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Gu Yiyin’s cooking skills were already considered very good, but Su Yunluo’s cooking skills were even better than his.


Su Yunluo looked at him expectantly, “What do you think of the taste”


Gu Yiyin nodded affirmatively, “It’s delicious.”


“That’s good.

Next time you want to eat something, let me know.

I’ll make it for you.”


Su Yunluo was confident.

Gu Yiyin smiled and nodded.

The two of them had an enjoyable dinner.

After dinner, Su Yunluo got up to clean up the dishes.


Gu Yiyin stopped her, “You sit down, I’ll clean up.”


So, Su Yunluo ran to the living room to watch TV.

He put away the dishes into the kitchen.

After washing the dishes, he cut a plate of fruit out.


Su Yunluo watched TV seriously and didn’t notice that Gu Yiyin had already come out of the kitchen.


“Have a piece of apple.” Gu Yiyin forked over a piece of apple to her.


Only then did Su Yunluo realize that Gu Yiyin was sitting next to her.


She took the apple, said “thank you” in passing, and turned around to continue watching TV.


The TV played an idol drama, an old-fashioned love story between a poor girl and a CEO.

Although the plot was clichéd, the main characters’ face value was high, so the ratings increased.


The general audience watched these dogged romance dramas.

While some spat at it, Su Yunluo was the same.

As she watched, she talked to Gu Yiyin and then guessed the following plot.


When other men watched these idol dramas with their girlfriends, they usually felt childish and bored.

They would leave to do other things after sitting for less than a few minutes.


Gu Yiyin was different, though, and was able to discuss the plot with Su Yunluo.

He commented on the characters’ lines and made a lot of sense, which Su Yunluo admired.


After watching two episodes of the idol drama, it was almost ten o’clock.

The two went to the bathroom to shower one after another.


When Su Yunluo came out of the bathroom, Gu Yiyin handed her a beautiful box, “What’s this” Su Yunluo curiously took it.


“A gift for you.

Open it, and see if you like it.” Gu Yiyin smiled.


Su Yunluo opened the box, and there was a very ancient necklace lying quietly inside, looking very timeless.

On the back of the necklace’s pendant was written a string of unreadable words.


Su Yunluo raised her head and asked Gu Yiyin, “What does the text behind this mean”


Gu Yiyin explained, “It’s a very ancient script.

It means I love three things in this world, the sun and the moon.

The sun is the morning, the moon in the evening, and you are the morning and the evening.

The original version of this phrase was originally in English, but later it was translated into this ancient script.”


“So romantic.” Su Yunluo’s tone was filled with envy.


“This necklace is a couple’s pair.

I also have one,” finished saying; Gu Yiyin quietly observed her reaction.


“So it’s a lovers’ necklace.

I like it.

Thank you for bringing me a gift.” Su Yunluo smiled sweetly.


Seeing that Su Yunluo did indeed like the necklace, Gu Yiyin breathed a sigh of relief and looked at her with even more tenderness.


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