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In a certain hotel room in Huadu.


sat on the sofa and seemed exhausted.

He was now a free man.


Just a few hours ago, he had resigned and took the entire team with him.

It was already night when all the relevant procedures were finished.


had just rushed his way back to this reserved room.

“Compared to that nasty rich guy, Taurus Zhang’s still more dependable.” He adjusted his golden-rimmed glasses and then loosened his tie.


resigned and became his own boss because Taurus Zhang chose to collaborate with him and even provide financial aid.

Both of them were in mutual collaboration.

They weren’t working in the form of superior and subordinate.

After eliminating [Princess], this collaboration was bound to continue if they had a pleasant time working with one another.

“Once I’ve earned enough money, I’ll be able to pay for my own team and bag the cash in the game.”

It was very costly to fund a large team.

Based on S.K.Y.’s financial ability, it was definitely difficult to do so.

Moreover, he would easily lose everything if he couldn’t make a profit.

“My chances of advancing further will depend on the benefits that I attain by getting rid of [Princess].”

Pulling out his phone, S.K.Y.

glanced at the dazzling beauty on the screen while feeling massive spite.

“[Princess], you’ll be nothing but the largest stepping-stone in my life!” He gritted his teeth and spoke resentfully.

At this moment, someone who hated Yaeger more than him had arrived.

The door opened and adrenaline-pumping music was heard.

Taurus Zhang showed up, just like the main protagonist in a movie.


looked over and his pupils shrank instantly, looking visibly surprised.

Because he realized that Taurus had changed! Familiar but different, distant but close.

He was still the same person but his demeanor had changed drastically.



could sense an unusual and ominous chilling aura on him.

Then he looked at his appearance—his black hair was dyed gray and shaped into a cone with gel.

Ear studs of various colors adorned his right ear, while eyeshadow made its way onto his well-groomed handsome face.

His lips were painted black also.

He wore something that resembled a choker for dogs on his neck, with thorns that glinted.

He wore a black leather coat that was tied with lots of straps of similar color and its chest area was cut in a heart shape, revealing his sturdy pectoral muscles.

Tattered black leather trousers, and a pair of silver leather shoes embroidered with skulls.

Overall, he conveyed the style of a punk!

‘He’s back.

That Taurus Zhang is back!’

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At this moment, S.K.Y.

seemed to have traveled through time and returned to the era where the [Death of Love] Family was still around.

That was the best time that they had in their lives.

“S.K.Y., I’m going to use the cruelest way possible to kill that Black-hearted Princess!” Taurus Zhang screamed the moment he entered, his voice carrying venomous spite.


was perplexed.

He had been very busy today and had no time to pay attention to the game’s affairs.

Hence, he had no idea why Taurus would suddenly hate [Princess] this much.

Noticing his demeanor, Taurus visibly struggled slightly before explaining what happened to him in the game.

Even if he didn’t say anything, S.K.Y.

would figure it out by surfing the web anyway.

Several minutes later.

After listening, S.K.Y.

became even more perplexed.

He’d never imagine that the world would change drastically after skipping the game for a day.

If Taurus hadn’t told him these things, he’d never believe it.

After all, he now knew that [Princess] was even stronger than expected.

Meanwhile, when it came to her hosting a betting scheme, S.K.Y.

felt that it was typical behavior from her.

However, after hearing that [Princess] had earned just about 200 million gold coins, S.K.Y.

was shocked beyond belief.

“S.K.Y., we must speed up our progress.

Otherwise, she’d probably escape once she reaches level 30.” Taurus said.

When a player had reached Level 30, their travel restriction would be lifted.

By then, those players could go anywhere and do anything that was allowed by the game’s rules.

Reaching Level 30 was the true beginning of the game.


She’s really growing too fast.

They are all Closed Beta players but she really dusted off people like Mira.” S.K.Y.


Currently, the highest-ranked player in the world was none other than [Princess] herself.

Moreover, she’s 5 levels ahead of the second highest-ranked player, Mira.

“[Princess], with an Artifact, is undoubtedly the strongest player in the game.

It’d be appropriate even if we regard her as the final boss.”


paused for the moment and continued speaking, “Let’s follow our initial plan and deal with her.

It’s not a big problem since our plan is equipped to deal with the final boss anyway.

However, now that we’re speeding up the process, the funding…”

At this point, Taurus interjected fiercely.

“If the problem can be solved with money, then it’s no problem!”

Hearing that, S.K.Y.

seemed unfazed but he was overjoyed deep inside his heart.

Working with someone that had unlimited money to spare was just awesome.


Sounds like I can earn a lot of side income here.’

“Since you said that, I’ll do my best to handle it as soon as possible.” S.K.Y.

pushed his gold-rimmed glasses and spoke confidently.

Their plan was simple—an old-fashioned one—sacrificing lives and slamming [Princess] with hordes of people.

The difference was that these lives were categorized by different levels.

They expected to have cannon fodders who were around Level 15, and vanguards who were around Level 20.

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There was only one shortcut they could take in order to raise these people to these levels.

That was to activate the [Power of Money] and throw money.

Buying resources, earning Prestige, earning Favorability from the Empire, trading for various equipment, and grinding levels.

By facilitating these things, they would expend an astronomical amount of gold coins.

Yet, just as Taurus had said: “Money is no issue!”

However, when S.K.Y.

entered the game and tried to purchase those resources according to plan, he instantly faced a massive obstacle.

All of the resources they needed had doubled in price! Some of them even tripled and quadrupled!

He exited the game and informed Taurus of the situation.

Within the hotel room, the air of silence and embarrassment slowly became thick.

On the other side, in Jade Flower Garden.

Yaeger took a shower and put on a fancy, gothic-styled black dress.

Putting on sunglasses, her entire demeanor changed greatly.

Coming to the window and realizing that nobody was around, she jumped down.

With a flick of her hand, she raised the fallen leaves on the ground and levitated them mid-air in an orderly manner.

She then moved quickly like a phantom.

Mylene looked around outside of KFC, obviously searching for someone.

She was slightly dressed up today—wearing a pretty hair clip, light-blue pretty blouse, and holding a cute handbag in her hands.

The streets are sparsely crowded and somewhat deserted.

Mylene had been waiting here for 15 minutes.

There was another 15 minutes until the appointed time.

She actually came here 30 minutes in advance to wait for the other person.

“Thank you for waiting.” Suddenly, a black figure flashed in front of her and overwhelmed her with fragrance.

“Sister!” She hadn’t seen the person but had smelled her fragrance.

Mylene obviously knew the person with this familiar smell and voice.

That person was none other than Yaeger.

“Let’s go in before we talk.” Although the place was a little deserted, the pair of beauties—one tall, one short—still drew a lot of attention.

“Yep!” Mylene nodded obediently.

They casually ordered some food and sat at the corner of the store.

“Sister, I have good news and bad news for you.” After taking a sip of fruit juice, Mylene looked at Yaeger and spoke solemnly.


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