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Ch24 - “I like you and want to be with you.”

The typhoon had ended, but its effects had not disappeared.

It started to rain, starting from a light drizzle but soon erupting into a heavy storm.

The apocalyptic scene was enhanced by the strong winds and thunder.

Pedestrians sought shelter from the rain, and in a short while, there were only vehicles struggling to move on the road.

Yan Xiao walked out of the dessert shop with a bowl of red bean flavored double skin milk, and the driver immediately greeted him with an umbrella.

The car was parked just in front of the store, but because of the heavy rain, he was still drenched lightly. 

“President Yan, please dry yourself.” Knowing that Yan Xiao hates to be untidy, the driver handed over a pack of tissues when he got to the car.

“No”, Yan Xiao replied, before instructing the driver to drive directly.



The road visibility was poor, and traffic slowed down accordingly.

Yan Xiao did not urge the driver to rush; he held the dessert box with one hand to prevent the double skin milk from spilling out, a faint amusement flashing in his eyes.

According to his usual schedule, Ye Fei would already be home at this time.

If he saw what Yan Xiao had brought, he would be happy.

Yan Xiao decided not to tell him the news of his early return.

According to both Cheng Minghao and the list of love tips he found online, appropriate surprises are necessary for one’s love life. 

An hour later, Yan Xiao arrived home on time.

But to his disappointment, he did not see Ye Fei in the living room.

At first, Yan Xiao thought Ye Fei was in his room.

He knocked on the door, but no one answered.

Yan Xiao thought for a while, took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat message to Ye Fei, asking him if it was inconvenient to come back because of the heavy rain and whether he needed to be picked up.


Ye Fei did not reply.

Yan Xiao concluded that Ye fei was currently busy.

He waited patiently for twenty minutes, during which he walked around the house.

Seeing the bowls Ye Fei had used in the morning, his shoes in the shoe cabinet, and the weird snacks in the theater room, the inexplicable anxiety in his heart subsided.

It was now seven, and Ye Fei still had not come back.

Yan Xiao became unable to concentrate, enveloped by a vague sense of unease.

So, he abandoned his restraint and took the initiative to call Ye Fei’s number.

No one picked up the first time.


Yan Xiao continued to call for a second time, and when the bell rang for a long time and was about to hang up automatically, he finally got through.

“Ye Fei,” Yan Xiao could not wait for Ye Fei to speak, and asked directly, “Where are you I’ll pick you up.” There was silence on the other end of the phone for a few seconds.

“No, I’m not going back.” Ye Fei’s voice was slightly lighter than usual.

Yan Xiao automatically assumed that it was for a day.

He stood up, and pretended not to hear Ye Fei’s refusal.

As he walked out, he questioned, “Are you currently at Gu Ruijia’s house Let me pick you up.”


“Yan Xiao,” Ye Fei stopped him, trying to make his voice sound calmer and indifferent, “I mean, I moved out, and I won’t go back in the future.” 

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P vbc’a kjca ab mbcalcef, atja’r jii.”

“Cr obg atf vlnbgmf, P’ii…”

“Ye Fei,” Yan Xiao interrupted Ye Fei, preventing him from finishing his sentence.

“Where are you” 

Ye Fei did not answer his question.

Instead, he merely hinted, “Let’s leave on good terms, okay”

No, Yan Xiao thought.

He did not want to part with Ye Fei, not under any circumstances.

Yan Xiao opened the shoe cabinet to change his shoes, his face expressionless, as if Ye Fei’s words had not affected him in any way.

But he continued in the motion of changing shoes for a few minutes.

Yan Xiao lowered his head, only to realize that he was wearing his left shoe on his right foot, and vice versa.

“As long as I think about it, I’ll know your address.” He changed his shoes calmly, giving Ye Fei a few seconds to think about it, and then asked again, “Where are you” 

This was the first time Yan Xiao had shown such strong aggression in front of Ye Fei.

Ye Fei found that he could not avoid the question any longer.

Because Yan Xiao had made it clear that he could find his residence, and he was indeed capable of doing so.

If Ye Fei did not tell him, he would find a way by himself.

Ye Fei did not want to let everyone know about their relationship, so he had to give an address.


“Okay.” Yan Xiao hung up the phone and called the driver.

Yan Xiao knew that his method was wrong yet again.

Because of his hesitation and passiveness, he missed the opportunity to ask for Ye Fei’s contact information.

Ye Fei completely forgot about him, even if he deliberately mentioned Song City.

And seven years later, because of his inaction, he had almost lost Ye Fei again.

Cheng Minghao was right, Yan Xiao had to admit.

He did not say anything, and Ye Fei was still in the dark.

Of course, it probably would not matter if he knew it, but then Yan Xiao would have enough reasons to approach Ye Fei, instead of always watching from a distance, helpless and powerless. 

Fortunately, it was not too late.

Yan Xiao touched the marriage certificate that always resided in his pocket, and felt a little calmer inside.

The rain had stopped in the meanwhile, allowing the car to drive more smoothly in the dark.

The bright lights of the city were left mercilessly behind, heading for only one destination.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Fei sat on the bed in a daze.

It was a small house, a size of only about 60 square meters.

It was just right for a person to live alone.

A big house would always make Ye Fei feel uncomfortable with the emptiness.

Leaving was the only solution to Ye Fei’s conundrum; distance and time were the best cooling agents for feelings.

The two would have less contact and less meetings.

Over time, Yan Xiao will calm down. 

Ye Fei did not have a likable personality, yet Yan Xiao had everything.

Ye Fei was not the only choice.

But Yan Xiao had put on that stance of never giving up, as though it was inevitable he would see him tonight.

Ye Fei felt powerless sitting near the headboard, but he could not help but start fantasizing.

It would be great if he had not gotten sick, he wouldn’t even be afraid of cancer, and he could still be with Yan Xiao for a long time with earlier treatment.

But ALS was the disease that would drive most to despair.

Your muscles will atrophy bit by bit.

First, you could not move.

Then, swallowing and eating became luxuries.

Finally, even breathing would be an insurmountable task.

Ye Fei knew that if he were to seek out treatment, his life might be extended by a few years.

But the thought of living without dignity, and being seen by Yan Xiao as he struggled to survive horrified him.

He had the choice to leave when Yan Xiao had not fallen too deep, before the thin sheet of paper separating the two could be pierced. 

A regular knock on the door interrupted his thoughts, and Ye Fei was stunned for a few seconds before he recovered.

Yan Xiao had come.

This realization made his heart beat faster in an instant.

Ye Fei took a deep breath, walked over to open the door, and met Yan Xiao’s line of sight.

For a while, neither of them spoke.

In the end, Ye Fei took the initiative to speak, turning to one side to get out of the way, and said to Yan Xiao, “Come in.”

As if waiting for his words, Yan Xiao immediately stepped into the room without any hesitation.

During this period, his eyes kept hovering over Ye Fei, as if he were to lose him were he to look away.

Ye Fei felt disconcerted, and took the excuse of getting some water. 

As soon as the refrigerator was opened, Yan Xiao’s voice came from behind, “I bought double skin milk today, but you weren’t there.” His tone sounded a little bit pathetic, and not at all accusatory.

Ye Fei’s heart soured.

He paused for a few seconds before turning back and whispering, “Really”

Yan Xiao let out a hum.

He took a step forward and seemed to want to hold Ye Fei’s hand.

But Ye Fei dodged, and Yan Xiao stopped his action.

Instead, he looked into Ye Fei’s eyes, and called his name.


“This is the amount of Feixiao Technology’s profit last year.” Yan Xiao took out his mobile phone and typed a series of numbers on it, accurate to two decimal places.

Ye Fei did not understand why he was saying this, but he felt a quiet sense of relief.

He let out an obliging “oh” and teased, “Is President Yan showing off to me It seems that making games is really profitable.” This appeared to be a safe topic, there should be nothing wrong.

Yan Xiao said “no”, put down the phone, looked away from Ye Fei briefly and let his eyes wander around the room.

“If you like this kind of apartment, I will ask someone to find a better one immediately.”


After a pause, he said, “If you want to make TV series and movies, I can also invest.”

“Feixiao Video is not good enough, I know,” Yan Xiao stared into Ye Fei’s eyes attentively.

“Can you wait a while longer, Ye Fei I will do my best, you don’t have to look for other broadcasting platforms in the future.” 

“I’ll contact the theater line right away, your movie…”

“No need,” Ye Fei interrupted him.

His heart was beating so fast that it could burst out of his chest at any second.

He did not want to listen to Yan Xiao’s words any longer.

He turned around and walked towards the living room, and attempted to evict his guest.

“You already know the address.

If you have nothing to do, go back first.

I want to sleep.”

Yan Xiao turned a deaf ear, and pressed against his shoulder the moment he was about to step out of the kitchen.

Ye Fei turned around and struggled, but did not escape.

“I lied to you when I said I needed a partner.” Yan Xiao started.

“I later recovered the photo I took at Gu Ruijia’s house.

I want to see you all the time.” 

“I gave you the lighter because I didn’t want you to be so close to others.”

“I only want to be with you, and not just in a contractual relationship.” With a bang, Ye Fei’s brain blanked out.

He was a person who had always been eloquent, but this petition left him speechless.

Yan Xiao was restrained and preferred silence.

Before he came, Ye Fei had guessed what he might say.

Maybe he will continue to find various excuses for him to move back, maybe he will be treated coldly, but he never thought that Yan Xiao would speak so directly.

Ye Fei was not given the chance to misunderstand. 

Ye Fei instinctively shied away, but Yan Xiao refused to allow him.

The pressure on Ye Fei’s shoulder was maintained, fixing his body, and his heart in place.

“Ye Fei,” Yan Xiao said, “I like you and want to be with you.”


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