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    After eating their lunch, several people returned to their rooms to rest.

Yang Peishan was arranged to relax in the guest room, while Gu Yiyin was naturally in Su Yunluo’s room.


    It was the first time Gu Yiyin entered a girl’s room, and that person was his own dear girlfriend.

Therefore, he was interested in the room’s decoration.


    Su Yunluo’s color palette of the room was mainly pink.

A princess-style bed was placed with several plush dolls, and light pink curtains were also hung; Directly in front of the bed was a set of coral velvet sofas, the left side was a white dresser, and the right side was a bookcase with study books on one side and comic books on the other; In addition, the walls were also plastered with anime posters, and the whole room was full of girlish atmosphere.


    “So you still like comics.” Gu Yiyin was a little surprised.


    “Yes, when I was in high school, I liked comics.

As soon as a new comic was released, I would buy it, and it accumulated half a bookcase.” Su Yunluo spoke softly.


    Gu Yiyin curiously pulled out a comic, but a letter fell out.

The envelope was pink and said: “to sister Su Yunluo”.


    “Luo Luo, who wrote this letter to you” Gu Yiyin asked.


    “Let me see.” Su Yunluo took the letter from his hand.

There was a logo on the top of the envelope, and it dawned on her, “Oh.

I remember now! I joined the literary club when I was in college.

This letter seems to have been given to me by the president .”


    “Can I read it” Gu Yiyin asked her.



You can read it.

” Su Yunluo spoke while packing her things.


    Gu Yiyin opened the letter.

The boy’s flowing handwriting was on the letterhead, which read as follows.


    When I first met you, little sister, you were as pure and moving as a lily.

It left a deep impression on me.

As the days went by, I was progressively impressed by your talent and knowledge.

Some say that 500 glances back in a previous life were exchanged for a brush with this one… I wonder if I have this honor to get you to stop and stay At the end of the letter, the closing was written by Sui Qingfeng.


    Sui Qingfeng.

Gu Yiyin pondered before remembering that he had given him the “excellent graduate” trophy on the day of the award.

When he thought that he had not only given his rival a position but also witnessed the growth of Su Yunluo’s university, Gu Yiyin was a little less than happy.


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