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She took Xiaowang and left.

Both of them were tired and hungry at the moment, but unfortunately they  finished all of their pancakes.

Without food stamps, even if they had the money, they weren’t eligible for a meal at the restaurant.


She hesitated, wondering if she should go to the hospital cafeteria to use some techniques and invoke some feelings of empathy from others.

This way, she wouldn’t have to use food stamps or money to get a steamed bun.


(T/N: Once again, it was very ambiguously written, but this implies the art of seduction to get others to buy food for her.)


However, as most of the residents had eaten dinner, the stalls were no longer open.

Besides, there were only a set number of steamed buns available each day.


“I’m hungry,” Xiaowang spoke unconsciously.


Lin Lan thought for a while, “Let’s go around and see if we can spend some money with the residents to buy a cake to eat.”


She had no hopes for the plan to work.

At this time, food stamps were more important than money and there was absolutely no way to buy food without food stamps.


Many country folks came into the city with eggs to exchange for some food stamps with the city people.They would agree to the exchange with harvested items and not money.


After all, food stamps fulfilled the qualifications to buy food, whereas money did not have the same rights.


When she left the hospital with Xiaowang, she unexpectedly met Yanghan again.

Lin Lan subconsciously pressed the money in her pocket. Why is he being so kind It can’t be that he truly has feelings for me right


She looked at Yanghan’s delicate eyebrows, accented with a gentle and clear pair of eyes.

If anything, he certainly didn’t look like a bad person, so she wasn’t really afraid of him.


Yanghan asked in a very familiar tone, “Is the child okay” 


Lin Lan glanced at him suspiciously asif he seemed to know her well, but she still smiled and said, “Thank you, Doctor Yang, for your concern.

Doctor Liu prescribed him some glasses and asked for us to return in three days.”


Yanghan looked at her and the child.

Knowing that they were hungry, he suggested, “I have some extra steamed buns that I bought this noon.

You can bring your child to the cafeteria to eat them.”


Lin Lan had some thoughts now.


Why is he treating me so nicely for no reason


Even if he was that kind, there were so many people coming and going from this hospital.

He couldn’t possibly offer to help every single one of them, right


After all, no one would have any extra food stamps at this time; anyone who buys more food would probably save it for dinner.

So why did he choose to give it to me


Is he really interested in me


Actually, the original owner’s appearance was quite pretty.

Although she had five children, she was still slender and slim.

It’s just that her usually outrageous and vixen-like behaviour masked her beauty.


See how the slightest normality could even attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Sometimes, even gentle and handsome doctors would have no choice but to pay attention.


What a pity; I already have a husband.


“Thank you, Doctor Yang, but there is no need.”


Upon hearing her politeness, his eyes became even more curious.

With a smile, he asked, “I’ll say, Lin Lan, do you not recognise me”


Stop flirting with me, I’m a married woman!


Lin Lan smiled as she replied, “Do I know you”


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