... I just wanna say, holy heck, that OP doesnt know you at all!! The bunch of fakers agreeing to the post dont understand you at all either!! (╯-_-)╯╧╧

March Bamboo Shoots: ...Well, I guess youre finally famous now (Dead eyes)

March Bamboo Shoots: Just what on earth is going on Youd better hurry up and explain the situation. There are so many people blindly jumping on the bandwagon without knowing the truth.

March Bamboo Shoots: So what theyre exposing is related to the《Trap》Production Crew

March Bamboo Shoots: Im a member of Bronze Sparrow Terraces fan group and a lot of people are talking about you!! Hey!!

March Bamboo Shoots: Please come back quickly!!!! Its extremely urgent!!!!

March Bamboo Shoots: Didnt you say that acting cute would work! What happened to acting cute! What happening to meowing! Though I think its useless even if you meow on the thread now...




“Meow,” Qi Jing meowed weakly at the screen while making the gesture of a cats paw.

It seems like acting cute doesnt work anywhere, anytime—

Based on the many years of doing interviews under his belt, he could roughly guess the details of the post after reading through the messages. He could also guess the direction in which the thoughts of these anti-fans progress and evolve.

Qi Jing mentally prepared himself and opened the post titled, “Playing dead is also an art: Lets talk about what you didnt know about the CV, Dont ask for my return date.”

First of all, the OPs writing was something worthy of commendation.

The content of the post was probably not more than 500 words, but every word she used was like a gem. She was especially skilled in her application of irony, her language teacher must be proud of her should they see this post.

However, what impressed Qi Jing the most was the OPs ability to draw the audience to ask questions because every sentence meant more than the surface-level meaning of the words. She would say things as discreetly as possible while leaving a clue or two of something more. It was as if one had a feather was lodged in their throat, tickling it, causing an itch in people that they couldnt make go away. And they couldnt help but let their imagination run wild as they eagerly left comments under her post.

While he was reading the post, Qi Jing had to go back to the title several times to confirm that the ID in it was indeed his.

But speaking of which...

Who is the CV that acts cool and aloof while throwing his weight around

Who is the CV that casually decided to finish his recordings without listening to the director and didnt rework on his recordings after the comments on it were given

Who is the two-faced CV that badmouthed his fellow CAST behind their backs

And just who is the CV who is so arrogant that he made Bronze Sparrow Terrace wait when he was the one who asked to have an online run-through of the script

For some reason, Qi Jing started laughing when he got to the end of the post.

He kept having this feeling like someone was going to jump out and declare, “Actually that person isnt Dont ask for my return date. Thats right, its actually me, Im his evil twin.” But of course, no such person appeared and all the charges fell on his head.

Qi Jing took a deep breath and placed both hands on his keyboard, lightly tapping a key with his forefinger as he carefully contemplated how he should reply.

The source of this content is n/0v//elbin[.//]net'

In situations like this, his best course of action was definitely to simply tell the truth. If he were to lie, it would surely snowball.

“Im truly sorry, but Ive been away on a business trip these few days and there might have been some misunderstanding that I was unaware of. I had just returned home to see the news, if anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me directly,” Qi Jing muttered to himself as he keyed in his response in the comments box.

He didnt hold any expectations of clearing his name with that response. And what happened next was indeed beyond his control.

After replying to the post, there really was a commotion.

However, the commotion wasnt because of his comment, but a formal comment by Bronze Sparrow Terrace right under his.

“Its just a misunderstanding, lets not ruin the harmony. Come on my dears, lets go back and I will sing for you :)”

The above was the content of Bronze Sparrow Terraces reply.

As expected of someone known as a Great God.

After his comment, the atmosphere of the post took an abrupt 180 as his fans excitedly lined up after his comment in order to get a screenshot of their comments with his.

All the previous defamatory gossip was overshadowed by the large-scale spam of comments such as “Awooo, please do a concert”, “Bronze Sparrow-sama I love you” and “Will you be releasing any new audio dramas, Bronze Sparrow-sama, Im so excited” And the OP was nowhere to be found.

However, the OP had definitely been reading through the comments because the thread was quietly deleted two hours later.

As expected of someone known as a Great God.

Qi Jing couldnt help exclaim in his heart once again when he saw that the post was deleted.

Given this, he was not indebted to and owed Bronze Sparrow Terrace a favour. Just as he thought about that while opening《Trap》Production Crews QQ group chat, two very eye-catching ID suddenly reflected in his eyes: Da Qiao of Bronze Sparrows Harem and Xiao Qiao of Bronze Sparrows Harem.

“Sss...” he gasped.

For a moment, Qi Jing suddenly felt like he was an animal being locked in a cage for people to spectate.

CV – Dont ask for my return date: I just came back from my business trip. Im truly sorry for causing trouble for the crew.

Producer – Rouge Flower: Aaaaah!! Return date-sama!! TAT

CV – Dont ask for my return date: Im sorry about that post, Ms Rouge Flower.

Before Rouge Flower could reply, the two fan club presidents had already taken over the conversation, clearly, they were really concerned about the new CV playing against their Great God. As for whether it was the good kind of concern or the bad kind, Qi Jing could only say that he has no idea.

Da Qiao of Bronze Sparrows Harem: Youre Dont ask for my return date

Xiao Qiao of Bronze Sparrows Harem: Youre finally here! Weve already been in the group since a week ago! ╭(╯^╰)╮

Da Qiao of Bronze Sparrows Harem: Xiao Qiao, please pay attention to your image while were outside. Bronze Sparrow doesnt like naughty kids~

Xiao Qiao of Bronze Sparrows Harem: Alright, Ive always been a good girl ╭(╯^╰)╮

Sound designer – A lifetimes lock: Now that youre back, lets hurry and arrange a time with Bronze Sparrow-sama.

Xiao Qiao of Bronze Sparrows Harem: Locky! Hug! =33333=

Sound designer – A lifetimes lock: Xiao Qiao! Do you have the recording of samas concert the other day!! Quickly send me!!

Xiao Qiao of Bronze Sparrows Harem: Of course! And its a version I recorded myself! ( ̄▽ ̄)” Plus it was edited by my sister! Its already been sent to the email group! Quickly go download it, Locky!

Sound designer – A lifetimes lock: I just lazy to scroll through the group, can either of you send it to me~

Da Qiao of Bronze Sparrows Harem: Locky, Ill pm you.

...The ability of Bronze Sparrow Terraces fans to make anywhere across the four seas their home must be really strong.

Qi Jing was more than happy to see that he had been temporarily cast to the back of their minds. He estimates that thered probably be nothing to do with him for the next five minutes so he took the time to make himself a cup of instant coffee. Just when he got back to his seat and placed his cup down, he suddenly received a notification that he got a pm from Da Qiao of Bronze Sparrows Harem.

Da Qiao of Bronze Sparrows Harem: Ive seen the post. Its still not too late for you to make up for your mistakes now. Bronze Sparrow will be on his personal YY channel at 8 PM tomorrow. Your crew can drop by tomorrow.

There were so many issues with this message that Qi Jing didnt even know where to start from.

However, he did owe the Great God a favour and a CV shouldnt be held responsible for their fans actions. Thus, he politely typed a reply which read: Thank you for Ms Da Qiaos understanding. If Ms producer and the rest of the crew have no problem with it, Ill be there on time.

The way President Da Qiao behave was really stunning as she replied with utmost haughtiness: Of course they have no problem with it.

Qi Jing felt that this sentence could be roughly translated as: Even if they werent ok with it, theyd have to make it ok.

Sure enough, the producer, Rouge Flower, accepted it without a single complaint. She even postponed her IRL dinner plans that she had made a long time ago, Director Knives cutting in from four corners expressed in private that the timing was a bit rushed for her. And because that was Bronze Sparrow Terraces personal channel and not one dedicated for the crew, she presumed that the number of onlookers that come after hearing of the news would probably break the thousands. She also said that shes more reserved when there are too many people and she wont be able to PIA naturally tomorrow.

But all these problems must be resolved by 8 PM tomorrow.

Personally, Qi Jing doesnt organise any concerts or have any interviews, so when he goes on YY to listen to the director go through the script with the CVs, there are only at most, five or six people in the channel. Referencing the title of that post, if playing dead is an art, then being able to manage online fans that go over four digits must be a profound art.

In this aspect, Bronze Sparrow Terrace must be quite the outstanding artist.

Because his junior had reminded him, Qi Jing waited until 7.55 PM before he logged into YY and entered the channel room that Da Qiao gave him before.

Very soon, he came to understand why his junior told him not to go too early.

The channel was divided into many sub-channels and the chat room that was the most active right now had more than 2000 people online.

Qi Jing expressed great respect as he clicked into it.

Da Qiao, who had an orange ID, was on the mic, giving a lively, detailed description of Bronze Sparrow Terraces recent activities.

For example, how the landscape photos posted on Great Gods Weibo was of professional quality.

For example, the philosophical statement that the Great God made in the official fan club one day.

For example, the JQ between the Great God and the current hottest CP candidate, Crossing the bridge noodle...

All the fans responded enthusiastically on the chat. The chat would often be filled with chains of “ヾ(≧O≦)〃” or “((≧(≧▽(≧▽≦(≧▽≦)≧▽≦)▽≦)≦)))” emoticons.

On a whim, Qi Jing decided to join them and maintain their formation.

Fan 1: ヾ(≧O≦)〃

Fan 2: ヾ(≧O≦)〃

Fan 3: ヾ(≧O≦)〃

CV – Dont ask for my return date: ヾ(≧O≦)〃

Fan 4: ヾ(≧O≦)〃

Fan 5: ヾ(≧O≦)〃

Fan 6: ヾ(≧O≦)〃


Very good, his message was drowned in the vast amount of messages coming in and was completely ignored.

Even both Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao didnt notice his presence. Though he believed that they likely had no attention to spare for anything else, so he opened the crews QQ group chat concurrently to greet Rouge Flower and the others.

It wasnt until 8.15 PM that Da Qiao finally concluded her emotional narration and the chat started calling for Bronze Sparrow Terrace that she remembered there was a run-through of the script today.

“Hmm Are you here, Dont ask for my return date”

“I dare not be absent,” Qi Jing replied with a wry smile although he wasnt mic-ed up so there was no way for her to hear it.

Fan 1: °.°(((p(≧□≦)q)))°.° Please come online Bronze Sparrow Terrace-sama!

Fan 2: °.°(((p(≧□≦)q)))°.° Please come online Bronze Sparrow Terrace-sama!

Fan 3: °.°(((p(≧□≦)q)))°.° Please come online Bronze Sparrow Terrace-sama!

CV – Dont ask for my return date: Im here.

Fan 4: °.°(((p(≧□≦)q)))°.° Please come online Bronze Sparrow Terrace-sama!

Fan 5: °.°(((p(≧□≦)q)))°.° Please come online Bronze Sparrow Terrace-sama!

Fan 6: °.°(((p(≧□≦)q)))°.° Please come online Bronze Sparrow Terrace-sama!


He had no other choice but to pm Da Qiao on QQ: Ive been here for some time, but the messages in the chat come in too quickly that my message was gone in an instant.

As one of the presidents of the fan club, she showed a bit more class since there were in Bronze Sparrow Terraces personal YY channel as she cheerily gave Qi Jing and the rest of the crew a red ID.

“Bronze Sparrow is busy with work so itll probably take a while more before he comes online. You guys just wait for a bit. Meanwhile, I shall continue...”

Qi Jing listened to her words even-temperedly.

However, when many of the fans saw that the legendary Dont ask for my return date was online, they all started requesting in the chat for his mic to be turned on. The reason was nothing more than to hear if his voice was worthy of playing against Bronze Sparrow Terrace, would it ruin the drama Though of course, since most of the people had never even seen his name and were affected by the negative comments on that post, they were simply curious about how hes like.

“In that case, just come on and say a few words.”

Da Qiao gave in and could only grant him the permission to voice chat.

Making a few casual comments definitely wouldnt make the cut, after all, the first impression was very important.

Well then, what should he say

When he saw his red-coloured ID appear on the screen for those who could use voice chat, the timer had already begun and he suddenly didnt know what to say.

Part of the reason he came here today was to rehearse through the script, and the other part was to apologise. Since that was the case, then lets do the apology he had practiced.

“Good evening ladies, Im Dont ask for my return date,” then he paused before presenting his extra-long version of acting cute, “Meow~~~”

The messages stopped coming in for a second.

Then, it came in like a flood.

Fan 1: Σ(っ°Д °)っ He just meowed just now!!!!

Fan 2: Σ(っ°Д °)っ He just meowed just now!!!!

Fan 3: Σ(っ°Д °)っ And he meowed for a really long time!!!!

Fan 4: o(*≧▽≦)ツ AHAHAHAHA So cute so cute!

Fan 5: o(*≧▽≦)ツ So cute! So sexy!

Fan 6: o(*°▽°*)o His voice is really sexy!! And its pretty Gong too!!【Though not as much as Bronze Sparrow-sama, of course】

March Bamboo Shoots: ...Senior... what happened to your sense of shame...


For a moment there, he felt like he saw his juniors message being flushed away by the hoards of other messages coming in. So she came as well. Qi Jing massaged his temples and decided to log that opening statement just now into his book of his major dark histories.

At this time, he still hadnt noticed that another person had replaced him as the first person on the list of people with rights to voice chat.

“Who was the adorable kitten that meowed just now” a deep baritone voice chuckled.

The voice had an imposing aura.

Every word he said was clear and powerful. His voice was like a subwoofer, gently reverberating in his ear.

It was a purple ID, the owner of the channel—



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