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Chapter 61.1


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


The man’s lips moved incessantly, licking the slippery breasts and flesh in several ways, producing a blushing, lapping sound.

His hand slid down the woman’s waistline, touching the edge of her panties, and he pulled them down with a slight pause.


The warm palm of his hand covered the dense forest.

After rubbing a little, he felt a shiver from the woman beneath him and a little wetness in his palm.


The man’s hand groped in the woman’s private place in the darkness.

Unintentionally touching the woman’s bulge, Su Yunluo was immediately startled to close her legs.


The woman’s mouth moaned more and more sweetly, and the cave also secreted more water, which lubricated the man’s hand.


With the sticky fluid, Jiang Hanfei stretched out a finger and slowly stabbed the woman’s canal.

The woman was wet and tight inside, so much so that the flesh swarmed around his finger from all sides, making it difficult for him to move.


Jiang Hanfei stopped for a moment and pressed his thumb against her nub until the woman secreted more fluid, then he inserted his finger back and forth.


The speed of the finger inside was accelerating, and his thick knuckles were rubbing against the sensitive walls of the cavity, causing it to contract and wrap around him.


The man was a master at this, and it didn’t take long for Su Yunluo to shiver as his fingers sent her to climax.


The bedroom was lit up with dim light with a “click.” The woman’s jade body stretched out beneath him.

Her fair skin was covered with a layer of light pink due to the passion, her glistening cheeks were flushed, and her trembling eyelashes gave away her shy mood at this time.


“Luo Luo, open your eyes and look at me,” Jiang Hanfei spoke softly.


After hesitating, Su Yunluo slowly opened her eyes and crashed into the man’s affectionate eyes.


The man printed a kiss on her palm, “Luo Luo, give it to me, okay Hmm”


After reaching this point, there was no need to ask; It was just that Jiang Hanfei wanted to hear the woman’s permission from her lips.


Su Yunluo nodded in the man’s gaze, “Be gentle.

I’m afraid it will hurt.” She blushed and spoke in a small voice.


The man took off the last of his clothing, revealing a fit body.

Standard broad shoulders and narrow hips, the body’s muscles were strong and powerful, the abdomen was neatly arranged with six-pack abs, and between his legs lay a raging s*x organ, which was surrounded by veins.

The tip overflowed with a few drops that showed the man’s impatience.


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