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Chapter 48.2


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada



The three of them were of the same age, with similar achievements, were in the same class in high school, and went to the same university.

Xu Xiangchen was gentle and elegant, a gentleman and soft-spoken, and very popular with girls; Jiang Hanfei was unruly, with a pair of peach blossom eyes that were very seductive, giving a philandering feeling.


Su Yunluo liked Xu Xiangchen very much and confessed her love to him on one of his birthdays, and they became boyfriend and girlfriend.

After graduating from college, the two were ready to get married, but at that time, Xu Xiangchen’s ex-girlfriend returned.

Xu Xiangchen had a girlfriend when he was a sophomore, called Bai Yunyun.

The two were in love in a high-key way, but then Bai Yunyun left the country.

The two broke up, for which Xu Xiangchen was sad for a long time.


Now she came back when he was about to get married, asking to get back together.

Xu Xiangchen remembered all the past with her, and he became indecisive.

This also gave Bai Yunyun a chance to take advantage.

The two had s*x after drinking, and Su Yunluo caught them in bed under Bai Yunyun’s scheme.


Su Yunluo was devastated and broke up and left in tears.

She didn’t tell her father and mother about the incident.

Fearing that she would be exposed, she found an excuse to move out.

Later, Jiang Hanfei learned about the incident and was uneasy about Su Yunluo being alone, so he lent her an apartment in his name to live in.


Afterward, Xu Xiangchen found Su Yunluo and wanted to explain.

Su Yunluo was accidentally hit by a passing car to avoid him, so she became like this.


After receiving the plot, Su Yunluo just wanted to curse: What a scum!


Just after cursing him in her heart, the scumbag came.

Seeing him, both Father Su and Mother Su were furious.

“Who allowed you to come Get the hell out of here!” Mother Su spoke sternly.


Xu Xiangchen had a guilty face, “Teacher, Ma’am, I’m sorry.

It’s all my fault.”


Father Su still managed to remain calm, but his voice was full of disappointment, “Xiangchen, this is a hospital.

I do not want to argue with you.

But there is one thing I have to say.

As a man, you are too indecisive.

If it were not so, my daughter would not be lying here.”


Xu Xiangchen looked at the unconscious Su Yunluo and was full of self-blame.

At this time, Jiang Hanfei also hurriedly arrived.

When Father Su saw him, his face became peaceful.


“Teacher, Ma’am, how is Luo Luo’s condition now”Jiang Hanfei urgently spoke.


“The doctor said that Luo Luo’s injury is too serious.

Without a miracle, there is almost no possibility of waking up.” Father Su had a sorrowful face.


At that, the man’s tall body swayed, “How could this be” His eyes were filled with shock and pain.

Then, he had a firm face, “Teacher, Ma’am, I will take care of Luo Luo with you in the future.”


“You, child, have the intention.” Father Su had a relieved face.


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