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After finally breaking up her own mess at home, she finally found some time to spare.

Just as the second brother was going to deliver a letter to her, she immediately ran over as she gave up the responsibilities of her own family’s business temporarily.


As soon as she got home, she accompanied Old Lady Han as she listened to her rant.

After listening to the old lady scold Lin Lan and Old Three for two hours, the egotistic mother-daughter duo planned to go over to the Old Three’s house to see what he was eating.


“Don’t think of the separation of the family; he is also my son and has to take care of me.

In the future, I will eat at home for two days and have a meal there for two days.”


Han Daman’er helped her go straight to Lin Lan’s house despite not expecting those words from her mother.


The old lady stomped her feet in anger, “You see, your third brother turned his elbows out and no longer perceives his own mother as a mother.

Now, he’s one with that stupid shrew.

She can now make a bunch of delicious food once the family is separated, but I don’t think she was that caring and attentive back then.”


Hiding in that house and frying a beautiful serving of fish and soup, but not even bothering to send some over to Old Lady Han was an act of disrespect towards her!


Han Daman’er said, “Mother, my third brother is getting more and more inauthentic.

The Third Family is pretty amazing huh— with one pesticide-drinking incident, she is able to bounce back.”


“You don’t know about it, but these days…” The old lady went on and on again.


Han Daman’er was not really deemed important by her mother in the past.

But after she got married, her mother would constantly complain about her frustrations to her eldest daughter about the straining mother and daughter-in-law relationships in the house.

From then on, Han Daman’er found that her position was actually quite relevant in the house, so she started to give suggestions and input.


“No, that is absolutely unacceptable! I’m going to talk to my brother because this behaviour is truly outrageous.

Mother, rest assured, no matter what happens, I’m going to make sure that the work point and the retirement funds will be transferred over for you.

You can’t let his wife just ruin your family!”


In the small courtyard, Lin Lan was debating whether to send a bowl of fish soup to the main house.


If it were up to her, she wouldn’t even send them a fish bone.

However… It would seem a bit bad if she were to only eat good things once their families were separated.


In order to make sure that Han Qingsong doesn’t have any complaints, and to also set an example for the children, she would have to, wouldn’t she


Han Qingsong killed the fish and went out.

She waited for a while and didn’t come back.

She had to reluctantly take a bowl and put a piece of fish in it and scoop out another bowl of soup.

With a tone full of reluctance, she said, “Erwang, give this to your gran- I mean, your grandfather.”


Erwang smiled and said, “Mother, don’t give it up if you can’t bear to do so.

We don’t even have enough to eat anyways.”


Lin Lan covered her face with her hands and spoke as if the old lady had possessed her body, “Son, you have to remember that when you grow up and have a wife, even if you don’t want to, don’t forget to give your parents a taste of what you’re having.


Xiaowang hugged Lin Lan’s thigh and said loudly, “I don’t want a wife; I want my mother! I want to be with my mother!”


The kid’s childish words made the two of them laugh.


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