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However, if the two elders were both biased, then the childrens’ complaints would be a handful.

They didn’t dare to vent nor talk about it when they were younger, but once they became a father and obtained that elevated status, they would start to lash out due to the unfair treatment subjected towards them while they were children.


By then, they would compare and calculate every single thing or wrong that the parents have done, influencing their current treatment.


By giving them both money and food while trying his best to meet the requirements of his daughter-in-law, Old Man Han hoped that they wouldn’t resent him.

At the very least, on the surface, he was both fair and just.


When the time came for his retirement, the third son should also do his best and he should not complain.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense.

Even so, at the very least, everyone should speak up for Old Man Han.


He also believed that the Old Three was a filial child and he deserved that money.

Too bad it was his wife that was influencing the old man’s opinion about the entire family.


After the separation of the family, the old lady ‘fell ill’.

She pasted the plaster ointments on her everyday and sighed in a half-dead manner.

All she did was complain all day long about the fact that Old Man Han had emptied the valuables in the house for the Third family.


“You said that you are not partial, but I think you are being biased to the Third family! I had already planned to buy a coat for Jinyu this year with both the cloth and cotton tickets! How great then; there’s not enough now!”


“What do you know I’m doing it for your own good!” Old Man Han was smoking a cigar.


It’s fine if he was still alive as the children wouldn’t think much about the mistreatment out of favour for their father.

But if he were to die early on, with the temperament and behaviour of his wife, the children would definitely care less about what she needed.


So he was also paving the way for her.

If he were to truly depart from the world, at the very least, out of respect for him, their children would treat their mother better.


These days, there were many old friends of his who have passed away at the mere age of 60.

Even Old Man Han himself didn’t think he was going to necessarily be alive when he was 70 or 80 years old.


However, Old Lady Han couldn’t be bothered to think about that at all.

Her eyes could only see what was before her as she never considered the future.

She could only think that her precious son and daughter would have to lose some of their privileges due to this.


It would take years of starving again just to earn that money back!


She muttered that she was going to take back the cloth and cotton tickets from the Third family so Lin Lan wouldn’t be able to claim any.


“Jinbao, Jinyu, why don’t you two come back home” The old lady vented her heart out and scolded again, “Old Two is unreliable! I had him send you letters, but where are you guys Did Old Two get jealous, so he didn’t send it at all”


The second brother heard her cries from the yard and became annoyed, but it was already expected.


The family’s food was given to the Third family, so he was already filled with envy for their luck.

Now that the old lady was resenting him, he slammed the gates open with a kick of his leg and walked out of the yard.


Here, the clouds were bleak and there were sad voices everywhere, but on the other side, Lin Lan was happily prancing around.


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