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Chapter 44.2


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Gu Yiyin immediately woke up when she touched him.

Hearing her say that her water had broken, he panicked and then calmed down.

He dressed her neatly, took all the birth kits he had prepared, called Mother Gu, and then made their way to the hospital.


Outside the operating room, listening to the high and low sound of pain inside, Gu Yiyin was anxious.

“Mom, why is it taking so long to give birth”


Mother Gu on the side was calm, “Only an hour or so inside, and it’s still early.”


And in the operating room, Su Yunluo was sweating profusely.

Her lips were white from biting, and her lower body kept pushing, trying to give birth to the child.


The nurse on the side encouraged her, “Mrs.

Gu, push harder.

We’re about to see the baby’s head.”


Su Yunluo followed the nurse’s instructions.

She took a deep breath and then worked hard on her lower body.

Finally, she felt a lightness underneath her, and then a loud baby cry sounded.

The surgical lights went out, and the nurse came out and spoke, “Which of you is a family member”


“Me!” Mother Gu and Gu Yiyin spoke in unison.


“Congratulations, mother and daughter are safe,” the nurse spoke with a smile.


At that, the two of them breathed a sigh of relief.

Gu Yiyin asked, “What about my wife”



Su passed out from fatigue.

She and the baby will be cleaned later and sent to the general ward,” the nurse explained.


When Su Yunluo woke up, it was late in the evening.

She was cleaned, but there was some hidden pain in her lower body.

Gu Yiyin was watching her without moving an inch.

When she woke up, he looked concerned, “Luo Luo, you’re awake.

Is there anything else uncomfortable”


Su Yunluo shook her head.

She made a gesture to sit up from the bed.

Gu Yiyin hurriedly helped her up and stuffed a pillow behind her waist.


“Where is the baby” Su Yunluo asked.


“The baby is in the incubator, and she will be delivered later.

Eat something first.” Gu Yiyin spoke softly, and he opened the thermos beside her and fed her porridge.


After drinking most of the bowl, Su Yunluo said she was full.

At this time, the nurse was wheeled into the incubator.


After asking the nurse, Gu Yiyin carefully took the baby out of the incubator.

The baby was sleeping with her little fists clenched.

Her features were wrinkled, and for the moment, they couldn’t see who she looked like.


“She’s so small.” Su Yunluo picked up the baby.

It was a wonderful feeling to feel the tiny soft mass nestled in her arms.

The faces of the two were filled with the excitement and thrill of being a first-time parent.



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