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Chapter 47.1


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Three months later, Yang Peishan gave birth to a baby boy in the hospital.

It was a happy event, but Su Yunting’s and his parents’ faces were ugly.


It turned out that the baby Yang Peishan delivered was defective, and the missing chromosomes in his body would cause the baby’s intellectual development to be impaired, which is commonly known as “mental retardation.”


Father Yang invited the country’s most famous brain experts to come to the baby’s diagnosis, but the results did not look too good once they came out.


Through the examination, the brain specialist diagnosed that the baby’s disease was hereditary and that one of the parents had a chromosomal abnormality, which caused the baby’s condition.


So, both Su Yunting and Yang Peishan went for a chromosome test, and the results were acceptable.

If the baby was born by Yang Peishan, then it could only mean one fact: The baby was not Su Yunting’s!


As the truth was in front of her, Yang Peishan had to admit: The baby was indeed not Su Yunting’s.

She had exhausted all methods beforehand, all of which were not successful.


Previously she used every method but could not move Su Yunting.

In desperation, she drugged Su Yunting, then took off their clothes and lay on the bed together, creating the illusion that they were having s*x.


She initially thought that “the rice was cooked,” and Su Yunting would be responsible for her even if he did not like her.

However, Su Yunting did not take the one-night stand seriously, and she had strong self-esteem and was unwilling to tell her father about it.

As a last resort, she found a man to do artificial insemination.

She waited until she was pregnant and pretended not to let her father find out.

Her father was distressed.

So, he forced Su Yunting to take responsibility.


Su Yunting then also accepted.

It did not matter to him who he married, but marrying Yang Peishan was helpful to his career.

But he would never have imagined that the child was not his, which was a disgrace for a man!


Yang Peishan also did not know that things would develop in this way.

That man was found by an agent, who was greedy and cheap.

In addition, Yang Peishan’s side was pressing, so she took the man for a random physical examination, and the result was this.


Yang Peishan was weak and hurt having a baby, so she couldn’t get pregnant again.

Su Yunting couldn’t accept the two of them, and Yang Peishan refused to get a divorce, so things were a little difficult to resolve.


Su Yunluo heard all this from Mother Su.

She comforted her by speaking, “Mom, don’t worry about this.

Brother will work it out.

You must believe that the boat will come to the bridge naturally.”


“I know,” Mother Su sighed.


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