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Lin Lan called them a steal! She picked out a lot of them and even got two claypots and crock pots each for free.


The crock pot could also be used as a chamber pot in winter, hehe.


Buy, buy, buy… The father and sons trio who sold the goods, couldn’t close their mouths.

Where did this God of Wealth come from!


The goods were big and occupied a lot of space.

The three of them couldn’t pull a few big cylinders and yet, she bought them all.

Wouldn’t it be shocking


Lin Lan was still muttering that the goods on the collection were all shoddy jars and pots homemade in the countryside as they were actually not related to porcelain.


Fragile and unsanitary.


Now, the members of the commune basically used these.

They also used the glazed jars, soup pots etc.

Lin Lan was worried that some of the heavy metals would dissolve, so she had to go to the commune to see if she could buy a few coarse porcelain bowls, pots and other things.


She saw that she had accidentally bought too much.

Han Qingsong could probably pull one or two cylinders home, but would he be able to even fit them into the cart


She discussed with the seller of goods, “Uncle, you see, I have bought so much and my home is not far from here.

Can you take it for me later”


The boss was a father with two sons.

After summing it up, he said cheerfully, “Okay.”


After all, Lin Lan’s money contributed to a few days of their sales.


After negotiating, Lin Lan went to buy something else.


Lin Lan went to buy some straw goods— including straw boxes, small boxes, rattan baskets, normal baskets and wicker baskets.

In addition, she also bought a few cover pads, grate baskets, grate beams, and grate lamps.


She also bought a few polished wooden sticks and went back to pack some hoes, shovels and rakes.


Lin Lan bought a bunch of them, both big and small, put them all together, and kept them in a jar to send it over to her place.


It was so cheap, it practically didn’t cost her a lot!


Straw was especially cheap as she could buy a bunch with one or two cents.


The baskets were more expensive, but the wicker baskets were super cheap.


She bought, bought and bought!


The sellers were all dumbfounded.

Where did this stupid woman… or rather, God of Wealth come from They wanted to hurry and give her the many small baskets that were not easy to sell.


Lin Lan also sighed, knowing that the folk customs were really simple!


Well, it was a win-win situation after all, so everyone would be happy.


She didn’t know it herself, but this one-off purchase had already caused a great sensation in the fair.

They all said that there was a woman who was very good at purchasing and that the sellers of goods and straw-woven goods were almost sold out.


When several women in Shanzui Village heard this, they all thought of Lin Lan, “No way”


“Why not She has a hundred dollars!”


“Han Qingsong allowed her to spend it all!!”


Their families’ money were all managed by their mother-in-laws or their husbands.

If they went to the fair themselves, that would be because they had already decided that there was something they lacked, but they wouldn’t be able to get anything that they wanted to.


“Who said that she was a prodigal woman Which family wouldn’t know how to make a gasket Besides, the baskets are something that even my mother-in-law knew how to weave.”


“That’s right! As for that shovel handle, why would you buy it Can’t you find a simple metal pole at home Give me a dollar and I’ll get a bundle for her!!”


They were filled with righteous indignation, seemingly uncomfortable with Lin Lan spending her own money.


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