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To the bystanders, at this point, she was probably going to demand a study desk or another wardrobe.

Unexpectedly, she wanted a bundle of items.

Old Man Han had the opinion that she wasn’t that intelligent to obtain things from them, so he assumed that it was his son’s idea.


Thinking about the fact that his once ever-obedient son was now playing tricks on them as well, he sighed and nodded, “Okay.”


When the old lady in the room heard it, she rushed out immediately, “No way! The tree at home is supposed to help Jinyu and Jinbao get married!”


The eldest sister-in-law and the eldest brother of the Han family didn’t say anything about this scene unfolding before them.

It was clearer than day that both the old man and the old lady were very biased.

However, Old Man Han did not show his favouritism that obviously, whereas Old Lady Han was the one pushing everyone’s buttons.


Han Yongfang felt that this news was a bit too much to hear.


Old Man Han raised his hand and waved it, seeming like he didn’t have the energy to say anything to anyone any longer.


Han Qingsong couldn’t bear to see his father like that.

He was going to deny that train of thought, but after hearing Lin Lan’s request, he decided to keep his mouth shut.


After giving them their share of the money, grain and trees, there was nothing left.


These conditions and statistics were also written in the family separation document, which could also be used as a basis for other sons to separate their families in the future.


At least, that was what the people thought. 


Lin Lan said, “Uncle Secretary Head, why don’t you preside over the stipulations of the regulations regarding the care of the elderly.

This should be stated clearly and in black and white, so as to enable us to have an idea on what to do and what procedures to follow in the future.”


If things weren’t made clear now, Old Lady Han would definitely use the pretence of filial piety as a leash to choke her son.


If it was her birthday, she would ask for money and grain; during New Year’s celebrations or other holidays, she would ask for money and grain.

Not to mention the youngest children’s schooling and marriage would require money, which she would no doubt ask for as well.


If Lin Lan had something good, Old Lady Han would stride in confidently and demand it from her.


Han Qingsong was not that good with words.


Now that the rules would be set, she had something to fight against the old lady with.


This would turn the old lady’s route of luxury into a dead end.

Lin Lan was sure that it would deeply hurt Old Lady Han, but it was more than conspicuous that some of the family members’ dissatisfaction was plastered on their faces.


Lin Lan didn’t even bother about them.

After all, she was a shrew herself, so she was going to have the benefits that came with being a shrew.


Who would have thought that a shrew would be able to reason with others!



However, Han Yongfang nodded as he agreed with her concept, “Qingsong’s wife has a good idea.

In the future, each family will also do the same so as to save you all the unnecessary trouble.”


Many people can speak of separations from their core families, but the division of responsibilities and obligations was never made clear.

When the time came, brothers would turn against each other due to the unfair treatments and the family would be thrown into chaos.


Han Yongfang didn’t want to deal with such matters under his jurisdiction.

Hence, he thought that it was a good idea and decided to follow it.


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