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Lin Lan was ruthless, “Go and deliver it.”


Otherwise, I’ll change my mind in a while.


“By the way, call Sanwang and the others to come back to eat.”


Maisui also followed Sanwang while he went to catch some fish.

However, the two of them hadn’t returned.


The fish soup was very hot as Erwang held the soup bowl with a broken lid.

But when he came out of the house, he saw his grandma and eldest aunt rush in aggressively from outside.


“Third Family!”


Han Damaner’s voice was very loud and at first glance, Lin Lan knew that her visit would only be bad news.


What a situation!


Erwang immediately turned back to the house and placed the fish soup back on the table.


Lin Lan stood at the door to block the two rushing over, preventing them from even entering the house, “Oh, is this old lady leading the female bandit to sweep the countryside”


“You unfilial daughter-in-law, how can your words be so vile” Han Daman’er supported the old lady with one hand and pointed at Lin Lan with the other.


Lin Lan chuckled, “I shouldn’t have said that the eldest aunt is a female bandit; perhaps an angry king kong would have suited you better.

Hello, female king kong,” She even mocked a bow.


Han Daman’er and the old lady originally came with strength brimming from their fingertips, but as soon as they entered the door, they were disrupted by Lin Lan and couldn’t keep up with her momentum.


Old Lady Han,”Third Family, don’t be so harsh to instigate your husband to not carry out filial duties to his parents once you separate families.”


Lin Lan looked aggrieved, “Old lady, don’t slander us.

You want us to carry out filial duties Sure! Why don’t we separate the families entirely by today The eldest brother and the second brother had long desired for their own house as well.

After the separation, you can live in a son’s house for a month and move to another.

We wouldn’t need to worry about anything but food and accommodations, nothing else.

Would that be okay”


“You, you!” Old Lady Han beat her chest and started coughing.


Lin Lan hurriedly brought some water to the old lady, “Hurry up, take a sip of water.”


“Get out of here!” Old Lady Han was so angry that she pushed the bowl away as the thick porcelain bowl smashed to pieces when it collided with the stone on one side.


Xiaowang, who was next to her, was immediately triggered by the dark images in his memory.

His body twitched and he cried loudly, “Ahh—bad woman, bad woman!”


Lin Lan didn’t expect Xiaowang’s reaction to be this strong, so she quickly went to hug him, “Don’t be scared Xiaowang, mother is here to protect you.

No one can bully my Wangwang.”


While coaxing him, she also sang a children’s song that Xiaowang liked as he slowly calmed down.


Han Daman’er couldn’t watch Lin Lan putting on a play, so she said sarcastically, “I’ll say, Third Family, don’t put on any pretense.

Do you ever treat your mother-in-law like this”


Lin Lan handed Xiaowang to Erwang, glared at Han Daman’er and said coldly, “What’s wrong with me Are you filial to your mother-in-law like you should do to your mother Do you serve your mother-in-law sincerely every day You’re not doing any better, but you’re here, behaving like a pot that’s calling the kettle black.

Are you unhappy with your failure of a marriage and your tasteless life that you want to find a sense of existence through yelling at me all day long Wait until your mother-in-law stops complaining about you and calls you a bad daughter-in-law before you come here and talk again.”


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