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“Quick, quick, quick, I heard that a lord came to the surface and is collecting junk… Bah, collecting all kinds of old weapons.

The neighbor took a rusty, long knife and exchanged it for 30 units of food.”

“What Theres such a good thing”

Buyers were superlatively overwhelmed…

Since the war between Bloodhoof City and the gray-colored dwarves began, there had never been such a lively situation.

Everyone rummaged through their homes.

They brought all kinds of unwanted, old weapons and armor to the warehouse and exchanged them for sacks of food.

It was the underground world, and there was no shortage of ores.

Who didnt have a few weapons

The residents of Bloodhoof City who received the food lamented that the surface lord was a good person.

He collected so much junk and gave it back.

Sel Bloodhoof did even close his mouth.

He looked at Richard and almost pulled him to bow.

He called over a few of the most beautiful women of the dungeon barbarians and waited on them.

He did not want to do this, but the other party had given him too much.

He could only use this method to make up for the uneasiness in his heart…

Richard looked at the female dungeon barbarians whose arms were thicker than his legs.

After a long silence, he let them stand in a row behind him.

Nothing else but a sense of security.

This thing was like having a mountain behind it.

The whole process of inventory and selling equipment lasted for nearly six hours.

When Richard sold the last pile of weapons, the warehouse in front of him was cleaner than his face.

And he had acquired the equipment that the residents brought.

When Sel Bloodhoof saw this, he sighed with regret.

“Lord Richard, we have sold out our weapons.”

What a great opportunity! If there were ten or eight more warehouses of this size, wouldnt they be rich this time

Richard looked at Sel Bloodhoof with a smile and said meaningfully.

“Lord Sel, there are still intact weapons without damage.”

These words moved Sel Bloodhoof.

But he shook his head in the end.

“We need to deal with the attack of the gray-colored dwarves!”

Richard patted the level-15 hero on the shoulder and said kindly.

“My friend, our cooperation will not only happen once.”

“After we defeat the gray-colored dwarves, I think you can open a processing factory to produce weapons for me.

“I can use food, liquor, and even more materials not available in the underground world to exchange with you.”

The moment the first batch of resources entered his account, he knew that this was a business with a lot of money.

An old hen that could always lay golden eggs.

What was the point of fighting and killing In the future, he could use the economy to control Bloodhoof City and let the underground city produce weapons and equipment for him.

Wouldnt that be great

What was trade

The essence of trade was to use unequal resources to earn profits.

The resources included information, channels, logistics, and so on.

But in the end, I can do it.

You cant do it, so you have to let me earn this money.

There was no market to digest them in the underground world, no matter how many powerful weapons Bloodhoof City could produce.

The other forces produced weapons might not be inferior to Bloodhoof Citys.

The channel of resources that Richard controlled was different.

Even if the system eliminates a portion of the 20 billion players, it would still be a terrifying massive market.

As long as there were good things, they could earn huge profits.

It was a channel advantage that Bloodhoof City would never have.

Sel Bloodhoof was extremely satisfied with Richards words.

“Lord Richard, our friendship will last forever!”

He could not let such a big dog go.

Richard thought for a while and said a bit of temptation.

“Lord Sel, if Bloodhoof City is busy for the time being, we can buy weapons and equipment from other forces.

“As long as it is suitable, I can buy all of them.

“And not only weapons and equipment.

I also need tons of mithril mines and rare resources.

Strategic treasures…”

Bloodhoof City couldnt produce them themselves.

Werent there other forces

And there was no need to buy them.

Bloodhoof City was so powerful.

Couldnt they do something else

His smile was exceptionally bright.

When the time came, he would use the sharp edge of Bloodhoof City to plunder other dungeon race members.

In the end, wouldnt the other party still have to sell the spoils of war to him

When he thought of Bloodhoof City fighting in the underground world in the future and taking a large portion of the spoils of war, he instantly felt very comfortable.

It was the correct way to open the underground world.

When Sel Bloodhoof heard this, his eyes lit up.

Thats right.

Bloodhoof City could not quickly obtain several weapons and equipment, but other factions did.

He could completely capture other factions and let them forge weapons for him.

If he thought about the long term, he could also buy some food at a low price and sell it at a high price to earn a price difference.

The lord of Bloodhoof City and Richard instantly thought the same thing.

They looked at each other and smiled happily.

After they discussed some details of the transaction.

Richard got down to business.

“Lord Sel, do you want 400,000 units of wheat for the mithril ore to be placed here or…”

Sel Bloodhoof pointed at the vast bluestone ground in front of him.

“Just put it in front.

Next to it is the warehouse where the food is stored.”

Richard did not hesitate.

He took out 400,000 units of wheat from the system space.

It directly piled up into a few small hills.

Sel Bloodhoof looked at the ring in Richards hand with great emotion.

He would not know how much food this space ring hid.

At the thought of this, he glanced at the 15-meter-tall mechanical puppet.

Sel Bloodhoof immediately suppressed his inner thoughts.

Strength was the only pass to the underground world.

This saying was perfectly true.

After the staff estimated the food on the ground was not much different from 400,000 units.

Sel Bloodhoof did not hesitate either.

He directly asked someone to bring 50 units of mithril ore and handed it to Richard personally.

Fifty units of mithril ore was a few times smaller than a human head.

Its appearance was very rough and emitted faint white light.

When Richard held it in his hand, he could immediately feel the surrounding magic energy become active.

After he opened the attribute panel and confirmed that it was mithril ore, he was satisfied and entered the system space.

With that, he finally obtained the mithril ore he desperately needed.

And accompanying it was the wheat temporarily stored in the system space, with a quantity of up to 3 million units.

Thats right, three million units.

To be more precise, it was 30,561,000 units.


He sold all the worn-out weapons in Bloodhoof City.

He didnt expect his sudden idea would bring him such an exaggerated profit.

It was three million units of food.

Richard had exchanged these into resources at a market price of 1:10.

A total of 30 million units.

It was enough to upgrade 60 elite-level troops to rare-level.

It was enough to upgrade six rare-level troops to brilliant-level.

Moreover, he had obtained the mithril needed to restore the extraordinary hunter.

Even if he could not fully restore, it was enough to increase the duration of this extraordinary-level battle strength.

This trump card allows him to deal with most of the dangers at this stage.

His safety factor would skyrocket.

Thirty crown-level skeleton blood dragons if he added in the still-sleeping divine soul.

And the future Bloodhoof City, a chicken that could lay golden eggs.

This exploration of the underground world was simply a bloody profit!!

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