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Two years later.

Wen Nanjin slowly opened his eyes, then looked at Su Yunluo at the side.

While she was still sleeping, her breathing was long, and her lips were smiling.

It was as if she was having some kind of beautiful dream.

Wen Nanjin leaned over and imprinted a kiss on her lips, then gently got up.

He went to the next room and gently pushed open the door.

It was a baby room, with two cribs, placed side by side in the most eye-catching place in the middle.

Wen Nanjin gently walked over, looking softly at the baby sleeping in the crib.

Six months ago, Su Yunluo gave birth to a baby, a pair of dragon and phoenix children.

The eldest was a brother called Wen Muhan, and the youngest was a sister named Wen Muya.

The twins were delicate and adorable, having no idea how popular they were.

They were cute, though, except at times when they would cry when they were hungry or needed a diaper change.

Most of the time, they wouldn’t, not to mention how easy they were to carry.

That’s when Wen Muhan in the blue crib opened his eyes.

Turning and looking around with big and round eyes, he saw Wen Nanjin.

After a long moment, he seemed to realize that he was his father and giggled out loud.

“Muhan is awake.”

Wen Nanjin picked him up from the crib and gently coaxed him.

When Wen Muhan stayed in his arms, his tiny hands grasped the clothes on his chest.

They were little balls of softness that made Wen Nanjin’s heart melt.

At this time, Wen Muhan arched his chest as if he was looking for something but didn’t find it.

His big eyes began to gather tears, looking like he was about to cry.

“Oh… Don’t cry, don’t cry… Daddy will go make milk for you.”

Wen Nanjin carried him out of the nursery, went to the kitchen, and took the milk powder as well as a clean bottle.

He poured some hot water into the bottle, then scooped up the milk powder and shook it well.

Then he tested the temperature before giving it to little Muhan.

Little Muhan held the bottle.

His little red mouth bit and sucked on the nipple, feeding on his food.

A small cry sounded again in the nursery.

Wen Nanjin was about to walk over, but Su Yunluo took one step ahead of him, picking up Wen Muya.

She coaxed, “Don’t cry, don’t cry… Mommy is here…”

Whereas little Muhan had finished his milk and was closing his eyes to go back to sleep.

Wen Nanjin lulled him to sleep and carried him back to his crib.

“Muya is hungry.

I’ll go make milk for her.”

She nodded.

Not long after, Wen Nanjin returned.

He slipped the milk bottle into little Muya’s arms.

She was so hungry that she held the bottle and gulped down the milk.

Soon, that bottle of milk saw the end.

Su Yunluo patted her gently and waited for her to fall asleep before putting her back in the crib.

Looking at the sleeping babies in each of the two cribs, the couple’s faces were all smiles of happiness.

The couple went to wash up for breakfast, then went back to their room to change clothes.


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