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The eldest Aunt Han’s face turned pale, “Mother, mother- she… look at her!”

Old Lady Han, “I’ve seen enough of her! What more do you want me to see!” The old lady couldn’t care less about what Lin Lan was eating, so she turned her head away in anger and didn’t want to go to the door again.

 Eldest aunt Han, “Mother, I’m afraid that the Third Family has run into evil.

It’s like she’s a different person.”

Lin Lan pointed at their retreating silhouettes and said, “You’re right, I’m really a different person.

Lord Yama gave me a new heart, mouth, and a pair of eyes that were meant to deal with those of the wicked hearts! If you come to the door again to provoke me, I’ll be a big deal and will no longer strive to be soft as I will be using the broomstick!”

Old Lady Han stumbled under her feet and almost tripped.

As soon as the two of them went out, they saw Han Qingsong striding towards the house, “Old Three—”

After Han Qingsong killed the fish, he went to the river to take a look at Sanwang and a few others catching some more fish.

Then, he went to pick up stones nearby and returned to pave the road in the yard.

Who would have thought that he heard Xiaowang’s screams as soon as he arrived at the venue.

Coupled with the gossip that arose about the Third Family arguing once again, he discarded the stones and ran back home.

“Mother, eldest sister” Han Qingsong’s expression darkened.

Old Lady Han saw the dissatisfaction in his eyes and her heart suddenly became chilly as she felt even unhappier.

“Old Three, your wife is not good at heart.

Your eldest sister and I went to see how you were doing after the separation.

She then brought a bowl of boiling water and wanted to scald me to death—”

Han Daman’er also echoed, “That’s right, she still called me a female bandit and a king kong.

We went out of our way to go to your place, but she kicked us out and even restricted us from ever going there.”

At this time, Erwang shouted through the fence, “Bad woman! I don’t have an eldest aunt like you! You came here to bully my mother and scare Xiaowang to death!”

With Erwang shouting like this, Xiaowang too let out a scream or two.

Han Qingsong’s expression changed as he went home without even glancing at his eldest sister.

Old Lady Han, “…you unfilial son!”

As soon as Han Qingsong entered the door, before he could even ask, Lin Lan said loudly, “Originally, I was thinking about splitting up the family and splitting the household registration book.

Let’s take a little bit of a loss—even if we move out of the house and don’t get anything as a subsidy, we can go through our lives well enough.

But looking at it this way now, the more I tolerate it, the more bullied I am.

Hence, I will not be the good person, which means that I will divide it however I want to! The food that should be distributed to me should not have a grain less; the money that should be given cannot be shortened by a single penny! Otherwise, don’t tell me to carry out my filial duties in the future! Also, we will only care for the elderly— the aunts and uncles should be raised by their own damn children!”

No one should expect my children to raise anyone else’s parents— there is no such volunteer work in this family!

The key point was that the youngest aunt and uncle were no longer children.

They left the nest early, but they were unable to find good jobs.

They don’t want to plow the fields and tend to the countryside lifestyle, so they were just adamant to continue schooling.

How shameless!

“I’m a shrew, so it’s either my way or the highway!” After speaking, she glared at Han Qingsong angrily.

Angered Han Qingsong, “…”


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