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027 Friendship

Bai Jing nodded his head in approval, “Its good that you are accomplished. However, its your humility that is valuable. Unfortunately, refining incense and making medicine isnt my forte. Your current mastery of it is already very high, so its very difficult for me to give you any more useful pointers.”

Tan Rou shook her head, “Uncle Bai, dont say that.”

Bai Jing waved his hand indifferently. “Whats the big deal If I cant teach you, then I should admit it. I cant just pretend to be able to guide you and then waste your time. However, even though I cant teach you, I have a lot of medical books on this aspect.”

Bai Jing pointed at the wall of books. “When youre free, you can come and study them. We can also have discussions on medicine, Im sure we will have a great friendship.”

Tan Rou was pleasantly surprised. She had noticed the wall of medical books the moment she step foot in the clinic. She was thirsty for knowledge and was very envious but she didnt know how to ask. Now that Uncle Bai had taken the initiative to invite her, it was really great.

Bai Jings eyes looked even more compassionate, “How many of these things do you have with you I want them all!”

Tan Rou shook her head. “I didnt make too many. Theyre all here.”

Bai Jing thought for a moment and said, “Thats fine too. Sell these to me first. Ill offer you a price of ten thousand per portion. If youre free, make more and bring them over. Ill take them all.”

Tan Rou was a little surprised. “Ten thousand”

Bai Jing asked, “Do you think its low These herbs and medicinal pills are indeed rare. I wont make money from you. Ill only help you sell them to the people who need them.”

Tan Rou shook her head repeatedly. “No, no, the cost of these herbs and medicinal pills are actually not high. I didnt think that they could fetch such a high price.”

Bai Jing smiled understandingly, “The cost is not expensive, but your skills are. Ten thousand, youre worth it!”

Hearing Uncle Bai say so, Tan Rou smiled happily and nodded in agreement. When she went home, she wanted to improve on her own skills so that she could draw out the maximum potential of the herbs.

This time, Tan Rou brought a total of twenty portions, and Bai Jing accepted them all.

Bai Jing was on with the times and wanted to add Tan Rous contact information to transfer the money to her. Two hundred thousand was transferred to the account in an instant.

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Tan Rou looked at the balance curiously. This was earned through her own hard work. This was a greater sense of achievement than ever.

Bai Jing smiled and said, “Although my clinic isnt big, Im very rich. You just have to focus on making the medicinal pills. Ill be your reseller.”

Tan Rou nodded. She was even more motivated now!

After leaving the clinic, Tan Rou went to pick out a lot of gifts and returned home.

As she passed by the alley, she saw her neighbor Auntie Liu holding onto Tao Zheng and chatting about family matters.

Auntie Liu patted Tao Zheng and asked, “Ah Zheng, your sister has returned to the Tan family. Is she loaded nowWhy did you chase her out that day”

Tao Zheng explained helplessly, “Auntie Liu, shes no longer my sister. Every family has something they are unwilling to touch on. Since she chose to return, then she has nothing to do with us anymore.”

Auntie Liu pouted exaggeratedly. “Aiyo, Ive watched the two of you grow up. What misunderstanding can be so deep that it cant be resolved What a huge mess it has turned into. I saw Xiao Jing come back with so many gifts the other day. Although she is now rich, she didnt forget about you guys.”

As she spoke, Tan Rou walked over and stood beside Tao Zheng.

Tan Rou greeted him. “Brother, Im back.”

Then, she looked politely at Auntie Liu. “Hello, Auntie Liu. Im Tan Rou.”

Auntie Liu thought of what she had just said. She didnt know if Tan Rou had heard it, but she felt a little embarrassed. “Youre Ah Zhengs biological sister. Good, you guys look so alike!”

Tao Zheng frowned. He looked at Tan Rou carrying so many bags in her hands and thought that she was spending money recklessly again. However, he did not want to embarrass Tan Rou in front of the neighbors. He said, “Go home quickly.”

Unexpectedly, Auntie Liu spoke first. “Xiao Rou, Auntie Liu has been your familys neighbor for many years. Pardon me for being nosy. You may have been used to leading a good life in the past, so it is only normal that you spend money recklessly. However, it is not easy for your parents. You have to learn to be sensible.”

Tao Zhengs expression turned even worse. This Tan Rou had only been obedient for two days, and she was already spending money recklessly. She was even seen by their neighbors. Isnt she embarrassing them

Tan Rou nodded obediently. “I know, Auntie Liu. I bought these with my own money. I didnt spend the familys money.”

Auntie Liu was a little suspicious. She could tell that the things this girl bought were not cheap. How could she earn so much money at such a young age However, she did not mean any harm. She smiled politely and left.

Tao Zheng dragged Tao Rou back home and could not help but ask, “Tell me the truth. Where did you get the money”



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