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Chapter 45 – At That Time, He Wanted To Be A Good Person

The great monk was still the leader of the Buddhist sect, Qing XuZi had to give him some face.

Since he had already spoken up, Qing XuZi could only let him take He Huan to the other side of the lake.

He Ku, on the other hand, experienced a bout of anxiety, worried that this monk would really turn He Huan into a fellow monk.

On one side of his heart, he comforted himself—look, He Huan, the guy who mouthed on his ear the first chance he got was obviously on the edge of restraint.

Before succeeding, how could he willingly become a monk.

On the other side, for the Grand Western Leiyin Temple to be responsible for turning the most notorious villain into a monk, in some sense satisfied He Huan’s desire to see everything come full circle.

Moreover, Bu YaoLian’s words must have discouraged him, who knows whether or not he would actually just abandon the mortal world and pursue enlightenment.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but glare fiercely at Bu YaoLian who was tending to him.

Internally, he hurled abuse at him.

If He Huan—who was finally in his grasp—flies away, this young master will definitely chop your stupid black lotus head off!

Bu YaoLian, who’d been a corrupted lotus for so many years, was naturally also a ruthless character.

Upon receiving his angry look, he immediately pulled harshly on the bandage, causing He Ku to hiss in pain.

He gripped the CaiYun Sword, wanting to chop up someone, he rather excitedly pulled out his sword to meet him head on.

In the end, a demonic cultivator like He Huan was leisurely walking about within Xuanmen, while these two inheritors of the Divine Sword Intent were the first to fight.

He Huan naturally wasn’t able to see the liveliness of the other side as he slowly walked along the edge of the Fallen Immortal Lake with the grand monk.

The scenery here was familiar to him—when he had first returned, he had felt a bit of pain in his heart, but now, he had already gotten used to it.

The Fallen Immortal Lake was the heart of the Xuanmen Righteous Sect, this was because all of the former generations of sect leaders had fallen here.

There were no flamboyant flowers planted around here, only a lush green bamboo forest surrounding the evergreen pine and cypress trees inside.

It was beautiful and secluded as far as the eye could see.

If He Ku also followed after him, he would have realized that the arrangement of the QingYun Hall was extremely similar to this place.

Perhaps, no matter how much prestige He Huan had gained on the demonic path, what could make him feel most at ease was this beautiful lake and mountain landscape that he could never return to.

Looking at the surface of the calm lake in nostalgia, He Huan knew the only thing linking him to the Buddhist sect was his cultivation technique.

Seeing that the monk had no intention of speaking, he took the initiative to ask, “For this grand master to come find me, is it because of the Technique of Bliss that I practice”

Kasyapa Bodhi didn’t bother with pleasantries, seeing that he already understood, he directly stated his purpose in coming here, “Now that benefactor has already set aside the Three Poisons 1, why not come back with me to the Grand Western Leiyin Temple and pursue Buddhism In this way, the earthly fate between you and Xuanmen can be concluded.”

He Huan understood his meaning.

The Buddhist sect didn’t mind a disciple’s origins when entering the sect, and historically have had the tradition of transforming demonic cultivators.

If he went with Kasyapa Bodhi, he could learn the proper Technique of Bliss and break the barriers to ascension.

The most notorious demon lord of this generation, putting down the path of slaughter and converting to Buddhism would be quite the story in the Jianghu.

If it were before, when he had no attachments, he probably would have just gone, but now, he couldn’t bring himself to do so.

After he cultivated the Technique of Bliss, he would often comprehend the nature of the Heavenly Dao, and right now there was no need to explain further.

He simply said, “When the heart doesn’t contain the self, all under the sky is the Pure Land.

When the heart contains the self, even if the body is in the Pure Land, the heart is in the mundane world.

Everything is dependent on the heart, so what does it matter where the body is”

Kasyapa Bodhi had stayed in the Palace of Bliss for a while under the alias of ‘Miracle Hand’ Kong Kong.

He was naturally well aware of whether He Huan had the affinity for Buddhism or not.

They had never met before, but this child had not only practiced the techniques of his sect by himself, but reached an extensive understanding of the orthodox technique through cultivating the evil one.

It could be said that he had quite the affinity.

Now, seeing that he had already understood the dao without other’s enlightenment, the monk found him even more pleasing to the eye and couldn’t contain himself.

“Excellent! May I ask this benefactor, what is bliss”

Seeing him like this, He Huan thought in his heart that his fate for student-teacher bonds was superb.

No matter when, they were all great teachers that were rare to come by in this world.

It’s just a pity that regardless if it was Buddhism or Taoism, if he wanted to be together with He Ku, then he would have to conflict with both philosophies in the end.

He could only let down these good intentions.

He sighed in his heart, but his response was what he genuinely thought, it was the realization he had obtained from his years of life experience, “To think but not miss, to hurt but not hate, to grieve but not ache, for frustration to not last past the night, to pity those before me, such is bliss.”

Hearing this, the great monk’s eyes sparkled incessantly, he suddenly clasped his hands together and sighed, “Wonderful! Disaster and fortune depend on me and not the heavens; hardship and joy depend on the heart and not the conditions.

You have already achieved supreme enlightenment and stepped onto the plane of bliss!”

As expected of the leader of the Buddhist school of thought, who had practiced the Technique of Bliss to the highest degree—after hearing one line of He Huan’s realizations, he then knew how much he improved today.

He Huan’s Technique of Bliss’s mindscape has stagnated for many years, originally he thought it would be hard to advance within this lifetime, but who knew that He Ku’s kiss just now seemed to shatter the bottleneck containing his progress.

The technique which had long since fallen dormant has suddenly begun to quickly circulate.

Even now he still felt that his heart, full of joy in this world, began to blossom into flowers one after the other, and a spring sunset breeze gently swept over every move he made.

In his heart, he couldn’t help noting that this monk’s judgment was really extraordinary.

He Huan naturally also nodded his head and admitted, “I just have some small attainments in mindscape, is all.”

He Huan’s face was originally very handsome, and now that it was radiating with happiness it was even more alluring.

However, from the corners of his eyes and the smoothness between his brows, the monk could see that actually this person had already attained a perfect blissful mindscape.

Inevitably, he exclaimed in admiration about this person’s extraordinary talent, but in his heart he was still afraid He Huan was only experiencing a momentary bout of bliss and asked, “This poor monk has one last question—who was the one who made Benefactor enlightened”

He Huan had always been a very rational person, so much so that he could recall his own painful past on one hand, and also calmly analyze the mentality of each person in that past on the other.

This would not interfere with him when creating a complete plan to achieve his own goals.

However, at this time, without the slightest hint of doubt, he softly said, “My beloved.”

With these two short words, the eyes of this demonic cultivator which had long been covered with frost, seemed to have been injected with a new wave of vitality, filled with life, they were affectionate and moving.

His eyes contained an endless and flourishing fondness.

With just one glance, Kasyapa Bodhi what had transpired and did not dwell on it.

He simply chuckled and said, “Since that person is already in your heart, then do not let them down.

As Benefactor’s attachments to the mortal world still linger, this poor monk will naturally not force you.”

He Huan knew in his heart that if it weren’t for this person’s help today, he would not have had it so easy today.

He was sincerely grateful to him, and seeing that he was so reasonable, even more so promised, “He Huan will never forget your kindness today.

In the future, if this master calls, I will certainly do my best to help.”

“Benefactor has created good karma, and has thus been rewarded, everything stems from your own karmic cause.

Monks believe that the world is an illusion, as long as all living things are at peace, this poor monk will be at ease.”

Monks do not lie.

Kasyapa Bodhi’s every word was as precious as a pearl, listening to him, He Huan’s expression subtly changed.

Seeing that he had become somewhat aware, the great monk knew that his job was done here, and didn’t stay for long, simply saying farewell.

“In the past, Benefactor only had the world in his heart, yet had forgotten that he himself was part of it.

The so-called bliss does not require self-sacrifice to exist, but rather to use oneself to guide others, leading them with you to bliss.

Now that you understand this principle, you have attained the perfect mindscape.

Since it is already so, what need is there for this poor monk to guide you Go, go.”

The monk came and left with ease, stepping on the golden lotus, he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Following that plain monk’s robe with his gaze into the distance, He Huan suddenly remembered the first time he had opened his eyes in this world and seen that green-robed cultivator.

One Buddhist and one Daoist, both were cultivators at the pinnacle of this world.

Although their temperaments were very different, in the end, they had some similarities.

In the past, whenever he saw his master standing alone on the shore of Fallen Immortal Lake, Bu Qingyun would think that he would also become someone like his master in the future.

At that time, he though that he aspired to become the head of the Xuanmen Righteous Sect, so he had given up all the delights of youth to become the most qualified Xuanmen Dashixiong.

After becoming becoming a demonic cultivator, he had thought what he wanted was cultivation as strong as his masters, enough to change the world, so he’d cultivated painstakingly day and night.

Finally, he’d stepped into the same Calamity Crossing stage as his master.

Only then did he understand that what had moved him was the kindness of someone that helped him when he was in trouble.

Bu Qingyun only remembered his dream for world peace, but in the process of wandering through the mortal realm, he’d gradually forgotten why he had this dream in the first place.

In the beginning, he had just wanted to be like his master, to become a good person.

He didn’t expect it to be so hard to try being a good person in this world, he thought his own pain and suffering was because of the challenges of this path.

As it turns out, however, he only needed acknowledgement.

As long as there was someone in the world who was sure that what he had chosen was the right path, he could press down all his grievances and never speak a word of complaint.

Even if I were to die nine times, I wouldn’t feel an ounce of regret if what I pursued was truth, goodness, and beauty.

This was a cultivator’s inner sentiment towards their dao heart.

In the past, he couldn’t see his future clearly, but from now on, he also wanted to be a Calamity Crossing cultivator like the old cultivator and the grand monk.

Kasyapa Bodhi’s recognition wiped away the last strands of dust on his heart.

He Huan was originally a little afraid of seeing Qing XuZi, but now decided to calmly face it all.

Before, he had seen through all the cultivation techniques in the world, but the only thing he hadn’t learnt was how to love himself.

It was He Ku who taught him, so that now he would never be ashamed in front of anyone again.

With this in mind, he floated back to the bamboo house by the lake, but there was no trace of Qing XuZi—he only saw He Ku and Bu YaoLian with their swords drawn — as if to fight another round.

At that moment, he had no idea what was going on, and simply asked, “How come there’s just the two of you”

As soon as he saw him, He Ku beamed, he immediately stepped up to check on him before interrogating, “I just knew you couldn’t become a monk, where’s that grand monk Is he gone”

Seeing them stick together as soon as they met, Bu YaoLian still couldn’t bear the weird scene of two faces identical to Bu QingYun being lovey-dovey together, and immediately warned with a gloomy face, “Shizun accidentally snapped the date tree by the lake in half and is now trying to save it somewhat.

He’ll come back soon, you two better behave yourselves.”

Only green bamboo, pine and cypress surrounded the banks of Fallen Immortal Lake.

The date tree had been specially planted by Qing XuZi in order to make it easier for him to bake pastries that enhanced the talents of his two disciples.

Even now, it was incredibly precious.

Remembering this, the three all fell into silence knowing that Qing XuZi was truly one of those hard-to-find good masters in the world.

Yet none of the disciples present would give Qing XuZi some peace of mind, in this moment, their desire to fight also diminished.

Although Bu YaoLian both loved and hated Bu QingYun, towards Qing XuZi he was still exceedingly respectful.

Knowing that he was done after today, he hesitated for a while before finally asking the most important question to the two of them, “Out of you two, who exactly is Bu QingYun”

Casting him a side-eye, the pains in the man in red’s eyes had scattered, he naturally did not dwell on the events of the past and simply said, “I have long announced to the world that there would no longer be a ‘Bu QingYun’, the Palace of Bliss only has the demonic cultivator, He Huan.”

As he spoke, Bu YaoLian’s gaze moved to He Ku, who looked the most like Bu QingYun.

However, at this moment, there were no more secrets between the three of them and He Ku didn’t have to worry about hurting He Huan’s feelings and immediately sold He Huan out, “Don’t look at me, he’s the one you should be apologizing to.”

End of Chapter 45

The author has something to say:

For He Huan, Qing XuZi is a greatly respected teacher, Kasyapa Bodhi was his life coach.

Both had changed the path of his life.

I’ve actually always thought, it’s not the ones who take the most resources or have the most fighting prowess that are most powerful.

Cultivation is a personal search for the process of self development.

Compared to the accumulation of one’s fighting prowess and blindly leveling up, what’s more important is still one’s understanding of the heavenly dao.

– A writer who read so much Buddhist texts that they almost became a Buddha themselves.


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