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After all, a penny could buy a bunch of grass and 80 cents could buy a pound of fine noodles… But when she was paying, she felt a little bit of a pain, thinking about how hard it was to earn money at this time.

She had exhausted herself to earn about 7 or 8 work points per day, which only amounted to about 4 or 5 cents.


“Big Sister Liu, I won’t make a counteroffer.

Don’t you still have tassels for sale I would like to have two.”


Big Sister Liu was also a refreshing character, “I’ll give you the remaining three that I was planning to sell.

I also have a bunch of remaining strips of cloth.

If you don’t dislike it, I’ll give it to you.”


Lin Lan naturally did not find fault with it.


Big Sister Liu said with a smile, “Big Sister, you have such a clever brain.

You can settle accounts and buy things.”


Lin Lan smiled and said, “Big Sister Liu, you are better at selling.

Only those who buy should lose money, not those who sell.”


Big Sister Liu laughed as she was elated.

Lin Lan was the first person to buy two pieces of cloth.


The two pieces of cloth were still a little heavy, so Big Sister Liu asked her son to push a cart to help Lin Lan deliver it to the Supply and Marketing Cooperative.


At this moment, a woman rushed in from outside the alley, “I finally found you now!”


Lin Lan thought it was a market manager as she suddenly burst into strength to carry two rolls of cloth and was about to run, the woman shouted, “Lan Huahua, you little brat, stop! You b*tch! You don’t know how to spend on goods, you idiot!”


Listening to the voice that had imprinted into the depths of her soul, Lin Lan instantly recognized the identity of the person.


She was Lin Mei!


Who was Lin Mei


Lin Mei was her third sister— her elder twin sister.


According to Lin Lan’s estimation, they should be fraternal twins because her third sister was not as good-looking as she was.

However, this third sister of hers was much more savage when it came to her temperament.

The stark difference between them would be the fact that her third sister hurt others frequently, but the original owner would hurt herself even more.


The original owner thought of her third sister as her foe ever since childhood.


After Lin Lan integrated the information, she found that the third sister was actually very capable.


For example, in this era, when the original owner was only thinking about how to obtain some money from her mother-in-law, the third sister had long been secretly speculating and working.

She made a lot of private money by not limiting herself to the countryside and even working in the city.


She was a very strong woman.


Of course, no one was perfect in this world.

Her flaw was that she would be extremely indulgent towards men to the point where they would even rely on her assertiveness all the time. 


In the years of comparison and struggle between the original owner and the third sister, the best weapon that she had over her third sister was her husband and her appearance.


Every time she went back to her mother’s place, she would always be extremely happy when she was able to outdo her third sister by bringing a bunch of luxury items.

She would also give her third sister a certain look, implying that her husband was leaps and bounds better than hers, so this was something natural.

If she wasn’t able to outstage her, then she would just let out a cold snort.

She would think, I’m better-looking than you are and my husband is more capable than yours, so what are these few measly objects compared to my contributions


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