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When Maisui and her eldest brother went home, they had already heard their grandmother and aunts talk vividly about their mother’s actions of messing around and drinking pesticides.

She even added a few snarky comments of her own.


The look on the face of her eldest brother was cold, appearing as if he wanted to commit an act of murder.

Wordlessly, he ran out to tether to the weeds as she ran towards the south to wait for her mother.

Others said that her mother took Xiaowang to the county town to see a doctor, but she was sure that mother intended to pick her up from the county town.


Who would have thought…


“Mother, you have the money to pay for Xiaowang’s medical fees Why don’t you buy me a pair of leather shoes” Maisui said frankly as her tone of voice was even laced with a tinge of unhappiness.


After all, her mother used to buy things for her whenever she had any sort of change.

Hence, she got used to it and felt that it was natural.


Lin Lan looked at her seriously. Yea, this girl is seriously spoiled out of habit.

She’s going to become aunt Number 2 and transform into a high-maintenance side character.


Lin Lan looked at the clean and beautiful little girl.

Currently, she wasn’t very crooked in terms of greed and she might be able to change her ways of life.

She said, “Maisui, starting from today, every penny of our family will be prioritized to treat Xiaowang first before giving the rest of you some more lunches for school.

As for things like dressing up all pretty and accessorized, we’ll leave that to a later day when we become wealthy.”


What Mother refused me


Maisui was a little dazed as she looked at Lin Lan helplessly.


Mother changed! She’s like a stepmother now!

Lin Lan had a panoramic view of everything that was going on, but she did not change her expression.


The relationship between the original owner of the body and her daughter was actually easy to explain.


The original owner had always longed for someone to love her.

As a daughter, she hoped to be pampered like a little princess.

It was a pity that her parents didn’t care for her, however.

Although her grandmother did not favour sons over daughters, she remained as the little girl who couldn’t be doted on.


Especially when her grandmother presented her undying love for the younger aunt, it made the original owner very envious.

This kind of unwilling love made her project her thoughts on her daughter invisibly, providing her with all the maternal love that she wanted.


Her daughter was her own incarnation.


Maisui had a special place in her heart ever since she was a child, but she still couldn’t give her daughter the generously luxurious life she wanted.

Instead, her doting actions were constantly perceived as annoying by her daughter.

From the moment she started to mature in her thoughts, Maisui was tired of her mother being so agressive and stupid.

On the contrary, she envied her younger aunt for being able to wear pretty clothes and afford to eat well.  She was one of the more fortunate people who was educated and loved.

When she was still in her schooling years, both men and women envied her to no avail.


The original owner had no education as she was only equipped with little knowledge and short-sightedness.

Lin Lan was merely a bystander, but she was able to see through the problems very clearly.


At the end of the road, her daughter was now crooked in terms of intentions and was never exposed to the feeling of gratitude.

Instead, what should have been thankfulness and love was replaced with nothing but hatred and condemnation for her fate.


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