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Cheng Zhaoci’s guess is wrong.

It was still going well when he entered the chamber.

When Bai Jiawen starts the testing up, though, his vision has changed.

He sees an empty room, he thinks.

There are many insectoids inside, staying still.

A sharp pain started then, threatening to pierce through his brain.

Right now, he feels like there are countless things stuck in his skull.

He feels terrible.

He grabs his head, shaking, sweating, but he can’t scream for some reason.

Holy hell! Is the male aptitude test supposed to be as overwhelming as this!

He feels like there is still stuff pouring into his brain, stretching, tearing.

Perhaps soon, his brain will burst from all the stuff inside, and become a pile of mush.

Although this is actually Cheng Zhaoci misunderstanding the male aptitude test.

The others won’t feel any pain, if at all, in general.

Outside the capsule, there is an indicator rapidly rising on the half-transparent hologram UI.

It’s reached A starting from E in almost no time.

“Xiao-Ci!” Wei Zhuo can see that Cheng Zhaoci is definitely suffering inside.

He’s distressed, but Bai Jiawen stops him, “calm down.

You’re also grade S.

You should know how tough your test was.

There won’t be any danger.”

There won’t, but it doesn’t alleviate his worries.

Everyone who came here with Cheng Zhaoci is looking closely at him.

He’s deathly pale.

As for Cheng Zhaoci, he is currently in this very strange situation.

His brain is close to bursting in pain, but he can also suddenly feel the countless memories flowing back in, including everything in his past life.

In fact, he even remembers the fact that in primary school, he was bored during a maths test and drew a pig’s head on the bottom right of the test paper.

He remembers how it looked like precisely.

He remembers all that the teacher taught in the lessons where he heard but did not listen to the teacher at all because he was busy drawing in secret.

Every detail, like what every single one of his classmates was doing when he glanced around, or a few bugs that flew past the window; he remembers that, he once went down the Wikipedia rabbit hole to stumble upon the information on those bugs in another time.

He promptly forgot about the article after skimming it.

Now, Cheng Zhaoci is able to identify those flying bugs by name.

It’s also different from hyperthymesia, because he isn’t being confused by past dates and now.

His memories are also actually crispy clear.

It’s like his brain has turned into some metallic processor, and he is able to organise everything cleanly no matter how messed up they are.

He can recall everything on demand, with the rest being stored away, and never accessed inadvertently or subconsciously.

There is a sudden moment then, when all the pain fades away.

It’s like all the bursting energy has found an exit, and is now rushing through his entire body.

Stunned, he blinks.

His mind has been expanded.

Yes, that’s exactly what it feels like.

Everything around him, from the building to the insectoid, is all perfectly encapsulated structurally in his mind.

Yes, structurally.

It feels like he can see through their outward appearance and identify any minute details about it.

It’s akin to seeing something for what it is through only minute details.

He is also remembering that he really wanted to touch Wei Zhuo’s man-breasts.

Fuck! He forgot! Why would he forget about something so important!

… Shit.

He’s a bit pissed.

The indicator has climbed to S without stopping outside the capsule.

Everyone has lost their ability to speak, and is simply watching, including both Lu Yao and Bai Jiawen who believed themselves mentally prepared.

The capsule opens to an exhausted Cheng Zhaoci leaning on the wall to come outside.

The feeling of his mind being pushed to its limits has also ceased as the test ended.

He believes that when he starts releasing pheromones – the definitive sign of adulthood – he will probably maintain that state of mind forever.

Not that he’s actually too happy about it, because he now also vividly remembers exactly how everyone gave him puzzled or dismissive looks when he was yelling eighth-grade stuff during his teenage period.

The memories are fading more and more as he walks, but the sense of shame lingers.


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