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The Secretary Head said, “Everyone else in the family can have some food shortened a bit for now.

You just need to save a little till the autumn division.”


By then there would be a selection of sorghum, soybeans, corn and mainly sweet potatoes.


The local public grains would mainly obtain wheat and corn.

Sorghum, soybeans, and sweet potatoes were basically distributed between the Brigade members themselves.

In addition, Han Yongfang had a domineering style as an official.

He was consistent and uniform, so there was a set management in place.

If they hired less foreign workers and wasted less food and resources, the rations could be increasingly divided.


Generally speaking, the Brigade members of the Shanzui Village can have enough to eat.


Han Yongfang was very confident about this.


When the Secretary Head spoke, second brother Han and his wife could only murmur; no one dared to play tricks in front of Han Yongfang.


After the food was divided, it was time for the finances to be divided.


Old Lady Han felt an immeasurable surge of pain as if someone was gouging her heart out of her flesh.

Every penny belonged to her, along with her Jinyu and Jinbao!


Originally, she was already unable to accept the fact that Han Qingsong wouldn’t be providing her any allowance any longer.

Now that she was expected to even give them the money that she saved, she felt like she would rather them kill her.


“I don’t have any money.

There is not a single cent left at home,” Old Lady Han didn’t let go of her standing.


Han Yongfang glanced at the old man, “Brother, why don’t you discuss this between yourselves”


This money was earned by Han Qingsong.

Perhaps the others don’t know it, but Han Yongfang knew all too well.


At this time, those who worked in the Brigade would exchange their work points for both food and money.

Han Yongfang could close his eyes and still remember how many work points and food have been exchanged.


Han Yongchang had replaced almost all the work points in his family with food, firewood, non-staple food, etc.

The old lady just relied on her son to send his money home.

Hence, she didn’t need to go through the struggle of exchanging food and rations between neighbours during times of emergencies.


And Han Yongfang was very clear about how much money was sent back home. 


Of course, he didn’t know how much the old lady would spend on herself, but according to his own predictions, there was definitely a certain sum of money left back at home.


Now that the family was separated, things had to be fairly divided so that no party was ever taken advantage of.

Otherwise, he didn’t have the right to be the Secretary Head as the other members of the Brigade respected him and his position as one.

He was the one who made sure that the elders were protected and the younger ones were cherished and loved as they should be.


After all, Han Qingsong never asked for a house from them.


With so many people watching them, Old Man Han did not want to look bad in front of them.

He glanced at the old lady and gritted his teeth, “Didn’t we have about 300… or 200 Yuan in our savings Take them out…”


“What 200 Yuan Where the heck did we get 200 Yuan from Did we steal it or did we rob it When have we ever not waited for Old Three to send every monthly allowance for us This time, we didn’t even get the month’s payment.

Don’t talk about 300; we don’t even have 30.”


Since Old man Han had already spoken, it would seem bad for them if they were to take back their words.

After all, he knew that the old lady had more than 1000 in savings, but he merely said that there was 200.


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