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014 You are the fool

Tan Rou narrowed her eyes and smiled. She nodded her head obediently.

As the saying goes,Those who hate to see each other will surely meet. Tan Rou and Tao Zheng had just finished their meal and walked out of their house. They had just arrived at a large plain field and were planning to cut through to get to the park when they bumped into Zhou Wu.

Zhou Wus expression was ferocious as he glared fiercely at Tan Rou. Behind him were a few brawny men. They were the thugs from the casino.

Zhou Wu pointed at Tan Rou. “How dare you lie to me! Why didnt you come last night!”

He turned around and said to the thugs, “I found her! Its her! She has money!”

Tao Zheng saw that something was wrong and stood in front of Tan Rou. “Who are you people” Although he had not truly acknowledged Tan Rou, she was still his biological sister. She was also very obedient the past few days, he could not let her be bullied by outsiders.

One of the thugs walked forward with a wooden bat in his hand. He said arrogantly, “We are looking for that little girl. Little girl, your friend owes us a huge gambling debt. He brought us here to look for you. Will you settle it”

Tan Rou enjoyed her brothers protection. She hid behind Tao Zheng and only revealed her small head. “Big brother, I dont have any money. He lied to you.”

Zhou Wu shouted angrily, “You did it on purpose. Why didnt you tell me you were chased out by the Tan family last night Even if youre not the heiress of the Tan family anymore, you still have a lot of money from the past. How dare you say you dont have any money”

Tan Rou said aggrievedly, “You said it yourself. I was chased out by the Tan family. How could I have any money left Moreover, shouldnt the debtor be responsible for his own debts Zhou Wu owes you money. It has nothing to do with me.”

The thug impatiently waved the bat in his hand. “Cut the crap! I dont care about what is going on in your lives. I just want money! If you cant take it out today, none of you are walking away!” There was nothing unreasonable about it. If they couldnt pay up then they would beat them up. There would always be someone who didnt want to be beaten up and would step up to pay the money.

Clearly, he also thought that Tan Rou was a little girl who was easy to bully. He thought that he could scare her into paying up.

When Tao Zheng heard that, he was so angry that he gritted his teeth. “Tan Rou, take a good look at the kind of friends you are making.”

Zhou Wu thought that Tan Rou was afraid when she saw the thugs, so he had some confidence. “What kind of bullsh*t friend are you talking about I bothered hanging out with you because I took pity on you. Im asking you to pay the bill because Im giving you face. I didnt think that you would dare to fool me like this.”

Tan Rou nodded. “Big brother is right. Its my fault.”

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She turned around and smiled at Zhou Wu. “Make a fool out of you You are right. You are the fool here!”

The thug saw that Tan Rou was being stubborn and there was a man who was protecting her. He raised the wooden stick in his hand and wanted to teach them a lesson.

Tao Zheng subconsciously wanted to shield Tan Rou, but before anyone could react, Tan Rou reached out to stop the wooden stick and struck the thugs shoulder with her other hand.

The thug cried out in pain and loosened his grip. The wooden stick was snatched by Tan Rou.

Tao Zheng was a little surprised. His sister seemed to be quite good at fighting

The other thugs screamed and charged forward, but they were all knocked to the ground by Tan Rou and she fought her way to Zhou Wu.

Zhou Wu stared at Tan Rou as if he had seen a ghost. “You! Are you still the same Tan Rou!”

In the past, when they had been fooling around together, they often got into fights as well but Tan Rou had never lifted a finger before. She was a delicate young lady. He had never thought that she would have such skills

Tan Rou hit Zhou Wu with her stick. As she hit him, she said, “Thats right. Im no longer the Tan Rou of the past. Did you just realize that”

Zhou Wu cried out in pain, “Ah! You b*tch, stop it!”

Tan Rou picked a sweet spot, making him feel pain but not fatal. “Stop it Didnt you come to me You even brought people here. Do you still think Ill obediently settle your debt for you”

With a swift move, she was about to hit Zhou Wu again. The wooden stick cut through the air and even let out a frightening sound. Zhou Wu hugged himself and shriveled up on the ground in fear.

With a “Pa” sound, the wooden stick broke. Zhou Wu lay on the ground in pain and his face turned pale.

Tan Rou tossed away the broken wooden stick in her hand and snorted, “Dont ever come looking for me again!”

Zhou Wu raised his ferocious face, “I want to call the police! You beat me up so badly. Just you wait to pay up and go to jail!”



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