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019 Lets not meet again

Tan Jing frowned secretly after hearing that.

What a fool. Why didnt he fake some injuries before calling the police If he had made it worse, he would have been able to convict Tan Rou right away.

Zhou Wu was not as smart as Tan Jing thought. He did not purposely injure himself to frame Tan Rou. He really felt that he was about to be beaten to death by Tan Rou. The injury examination was his last trump card.

The police officer shouted, “Behave yourself! The whole process was conducted by us. How could it be fake! Are you questioning the fairness of our law enforcement”

Zhou Wu was still unconvinced and wanted to make a scene again. Tan Jing turned her back and stared at him sternly. Zhou Wu was rooted to the spot.

Damn it, the two daughters of the Tan family. One of them had tricked him and beat him up. The other one did not seem to be a simpleton either. He was a man, and he had completely forgotten what he wanted to say after being stared at by her.

Tan Jing knew that it would be difficult for her to make a fuss over this matter. She didnt know what tricks Tan Rou had used, but there was no trace of injury. Or was it really just a cheap shot by Zhou Wu who was desperate

There was no way to verify this. Since she couldnt frame Tan Rou anymore, she might as well save it and save some face in front of the Tao family.

Tan Jing timidly said, “I told you, Xiao Rou would never do such a thing. There must be some misunderstanding. This person is really too despicable but you guys were such good friends in the past after all. Now that things have turned out this way, it wont be good for your reputation if it gets out. Why dont we settle it in private”

Father Tao pondered for a moment and looked at Tan Rou, “Child, tell me, what do you want If you feel wronged and want him to pay the price, then we will support you. We will pursue the case all the way. You dont have to be afraid.”

Tan Rou looked at Tan Jings 180-degree change in attitude. This was the second-best option. She wanted to create a facade of being sensible and understanding.

If she did not let go of this matter, it would seem like she was making a big fuss out of nothing. Indeed, there was no need to make a fuss about this matter. Zhou Wus gambling incident was not something that could be easily erased.

He can not escape the consequences that are waiting for him. She did not know if Tan Jing would help him this time

Tan Rou shook her head, “Since the results of the medical examination are here and the matter is resolved, I wont be holding on to it anymore. I have no other requests. I have no evidence that he cheated my money in the past. I deserve that. I only hope that his evil deeds this time will be taken seriously and that he will not do anything illegal in the future.”

The policeman nodded. “Of course. We have already followed up on the casino. We will do a thorough investigation.”

Mother Tao bowed politely to the policeman, “Thank you for your hard work, police officer. We will take the two children back first.”

The Tao family of four turned around and left. Zhou Wu slammed the table in exasperation. “How can she leave so easily !”

Tan Jing turned around and stared at Zhou Wu. She shook her head secretly, indicating for him to calm down. Then, she turned around and chased after him.

“Mom! Wait for me!” Tan Jing shouted.

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Mother Tao turned around. “I told you, you dont have to call me mom anymore.”

Tan Jings eyes were teary and red. “I know Im wrong. Dont be so cruel.”

Father Tao sighed heavily. “Its not that were cruel. Its you who is too cruel. There is no point in saying anything else. From now on, we will go on our separate paths. All our teachings these years were in vain after all.”

Mother Tao also nodded and agreed with her husbands words. “In the past, I thought that I raised a good daughter. From a young age, although you were occasionally willful, you were still generally obedient. We have always let you have your way and loved you.”

“You have changed so much. It makes me feel that I have been blind. We have been together for more than a decade. Even a kitten or a dog would have developed feelings by now. I have also thought things through and wish you a happy return to the home that you have always dreamed of.”

“But I never expected that there was no limit to your wilfulness. You even pretended to be obedient in the past. In actual fact, you simply have no limits. Weve completely given up on you. Youre not worthy of calling me mom anymore. We dont have a daughter like you who is so evil. We dont have to see each other anymore.”

Father Tao patted Mother Taos back and comforted her, “Dont be sad for people who arent worth it.”

Mother Tao nodded and looked at Tan Rou lovingly. She was satisfied as long as she still had her.

Tao Zheng did not say a word because he felt that he had nothing more to say to his ex-sister. His previous bad attitude towards Tan Rou was because he was once so welcoming towards her but was despised instead. As for Tan Jing, he never had expectations for her to begin with so then how could he be disappointed He shook his head and said, “Take care of yourself.”



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