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Chapter 10: Serenas Tantrum

“I think hes awake!”

In one of the rooms in the male dormitory, four students stood with fear written all over their faces as they stared at the person who was laying on the bed.

The students who were in the room were Devon, Aiden, Bryan, and Serena. Serena didnt hear about the fight between Raphael and Adrian, but when she was informed, she rushed instantly towards the arena immediately.

However, when she got there the battle was already over, and those who were watching were already leaving. She asked around and got to know that the new student was carried out of here by one of his friends.

The description she got was Aiden and Devon. And without any delay, she hurried to their dormitory right away.

It had been four hours since she got to his room, and yet Raphael hadnt woken up. They had even called one of the support division teachers to come to check him, and even after rearranging his bones and treating his other injuries, Raphael still didnt wake.

It was speculated that he was going to be awake after two hours, but that didnt seem to be the case. It was only until four hours passed by did Raphael twitch.



Slowly, Raphaels eyelids started to lift open and his vision started to return. When he opened his eyes completely, he was greeted by the sight of the four students around him. Seeing that he recognized the four of them, he heaved a deep breath.

Raphael was about to lift himself from the bed, when a soft hand suddenly held him, “Gently” It was Serena.

With Serenas help, he was able to seat properly on the bed. He stared at Gus who was standing on its perch and a light smile couldnt help but appear on his face.

“Sigh... I didnt get to kill him.” Raphael muttered. He then stared at the students who were in the room, “I really appreciate your help, and if theres anything you ever need, Im willing to repay the favor.”

“Hahahahaha! We didnt do much. You dont have to worry about repaying us back.” Bryan said with a face full of smiles. He was, however, surprised to see Serena shaking her head at him.

Meanwhile, Devon nodded his head, when he heard Raphael. Because of Serena was here, he wasnt able to speak, and as for Aiden, he stood with his head raised high and hands placed behind his back.

“Its fine, Raphael. I dont think of much of those year-2 students, there are simply insects who can be destroyed anytime.”

Aiden had been looking to show off a little since Serena was present, but all he instead got was an expression of mockery from her. “Lady Sere-” He was about to speak when Devon quickly pinched him on the thigh.


Serena raised an eyebrow when she saw the two of them acting all weird. “Does your head hurt” Serena asked as Raphael began touching his head.

“No.” He said.

“Are you sure!” The concern in Serenas voice was evident when she spoke, and even the way she stared at him displayed how worried she was about him. And responding to her, Raphael nodded his head, “Im fine. Thank you, Serena.”

“Ah-Ahem,” Bryans voice rang out, “I will be taking my leave now. Raphael, do take care of yourself, goodbye.” He said, and without wasting any time, he walked out of the room.

The instant Bryan walked out of the room, he heaved a deep breath. He had always assumed he and Serena were close, but when he saw how she acted when she saw Raphael laying on the bed, he realized that their level of closeness was on a different level.

The way Serena had even yelled at him, the moment she walked into the room, frightened him a lot because he didnt see it coming.

After Bryan left the room, the atmosphere became a little tense for Devon, and Aiden as Serena glared at them. She didnt say the word directly, but Devon could tell that she wanted him and Aiden to leave the room.

It was only surprising that Aiden didnt seem to figure it out, and instead, he kept on gloating about stunts that he had pulled off. “Do you know I once had a conversation with Ultraman Damn! That dude, he is something else.”

Devon had already left the room when he couldnt drag Aiden out with him.

“Leave the room, theres something I need to discuss with Raphael!” And when Serena was unable to bear it anymore she raised her voice at him.

Aiden was stunned at first, he was about to speak when he saw that bone-chilling smile that she had on her face, “Hehehe! I leave you, kids, to have fun. And Raphael, when this is over, I would like to hear how this happened.”

With that said, he walked out of the room.

“What were you thinking! Did you consider what would have happened if you had died instead What about your mother, did you think about her!!” A few seconds after Aiden left, Serenas loud voice rang out.

Raphaels eyebrows furrowed when he heard Serena. Surprisingly, he didnt say a word and simply continued to listen to Serena as she yelled at him.

“I didnt bring you here to fight with someone, or prove yourself to any damn person. If I had known all this would have happened, then I would have assigned you to the tech division instead.”


The yelling was, however, put on hold, as a phone suddenly rang in the room. Raphael picked up the phone which was on the desk, “Hello mum.” He said.

Serena shook her head, “What are the odds!” She muttered. She had just been talking to him about his mother, and the next moment Yvonne actually called.

“5 over 20!” Raphael muttered when he heard Serena. He and his mother had spoken this morning, he told her that he would be going to class, and would be returning in the evening, so he had assumed that she would call him around this time.

“No, mom. I havent made any female friends, its just Serena.” Raphael said.

He shrugged his shoulder when he saw the dazed expression Serena had on her face, “Serena, she wants to talk to you.” Raphael handed the phone over to Serena when his mother asked of her.

“Im fine, Yvonne, I hope youre also doing well” With a smile on her face, Serena spoke to Raphaels mother, “Yes, we attend the same academy. Its a very decent one, you dont have to worry about it, I will take good care of him.” She said.

A few more seconds and Serena passed the phone to Raphael.

“Goodbye, mom, love you too.”

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“What!” Raphael exclaimed, seeing how Serena was staring at him with a smile on her face, “Is something on my face.” He then began to touch his face, but when he saw Serena shaking her head at him, he stopped.

“Its just Yvonne is a really good woman. I envy you for having someone like her, my mother doesnt even want to have anything to do with me.”

For someone who was expressing herself this way, it was surprising that Serena could still have a smile hanging on her face, “Dumbo! Dont stare at me that way, I would start to think youre already falling for my charm.” She said.

“No, no, no, no, no, no” Raphael didnt even think twice about it, and he quickly addressed her.

“Shhhhh! I knew you would do this.” Serena brought out one of the books in the drawer and then sat on the bed. “If you dont want me to seat on you, then move to the other side.” Without any delay, Raphael moved, and Serena sat on the bed.

“Go, cook something, Im hungry.” As she spoke, she rested her back on the bed, tucked herself in the duvet, and then began to read the book in her hand.

Raphael stared at Serena with a sneer on his face. If possible, he would have flung her away, but he couldnt, so he could only glare at her. She had been acting all caring the whole time, and now look at how quickly her attitude changed.

Her action had him wondering if it were her who had just fought that battle.

Raphael grumbled, but he stood from the bed, he was about to open the room door, when he heard Serena, “And make it spicy. You know how much I love spicy food.” She said.


“Come on, please. I havent eaten yet.” Raphael shook his head, as he walked out of the room.



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