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Lin Lan’s voice was not soft and it spread to the field department at once.

Many people probed their brains to try and figure out what was going on.


“Is she going to drink some pesticides and hang herself again” Someone was still waiting to see what method Lin Lan used to seek death this time.


In the end, after waiting for a long time, they only heard Lin Lan scolding her with her mouth.

She was really eloquent at it too, giving an entire hate speech better than the most fluent woman in the village when it came to lectures and complaints.


Most women would use vulgar words that included terms that started with an f and were four-lettered, but Lin Lan never used a single profanity in her entire rant.


Tsk tsk, this lady was really amazing.


Lin Lan was really angry.

Although she never thought about coming clean as not being a shrew before, who wasn’t going to take advantage of this already bad reputation


She pushed the matter to them.


Sanwang and a few others were fishing by the river.

At this moment, Zhuzi ran over and screamed, “They’re fighting, they’re fighting!”


Dawang raised his head violently, “Who”


Zhuz,”Your mother is fighting with your grandmother and your eldest aunt.

Some said that scalding water was used! Aiya, that would be terrible!”


Dawang continued to lower his head to fish as if he hadn’t heard anything.


Sanwang, “Keep spewing nonsense; my mother would scold them at most.”


Maisui threw the broken sieve and ran away with the three other fish that were strung with reeds.


Sanwang shouted, “Sister, sister, stay! Big brother and I are going to fry these and eat them!”


“You’re full just by drinking water, what do you mena eat!” Maisui ran home, “Mother, mother, my grandmother and my eldest aunt came together to beat you”


As soon as she looked up, she saw that her father’s face was solemn and fierce, like a brewing storm.

Her mother was pouting as Maisui scratched her head and asked softly, “…Is everything okay”


Lin Lan, “It’s fine, you just have to choose and see if you’ll be with your father or…”


“Wash your hands and eat!” Han Qingsong took the fish and threw it to Erwang to handle.


Lin Lan glanced at him, did taking this opportunity to infuriate him succeed


At this moment, Han Qingsong turned to look at her and their eyes met.

Lin Lan immediately directed her slightly anxious and tentative eyes to the sky.

Subconsciously, it made her seem like she rolled her eyes.


Han Qingsong, “…”


“Don’t use that tone on them just because you’re a bit moody, it’s not good for the children.”


Lin Lan, “Eat.”


She looked outside and shouted towards the river, “Dawang, Sanwang, it’s time to eat!”


She realized that her tone shouldn’t sound too friendly; after all, she had a reputation as a shrew to uphold!


Even when the table was cleared to place the dishes, the two children had yet to return.


Lin Lan grabbed a stick and was going to light it up in order to search for her kids.


Han Qingsong grabbed her arm, “Let’s eat.”


“No, the children are too used to disobedience.

It’s not good if I let that continue.”


“I’ll go,” Han Qingsong went out to find the children.


Not long after, the two sons returned home with their heads drooping behind him.


Lin Lan was happy, you two are merely small fries, someone will make sure that you’ll remain obedient!


“Eat before we go to work in the afternoon.

After work, we’ll head to your grandfather’s house for the food distribution.

Every single one of you has to come along; not even a single one of you should be absent!”


She deliberately glared at Dawang as she had to show her aura.


Dawang glanced at her quickly before he responded with a dull voice.


After finishing work in the afternoon, Lin Lan headed to Old Man Han’s house.


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