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"Fine, it was me then.

Anyway, don't make trouble."


What do you mean ‘it was me then’! Also, exactly who's making trouble! Tan Lingyin really felt that this lunatic was unreasonable, but wanting to gain the upper hand verbally, she shook her head and named him, "Tang Feilong, you scoundrel."

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"I'm a scoundrel" He raised his eyebrows and smiled, his tone becoming a little frivolous.

"That's not what you said in bed."


"!!!" Actions speak more than words.

Tan Lingyin rushed up to scratch him, "Despicable, shameless, bastard!"


Where was she his opponent Both her wrists are directly held by him with one hand.

He laughed even more presumptuously, "Calling me shameless I'll show you what’s ‘shameless’!"


"What are you doing!" Tan Lingyin was really scared this time.

It was too late to run now, so she struggled hard.

The circles of her eyes were red and tears were swirling in her eyes.


Tang Tianyuan didn’t want to see her like this.

His heart would hurt, so he turned around so that she was facing the door.

Making sure she could see the figure outside, he lowered his head, and whispered in her ear, "Did you see it"


Tan Lingyin nodded wildly.

Mm mhm, as long as he wasn’t sick to the head.


The county magistrate was worthy of being a magistrate.

His acting was so realistic that it made people want to kneel.


Tang Tianyuan looked back while talking nonsense.

He found that Zhou Zhengdao seemed reluctant to leave.


This old bastard, did he want to hear the whole set Too vulgar.

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Tan Lingyin thought that it was because they were not acting real enough.

No, the magistrate was already doing very well.

The point was she was not working hard enough.

So Tan Lingyin cried frantically, "Don't! Don't touch me! I hate you, go away! Don't– Ah ah ah!"


Tang Tianyuan: "..." How did this scene become so ‘exciting’...


Tang Tang was already frightened.

Seeing that the two were entangled, it didn't know who to help.

It bit the corner of this person's shirt and  bumped the heel of that person's shoe.

When its tail was accidentally stepped on, Tang Tang yelped in pain and quickly fled to the corner.


The two were arguing happily and didn't notice Tang Tang.


While bickering, Tan Lingyin grabbed something on the table and threw it to the ground to create more of an atmosphere.


Seeing this, Tang Tianyuan had an idea.

He picked up a teacup and smashed it at the door frame, pretending to be surprised.

He called out, "Who’s there!"


Zhou Zhengdao finally left.


Tan Lingyin breathed a sigh of relief and gave Tang Tianyuan a thumbs up, "Sir, you are too good."


Pretending to go up the mountain to play while inadvertently discovering the mine… This concealed their real purpose and Zhou Zhengdao would not feel suspicious.

In order to find a suitable excuse for going up the mountain—especially going to the top of the mountain without taking a commonly taken route—and pretending that there is an adulterer-love between the two of them.

It was normal for lovers to act willfully and coquettishly after all!


Not only that, he also dragged her brother as his object of jealousy.

The act was so lifelike, it's simply too clever! It was a sin not to commend him.


Tang Tianyuan was stunned, unable to recover from the situation just now.

Tan Lingyin said several sentences to him, but he ignored her, still lost in thought.

Impatient, she pushed him directly on the shoulder.


As if he were on wheels, with a slight push from her, he stepped back and sat directly on a stool.


But his sanity finally came back.

He narrowed his eyes and looked up at her.


When Tan Lingyin was seen by him, she remembered the nonsense he just said.

It was more obscene than a succubus.

She blushed and lowered her head, "Sir, if there’s nothing else, then I’m leaving."


"Wait," Tang Tianyuan stopped her, "I'm very curious about your brother, can you tell me about him ...

Are you two biological siblings"


Tan Lingyin shook her head.



They really were not.

Tang Tianyuan lowered his eyes and stared at the shattered celadon scattered all over the ground, and sighed secretly.

They really were not.


Tan Lingyin added, "Actually, Qingchen had a very hard life.

He was picked up by my uncle.

My uncle was my father's biological brother.

He was obsessed with martial arts, and had no intention of starting a family or a business.

He traveled around every day, enjoying the outskirts lifestyle.

Qingchen was picked up by him in Liaodong.

At that time, he was about to die.

Fortunately, he was cured by my uncle.

However he became a mute, and he didn't even know his name.

My uncle gave him to my father.

Back then, my father didn't have a son yet, so he raised Qingchen as his foster son, which is better than nothing.

Qingchen was very very sensible.

Hehe, I actually gave him his name.

What do you think...

Later, my stepmother gave birth to a son, so Qingchen has become a thorn in her eyes.

But it didn't matter, I’ve got his back..."

When a person was particularly homesick, they would unconsciously want to share their past life with others.

Tan Lingyin was in this state now, but her past could not be easily shared with others.

However, even she herself didn't realize how much trust she already had in him as she was talking endlessly in front of Tang Tianyuan.

translat ed by pure tl.

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She said a lot, while Tang Tianyuan's attention was all on one place, "Where did you say that he was found"




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