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Ten minutes later, Lin Yi saw a stone bridge in front of him.

The paint had long since peeled, leaving mottled patches.

It was about the same width as the road.

Both were more than four meters wide.

When the car reached the bridge, the shadow of Beiqiao Town could already be seen.

There were two old four-story buildings.

The rest were low-rise single-story houses, most of which were made of salt and alkali soil.

There were very few brick houses.

“Does this surprise you”

“It does feel like a scene from a previous generation.”

“Actually, I originally thought that all of Huaxia was as poor as Beiqiao Town, but after I went to Huashan Hospital and met all kinds of people, I realized that those who could live a comfortable life represented only a small portion of the population.” Li Chuhan said.

“Most places are actually like Beiqiao Town, or even worse than here.

This place is like the epitome of Huaxia, so every time I see the nighttime skyline of Zhonghai, I always think that theres still a long way to go, be it with me, or this country.”

“Yeah…” Lin Yi sighed.

“This is a world of lies.

Its just a shiny skin that wraps itself tightly inside.

What is in front of me is the true appearance of this world.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Yi realized that something was wrong.

Why was he so angry at the world

He was a spirited young man.

“Thank you for accompanying me here.

I feel much more at ease with you accompanying me on such a journey.”

“Itll slowly improve.

Dont worry.” Lin Yi smiled.

“In truth, the reason why I came here is to build a road for Beiqiao Town and build a school for them.

I cant let the mountains and rivers here block the childrens dreams.”

Li Chuhan suddenly stopped and looked at Lin Yi with her beautiful eyes.

“Youre here to build a road”

“I have a charity fund under my name that specializes in these things.

Coincidentally, Beiqiao Town is the target of our next project, so we decided to build a school and repair the roads here.”

“I thank you on behalf of the children in Beiqiao who cant afford to go to school.”

“You dont seem to know how to say anything other than thank you.”

“I cant thank you in any other way,” Li Chuhan said with a cute expression.

“Im fine.

It was a bumpy ride and I watched you bounce all the way here.

Its enough to make my eyes water.

Ive received more than enough.”

Li Chuhan started the car again, embarrassed.

She knew what Lin Yi was talking about.

“Then you can enjoy them.

I dont mind.”


Was that even possible

Li Chuhans magnanimity didnt work on Lin Yi, so he deliberately changed the topic.

“There are many people on the bridge.

It looks quite lively.”

“Maybe something happened.

When I came back in the past, there was almost no one here.”

Seeing a car coming from behind, the people on the bridge blocked the middle and stood on their tiptoes to look over.

In addition, there was a row of wicker baskets in front of them.

There were dead fish in them and flies buzzing around.

More than a dozen wicker baskets were placed in the middle of the bridge, forming a roadblock that made it impossible for cars to pass.

“Please make way.

Were crossing.”

Lin Yi stuck his head out of the car window and spoke to the uncles and aunties in front.

Seeing Lin Yi, the uncles and aunties standing in the middle of the bridge surrounded him like crazy.

“Buy some fish, young man.

Theyre all fresh from the river.

Theyre especially fresh.

I guarantee you havent eaten them in the city.”

Seeing the flies flying on the basket, Lin Yi felt nauseous.

“How dare you say that theyre new”

Lin Yi felt that these people were even more gullible than him.

No matter what, they were lying through their teeth.

Forget teeth, these people were even closing their eyes.

“The fish has a strong stench, so it naturally attracts flies, but theyre all fresh.

You can buy them and eat them without worry.

There will definitely be no problems.”

“Forget about the fish, we still have other things to do.

Make way,” Lin Yi said patiently.

“Young man, dont be anxious.

No matter how anxious you are, you still have to eat.

Buy some of our fish to bring back.”

“Didnt we say that were not buying anything Dont you understand human language”

“Young man, how can you say that” An old man was unhappy.

“Let me tell you, if you dont buy my fish, dont even think about passing through here.”

Lin Yi smiled.

“Why Are you guys forcing me to buy it”

“Just buy some of the fish.

Let me make this clear.

As long as you buy ten catties of fish, well let you pass.

Otherwise, just stay outside.

Dont even think about entering the town.”

Li Chuhan frowned deeply.

She was deeply ashamed of their actions.

Lin Yi came here to do charity, but they were acting like this.

They had embarrassed all of Beiqiao Town.

Lin Yi looked at the people below with an unfriendly expression and said,

“I dont have time to waste with you.

Ill say it one last time.

Make way.”

The old man put his hands behind his back, looking like he was the king of the world.

“Dont waste your breath.

If you dont buy our fish, dont even think about crossing.”

“Thats right.

If you have the ability, try running over us.” The others echoed.

Their attitude was so arrogant that even Lin Yi felt a little ashamed.

“Get out of the car, lets change seats,” Lin Yi said to Li Chuhan.

“Are you sure you want to do this It wont be good if you cause trouble.”

“Dont worry, I know what Im doing.

Get down.”

“Got it.”

Li Chuhan didnt say anything else.

She unbuckled her seatbelt and prepared to switch places with Lin Yi.

Seeing the two of them get out of the car, the people in the middle of the road brought their baskets over.

At the same time, they were secretly delighted.

These city people bullied the weak and feared the strong.

They were quite arrogant just now, but when the villagers acted tough, they became afraid and could only obediently come down to buy fish.

They would definitely make a huge profit today.

“Young man, thats right.

Everything can be discussed.

Buy some of our fish and well let you pass.”

“The car youre driving is a Mercedes, right This is a good car.

You can tell at a glance that youre rich in the city.

Why dont you buy all our fish”

Seeing the villagers surrounding them, the two of them didnt say anything.

Li Chuhan got into the passenger seat, and Lin Yi walked to the back and exchanged a few words with the truck driver before returning to the car.

Their actions confused the people carrying baskets on the bridge.

Werent they going to buy the fish

Lin Yi stuck his head out of the window and said to the people on the bridge.

“Ill give you three seconds to make way.

If you dont, Ill drive forward and kill you.”

Hearing Lin Yis words, the villagers on the bridge were all indignant.

They felt that they had been played.

“Do you think were scared I fought bandits when I was young.

Why would I be afraid of you Do you think were easy to bully”

The villagers on the bridge looked at Lin Yi with disdain, not taking his words seriously at all.

How dare he hit someone with his car

How lawless!


Lin Yi started counting down, but the people on the bridge didnt react at all.


Lin Yi didnt stop.

The villagers on the bridge placed their baskets on the bridge again, blocking the road.

“Im telling you, we will were willing to let you cross just now after buying ten catties of fish.

If you dont buy all our stock now, dont even think about coming over!”


“Its useless for you to count.

If you dont buy fish, well stand firm here.

If you dare to touch me, Ill blackmail you to death!”

Lin Yi didnt say anything.

Instead, he started the car and stepped on the accelerator, rushing to the other side of the bridge!

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