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He also knew that Old Lady Han had been rather frugal when it came to the home expenses all these years, evident from the way that no one in the family had any decent clothes.

The only place they spent large sums of money was on their youngest son and daughter, but as tickets were limited, they couldn’t spend too much either.


Old Lady Han was reluctant to deposit her savings in the bank for fear of it being recorded by others, so she locked it in a small box hidden in the depths of the big wardrobe.

For added security measures, the wardrobe was locked as well.


“Just take it out and give 150 to the Third Family.

Let him have some money to get some household items, otherwise it would be hard to get by,” Although the old man was also known to favor his youngests, on the surface, he couldn’t show such blatant partiallism.


This was also what his father taught him— as long as it was his own son, he had to try to show that he was fair towards all of them on the surface so as to not give any outsiders an opportunity to gossip.


Old Lady Han almost threw herself over as she wanted to tear this old, stubborn and ignorant man to pieces.

Back then, when they were taking care of so many children, he wouldn’t even have the guts to ask for more money.

And yet here he was, behaving like he had to provide financial support! 


Why couldn’t I be the one who had the authority back then, and why can I still not be the one who determines things now


She didn’t want to give a mere penny to the Third Family; in fact, she wanted them to hand her their money in the future!


It was actually dizzying to know that she had to fork out 150 Yuan for them.


“Stop yapping, if I asked you to take it, just take it! What do you women know— the volume of your hair is more than your knowledge! I’m doing this for your own good,” Old Man Han started to lecture and speak of a bunch of other philosophies.


“Ah- I… Fine, my hair is more than my knowledge right You have more knowledge than me, right Then you can just move out with the Third Family!”


On the sidelines, Sanwang, the cheeky boy, spoke up, “Grandmother, if you really want him to separate, everyone here wants to take care of grandfather.

But I’m afraid that it will look bad if you’re the one left behind.”


The child’s eyes glowed the brightest.

Their grandmother was nitpicky over every single thing, so he was certain that there was no one who was willing to take care of her.


“Ah- I don’t want to live any longer!” Old Lady Han covered her face and rushed into the room before she threw herself on the kang and cried.


Sanwang scratched his head, “Am I wrong”


Lin Lan tugged at him and whispered, “Don’t worry, that was the truth.

Just don’t say it out loud like that.”



The old man went into the room and asked the old lady to take the money, “Don’t make a fool of yourself.

Was that money not earned by the Old Three You originally said that it would be given to him later, but now that he has returned, what are you doing if it wasn’t meant to be given to him When are you actually planning to give it to him”


Old Lady Han got even more angry, “C-could that be counted as the truth I was just saying it!”


What fell into her hands would henceforth be of her possession.


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