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015 Call the police

When the thugs heard this, they ignored the pain in their bodies and bellowed, “Are you stupid ! Why did you call the police !”

Zhou Wus eyes were red from the beating. All he wanted to do was to take revenge on Tan Rou. His mind was blank. He couldnt care less.

The thugs struggled and quickly ran away. They were not in a legal trade, to begin with. If they called the police, they might be the ones who would go to jail instead!

Tan Rou did not expect Zhou Wu to be so stupid. She laughed out loud, “Are you sure”

Tao Zheng was a little hesitant. Tan Rous appearance just now had frightened him. He did not expect such a weak little girl to have such prowess. Its amazing to think that she didnt beat him up all this while. It seems that she still treated him quite well after all...

However, it was Tan Rou who had hit someone. If they really wanted to call the police, the police would not let Tan Rou off easily.

“That... How about...”

Before Tao Zheng could finish his sentence, Tan Rou gave him a reassuring look. “Its alright, brother. Since he said so, then lets call the police!”

The police arrived very quickly. Tan Rou and Tao Zheng stood obediently at the side. Zhou Wu stood on the other side with a fierce expression. The police looked around for a bit but did not understand what was going on. He asked, “Who called the police You reported a fight”

Tao Zheng gestured, “It was me.”

He stood there firmly. There was not a single injury on his body, but his eyes were a little evasive. As for Tan Rou, she was a young lady standing there, she did not look like someone who was looking for trouble.

The police looked at Zhou Wu. “You fought”

Zhou Wu felt a mouthful of blood in his throat. He gritted his teeth, “Officer, Im a victim. She hit me.”

He pointed at Tan Rou fiercely.

The officer looked at Tan Rou in confusion. He could not believe that this young lady was the one who had hit him. However, he still nodded and said, “If thats the case, then follow me back to the station for investigation.”

When they arrived back at the police station, the officer started to mediate as usual. “Tell me, why did you hit him”

Tan Rou said timidly, “Officer, we didnt hit anyone. He even brought people along with him to hit me and my brother.”

Zhou Wu immediately jumped up. “How dare you lie to the police! I can barely stand up after beating beaten up by you!”

The police officer frowned. “Ok, you guys speak one at a time.” He looked at Zhou Wu and felt a little unhappy. This man was infamous for being a jerk. He had heard from his colleagues before that they had dealt with a few of his fights in the past, “Ill ask you about your side of the story later. Dont be anxious.”

Tan Rou stood there obediently. She looked like a model student. She recounted how Zhou Wu had threatened her to go to the casino to settle his gambling debts last night, and how he had brought thugs to force her to settle the debt for him earlier today.

The policeman looked at Zhou Wu sternly, “Dont you know that gambling is illegal ! You even started a fight and extorted money!”

Zhou Wu refused to admit it, “What evidence do you have to back up her recount You cant just listen to her side of the story. I just happened to bump into her and she gave me a beating!”

The casino had always been well hidden, and the thugs from the casino were long gone. Before coming to the police station, he had already thought it through. As long as he refused to admit it and insisted that it was Tan Rou who had beaten him up, it would be fine. After all, there was evidence.

“Officer, I have evidence. I want to examine my injuries!”

Tao Zheng, who was at the side, was just about to open his mouth to defend Tan Rou. Tan Rou patted him reassuredly, then she said, “Officer, there are no surveillance cameras at the scene of the incident. Lets give him the benefit of doubt and examine the injuries. Otherwise, he would never back down with his accusations. But when he mentioned evidence just now, I remembered.”

Tan Rou took out her cell phone. “He called me last night. I was extremely scared. He used to threaten and intimidate me in the past, so I recorded the conversation in advance. Listen.”

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The phone played the conversation between Zhou Wu and Tan Rou last night.

The police officer looked at Zhou Wu. “What else do you have to say this time”

Zhou Wus face was ashen. He didnt think that this fool would be so cunning and set him up. But even so, he couldnt let her off easily.

“I request a medical examination. She really did hit me!”

“Alright, I agree to your request and give you a medical examination. But in the meantime, while waiting for the hospitals test report to come out, you have to give me a good explanation! Where is the casino How much gambling capital is involved, explain everything clearly!”

Tan Rou stood to the side with a faint smile, not panicking in the slightest.



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