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Lin Lan was very glad to see that Xiaowang was a bundle of joy throughout the entire day.

Now that she thought about it, she realized that Xiaowang merely didn’t find the need nor the want to speak back then, so he didn’t.

Now that he had started to talk, he seemed like any other normal child.


She wanted to kill the fish, but she was a little stuck in her thoughts in her head to the point where she almost made a hole in her hand.


When Han Qingsong saw it, he took the fish from her and scraped the fish scales.

He then dismantled the belly, washed it clean, and then threw it in the basin.


The fish was still jumping around.


Lin Lan, It seems like cooking is really not that simple.


Han Qingsong looked at Erwang, “Come here!”


Erwang looked at his father with a serious face and felt a little frightened in his heart.

However, as he was never actually beaten by his parents, he pulled a brave face and walked over, “Father.”


Han Qingsong handed him the knife, “I’m going to teach you how to kill fish.”


Erwang hesitated for a while, “How about letting Sanwang…”


“The first step is to hold the gills with the left hand and the knife with the right hand…”


Erwang subconsciously obeyed the order.


“The second step…”


With both command and action, although the process was a little bumpy, there was some form to the filleting of the fish.

Besides, the fish hadn’t fallen apart either.


Lin Lan, Chef Erwang, I will rely on you in the future!


“Erwang, you’re doing great!” Lin Lan also went over and kissed the top of his head, “We will have fish to eat in the future.

Let’s make some fish soup today!”


She didn’t worry about the lack of tofu.

There were soybeans that were ripening in their private plot of land at the moment.

She could go grab a bowl and come back, before she took out something to smash it.

Putting it in the dish and simmering it in the soup would make it equally delicious.


Lin Lan waited for the pot to heat up before she poured a little oil.

Then, she placed the fish inside and fried it so that the fish soup would turn out to be fragrant.


While stuffing the soybeans into the fish soup, she added some rice noodle pancakes with a dash of eggplants on top.

After the soup was boiled and then simmered for a while, it would be steamed in order for them to save some firewood.


Twenty minutes later, when the pot was opened, the aroma wafted out into the room.

The aroma was so strong that it could be smelled on the streets.


The people who were just finishing up work and chatting in the courtyard of the Brigade were especially affected as they asked, “Wow, what is that fragrant smell There’s even someone who’s making fish What a particular lifestyle.”


Everyone in the neighbourhood gave the scent a whiff and they exclaimed, “Where is it coming from!”


The shrew’s house




“Now that the family has been separated, the shrew isn’t acting up.

I’m telling you fellas, you should separate your families in order to cure some illnesses.”




At this time, Han Daman’er helped the old lady to the back of the room as if she was a female cadre.


A few days ago, when Lin Lan drank the pesticides, she wanted to come and give her a good lecture.

It was just too bad that she couldn’t find the time to do so.

Later, when her brother came back, she wanted to show herself as well.

Who would have thought that he of all people, had picked a fight and went against Old Lady Han.


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