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Chapter 103: Sister Tea relies on herself to kill the whole alliance (32)

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Two days after returning to the Shanghai market, PG had to go to Hainan to participate in the LPL All-Star Weekend.


As an annual event of the LPL, the All-Stars usually lasts for two to three days.

It integrates public welfare, awards, entertainment competitions, and exhibition competitions.

It brings together popular players from the entire league.

Whether it is confrontation or cooperation, it is very interesting.


In the most grand All-Star game, the selection depends on the voter turnout.

Players from 16 LPL teams will compete together, and the two most popular players in each position will be selected into the roster.

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

The PG with the championship potential is the least afraid of voting, but the league stipulates that the same LPL team can only be selected by a maximum of three people, and the three positions of the middle and lower field with the highest number of votes in the team.


"It seems that Little Bei and I can only cheer you on from the stage," Meng Dongliu held his brother's shoulder, smiling rather awkwardly, "Don't be silly without me to protect you."


Meng Xishang gave his brother an eye: "With you or without you, can't I play the same way"


"Bu's assistant Tao Xiao, and WOW's Melody are very good," Li Dingbei added next to him, "And his style is stable, which is quite suitable for Xishang."


Meng Dongliu was slightly unhappy: "Stop it, I admit defeat."


In fact, in this All-Star vote, PG won first place from all the voting.

If they were not restricted by the rules, five PG players could play together.


"Dongliu, if you really want to come on stage, you can consider swapping with your brother on the match day." Bi Ming pressed her chin against her chin and looked at the twins' faces that were almost the same, "No one can tell anyway."


As soon as this bad idea came out, the twins' eyes lit up.


"Good idea, why didn't I think of it"


"Seems fun"


Shi Zhong, who was next to them, stopped the dangerous thoughts of the two in time: "There are many people at the scene, and if they are found, something might happen." After speaking, he looked at Bi Ming and shook his head.


"I'm joking." Bi Ming smiled at him and blinked innocently.


Shi Zhong let out a soft sigh.


The twins, who were looking at them, froze for a moment at the same time and noticed some subtle atmosphere in the air.


Meng Dongliu, who had the quickest reaction, raised his voice deliberately, breaking the atmosphere: "Brother Bei and I are really pitiful, right" He also patted Li Dingbei's arm next to him twice.


"It's okay, I have the SoloKing Challenge." Li Dingbei waved his hand away and said calmly.


SoloKing, as the name suggests, is a heads-up 1V1, and its popularity is also very high.


Meng Dongliu was suddenly choked.


Little Bei is so uncooperative, making it difficult for him to do it.


The others couldn't help laughing, and the atmosphere turned into full of joy.


"As you just said, then I also have a freshman challenge..." Meng Dongliu finally said angrily.


Although the Freshman Challenge difficulty is much lower than the All-Star Game.


It happened that Guo Xiong came over and heard Meng Dongliu's words.

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

"Isn't that just right, Shi Zhong is also one of the head coaches of the Freshman Challenge."


Looking at the manager's smiling face, Meng Dongliu took a deep breath and looked at Shi Zhong suddenly: "Brother Zhong, are you the coach"


Holding the double crown in his hand, Shi Zhong, who already has enough qualifications, smiled: "Well, is it surprising"


Meng Dongliu: ...This is not a surprise, but a shock.


"By the way, there is an exclusive interview this afternoon.

I heard that it will be on TV.

Later, a makeup artist will come to help you.

You don't need to wear a team uniform, but you can't be too sloppy..." Guo Xiong warned them like an old mother. 


During this period of time, he was much busier than he was during the S game, and his mobile phone basically never stopped ringing.

Those big-name advertisers who were originally extremely cold were enthusiastic, and even a satellite TV variety show threw an olive branch after seeing the full group PG photos.

Inviting "World champions" to enter the entertainment industry.


But PG itself is not a club that fishes out of the water, and its ambitions are far more than an S crown.

In addition, the main players have no interest in this, and Guo Xiong resolutely rejected most of the eye-catching program arrangements.


Except for the official media that cannot be rejected, and the e-sports self-media that has a good relationship, the PG club did not even hold the championship celebration.


Netizens complained about this: "PG is strong in everything, so the publicity is a bit stretched."


But PG couldn't do anything here.

Time was running out.

After recording the interview, they had to rush to Hainan to attend the All-Star Awards Ceremony.


"This championship is not the end, but the beginning."


This sentence that Bi Ming said in the FMVP interview also showed the ambition of all PG members.


There are already more than two-handed championship teams in the world.


If they want to truly become a legend, they can only surpass the LCK's second consecutive championship and achieve three consecutive championships.


Netizens were not very optimistic about PG's declaration, but they did not disapprove.


After all, ambition, anyone can have it, let alone their championship team.




A few days later, Haikou, Hainan.


Before the annual awards session, there was the much-anticipated red carpet ceremony, and the big teams made their grand debut in suits and leather shoes.


Fans watching the live broadcast on the red carpet were eager to feed, and the names of popular players were madly swiped in the barrage.


"...The next person to enter the arena is also our main event highlight tonight - the PG team!" Following the host Xinyue's smiling words, the camera turned, and five people walked side by side from the light on the other end of the red carpet. 


In the interweaving of light and shadow, before one could see the figure clearly, the barrage exploded instantly.


"Ah, ah, ah, all in suits!"


"I thought Lin would wear a skirt, woo woo woo..."


"Whoa, look at my sister's waist and legs, awsl!!"


Before PG appeared in the All-Stars program, the forum launched a poll on "Will Lin wear a dress and walk the red carpet" Most of the netizens who were full of color and boldness chose "Yes", but Bi Ming did not meet the wishes of the public today.


The drapey, high-end cut white suit fitted right on the curve of Bi Ming's body.

It matches her deep and cool face and the short curly hair that has been carefully managed by the hairstylist.

Her natural allure blossomed.


Shi Zhong and Li Dingbei beside her were both wearing black suits sponsored by big names, but the former wore a light and elegant blue bow tie, while the latter wore a steady and deep black tie.


The twins chose a silver-gray tuxedo with a white lining, like two exquisite little princes who walked out of the fairy tale world.

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

The five people on the red carpet had different styles, but they are integrated together.

With their beautiful and tall physique, they look like a group of thugs in suits.


The sound of the camera clicking was incessant, and the fans who were blocked by the security fence screamed again and again.

The scene was as hot as a star chaser.


The experienced host Xinyue couldn't control the scene, and she was secretly stunned by the popularity of PG.


All-star tickets are not cheap, and the location in Hainan is a long journey for many non-local fans, but the enthusiasm at the scene is so high that it seems that all their fans are in the audience.


This momentum was something that the previous teams could not achieve.


"Huan, welcome PG! Please come here, give us an autograph and take a photo with us..."


There were countless IDs on the program wall.


After Bi Ming finished signing, she suddenly realized that no one else was signing behind her.


"What are you doing, sign quickly." Bi Ming gave several people a puzzled look.


"Well." Shi Zhong took the first two steps forward and left the signature next to what she just wrote.


"Lin" and "Clock" stand side by side, like partners supporting each other and moving forward.


In the live room:


[Clock's wave is too obvious.


[Damn, can you spread dog food like this 】


[Wait, what did the twins say to Shi Zhong Does anyone know lip reading]


[Dongliu said "excessive", Xishang seemed to have said "cunning"...]


Soon, the twins who complained about Shi Zhong's move put their signatures on the other side of Bi Ming, and their "Lucifer" and "Micheal" were written crookedly, like a semicircle wrapped around "Lin", which looked funny and cute.


And Li Dingbei glanced at the signature area where there was nowhere to start, the left and right sides were crowded with words, he became calm, and finally, put his "Bei" under "Lin" without saying a word.


This turbulent signing process that lasted for dozens of seconds also quickly appeared on the homepages of various CPs.


The same age group: "The heart is on the left, and Lin is also on the left, so she belongs to his heart.

Shi Zhong's suggestion is very good..."


The next group: "The younger brothers really know how to play, wrap you with names, hug you, possess you, and have naked ambitions."


Senior group: "It is clear that with Bei's height, the signature should be written above Lin's, but he would rather bow down for her...

woo woo woo, in front of her, he is willing to surrender forever."


All group: "Hey, this signature wraps Lin in the middle...

Can the ladies write in this position...

(little blushing)"


That night, the most unscrupulous group all had several Weibo posts with pictures and texts blocked.


A red carpet entry made all CP fans fall into a climax.


And the following awards ceremony also made the fans laugh from ear to ear.


"Six months ago, I didn't dare to think that there would be a girl who could turn out and win the LPL annual MVP, the most popular player, and the best jungler three awards in one fell swoop.

Others may not be able to get one honor in their entire career, she's all set."


"PG is the same, the best club of the year, the best manager, and the best business operation case are all in hand, and the five main players have all entered the LPL's best lineup of the year, and they were all voted by Zhangmeng and Weibo."


As the biggest winner of the awards ceremony, PG was simply a villain.

They got so many trophies that the team members couldn't hold them all, especially Bi Ming.

She was the first one in the LPL to win both the best rookie and the most popular player in the past ten years.


The official poem for her:


[There are jungle whispers in my ears, and mysterious universes are hidden in my heart.


She is a precise and stern arrow that reaches the enemy's heart and an unpredictable death knell.


The summer games were amazing and amazing;


The World Championships raged back and forth, and the whole world was amazed.


The hall was full of flowers and three thousand guests were drunk, and the fourteen states were frozen with one sword.


A good woman has a lot of ambitions, and she doesn't like red makeup but loves being armed with red.]


Seeing her gorgeous data to the fault, people finally realized-


It turns out that time has passed so quickly, and she is no longer the "Green tea" host who was besieged by others, nor the newcomer who caused controversy based on her gender.


She is an unparalleled genius and the super jungler who won the S championship in the shortest time in the history of the league.


With the glory on her body and the crown in her hands, this woman has ascended to the throne that countless players dream of.


Such a halo makes people want to approach and destroy her.


People began to look forward to the All-Star exhibition game.

They want to know, can Bi Ming, who has to leave her teammates, can she still be strong




The two most popular players in the All-Star team will be automatically assigned to the two teams to become captains and lead their respective teams to PK.


And Bi Ming and Shi Zhong were also dismantled because of this rule, and players from their own teams were drawn separately.


Meng Xishang was very angry after seeing the result of the lottery: "Why am I on Brother Zhong's side"

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

"I don't know." Shi Zhong and him were sitting on the sofa in the lounge, watching Li Dingbei's solo match with expressionless faces.


Meng Dongliu looked at them with a schadenfreude expression: "Don't complain, it's good to be my elder sister's opponent, and you can be ganked by her.

How exciting."


This cheap tone made Meng Xishang's hands itch: "You wait for me in the afternoon freshman competition."


"What, brother, do you want to help me" Meng Dongliu continued to smile.


"Think beautifully," Meng Xishang sneered, "When you lose, I will record your expression and send it to the group for everyone to appreciate."


"I won't lose." Meng Dong showed a smile exclusive to the little devil, and then looked around again, "Where is my sister"


"The organizer invited her to do some special show." The little substitute next to him took a bite of a Snickers bar and said vaguely, "One person from each team had to go.

Sister Nan didn't want to go, but they insisted on inviting her."


"No wonder the program team said that there will be activities after the solo competition." Meng Xishang held up the notice on the sofa, "Let me see...



The boy's suddenly high voice startled everyone else in the room.


"Tsk, what kind of ghost activity is this" Meng Dongliu grabbed it curiously, took a closer look, and read it out, "After the SoloKing decision, members of the major teams will be invited to give everyone a surprise League of Legends cosplay performance.



The room went silent for a second, then the boys couldn't hold back—


"What does my sister want to cosplay as"


"Sister Lin is out, can we text her to make a proposal"


"Lei Ming, didn't you always say that Sister Nan feels like Ai"


"Shh! Don't talk nonsense, I had just mentioned it casually..."


Shi Zhong rubbed his temples, feeling a little headache.


No, he has to be at peace with himself, why should he care about these little bastards


He touched his mobile phone, pondered for a moment, clicked on his WeChat and pinned it to the top, moved his finger, and sent a message:


[How about choosing Syndra]


After sending it, he closed his eyes, tapped the phone case with his fingers, and waited for several seconds.


No one replied.


After a while, he moved his fingers again.




Still no reply.


On the big screen in the lounge, the final winner of the SoloKing challenge was being announced—


"Let's congratulate Bei from team PG for becoming a well-deserved SoloKing this year with an impressive victory!"


Someone in the room cheered, and then began to discuss again:


"Is there a special program coming"


"Haha, I should give Brother Bei an award first."


"I really want to fast-forward to the awards and jump to the back right now..."


Shi Zhong looked at the phone with no feedback and raised his brows lightly.


Shy, still didn't see it


"Quick, quick, take this photo, Brother Bei even crooked his collar." Everyone watching the broadcast laughed and laughed, mocking Li Dingbei's messy outfit.


"The trophy is here...

wow, so small"


"Did Brother Bei grow taller again Compared with the trophy in his hand, he is like a giant tower."


At this time, the host's voice continued to sound on the screen:

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

"Next, according to our arrangement, there is a very exciting special program, please stay for a while for our SoloKing.

Audience friends, now let's welcome our alliance cos group with warm applause!"


Li Dingbei nodded, followed the host's line of sight, and looked back, then slowly froze.


Different coser dressed in hero costumes filed out from backstage, all had faces that were very familiar to the audience.


For example, BU's big brother Woody with a generous body, wearing EZ's yellow wig, wearing a handsome white suit, made a heroic salute gesture and almost made the audience go crazy.


"Woody, this cos cow, it's too restored…" Meng Xishang's cold face rarely turned red, and he put his hand on his lips to hold back a smile.


Meng Dongliu knew that his brother was bad, but he didn't expect such a shot: "Did you say it on purpose, brother"


EZ, known as the son of the alliance, is the most handsome little face in the game.

Even if Woody's set of cos is his favorite hero, he couldn't boast about it without conscience.


"I mean demeanor, you know." Meng Xishang glanced at Shi Zhong secretly, very well, the other party didn't get angry because he said something about his old teammates.


Shi Zhong was a little absent-minded at the moment, naturally, he didn't pay attention to what Meng Xishang said.


The person he wanted to see wasn't on the screen yet.


But soon, the twins who were still commenting on the cosplay of the players of the major teams suddenly seemed to have pressed the pause button.


The whole room fell silent again.


After a long time, the little substitute whistled and exclaimed lightly:


"I didn't expect Sister Nan to choose Akali..."


"It's still from KDA, even the mask will light up," another boy who was on the bench whispered, "It's so cool."


With long legs and a slender waist, wearing a baseball cap, and covering her face with a graffiti mask, the "Akali" with a sassiness came to the stage, and the cheers of the audience almost reached its peak.


The twins looked at each other and found regret in each other's eyes.


They didn't expect her to choose cosplaying as a top laner.


"Why not the wind girl and the piano girl..."


"I think the policewoman or Ashe would suit her better."


Shi Zhong's mood was not as low as the twins, instead he leaned against his chin and pondered: "Actually, Akali can also walk in."


Meng Dongliu let out a sigh and reminded him, "Brother Zhong, when did you use Akali"


Shi Zhong smiled warmly: "But Akali's mid-lane routine is very popular."


The little substitute looked at his middle assistant in surprise: "What are they fighting for"


"It should be Sister Nan who chose the hero...

It doesn't meet their expectations." His companion shook his head and quietly lowered his voice, "It has nothing to do with us anyway, don't say anything."


On the stage, Li Dingbei looked at the girl dressed as Akali standing beside him, his throat a little dry.



what's going on"


Bi Ming picked up a strand of long purple hair that fell, tilted her head, and twitched the corners of her lips hidden under the mask: "I can't refuse a cosplay that they insisted on so much."


What Li Dingbei actually wanted to ask her was why she chose Akali instead of the jungler heroes she preferred.


But seeing Bi Ming's short coat slipping down between his elbows, he put the extra problem behind him, and instead cared to help her put the coat up.


Aware of his movements, Bi Ming took two steps back vigilantly: "Don't destroy this look, you'll have to read the lines later."


"Sorry." Li Dingbei had no choice but to shrink his hands.


"And your collar, remember to fix it." On the stage, Bi Ming pointed to the man's neckline, which had been crooked to one side, "It's too crooked."


The man looked down, the tough outline suddenly became more rigid, and there was an embarrassing blush on his face:




They whispered on the side of the stage, unaware that the multi-angle camera had captured the scene.


In the live broadcast room, the barrage army left a message:


[Hey, what about the show, they are  actually chatting]

#Original translations on puretl.com —do not steal.

[Sister Nan specially chose Dingbei's signature hero, so sweet.]


[The CP party has retreated, and Akali can also walk in or play wild.]


If Shi Zhong saw it, he would definitely agree with it.


[But Bei Bei's face is so red, he keeps staring at Lin, just like my big wolf-dog.]


[Great, Lin finally asked him to tidy up his collar, My OCD heaved a sigh of relief.]


[Ah, Brother Bei is holding the trophy in one hand.

It was not easy for him, so the goddess went straight to help him.]


[Does kswl want such a young couple]


In the lounge, the two pure little substitutes felt the air pressure drop inexplicably low.


The team members' expressions were not very good-looking.


Meng Dongliu couldn't hold back first, tsk tsk disgusted:


"Little Bei is really… such a big man, does someone else have to make his collar correct, is he still a child"


Meng Xishang held his cheeks: "Also, the host also has problems.

Brother Bei has been recorded on the stage for a long time, which greatly affects the coser's performance."


Shi Zhong held the phone and thought calmly that he was still the most honest one there.


Bowing his head, he adjusted his neckline.


Well, mess up a bit, she'll notice when she gets back later, right


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